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Ohrid Half-Day City Tour – An Incredible Experience You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

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Ohrid Half-Day City Tour – An Incredible Experience You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

Whether it’s a short trip or a longer holiday, everyone has their eye on Ohrid, one of the most fascinating cities in Macedonia. It’s not just about an impressive show of medieval architecture or its spectacular location on the banks of Lake Ohrid, but also about its mix of captivating stories and traditions.

And for those who want to get to know this city better, the Ohrid Half-Day City Tour offers a great opportunity to do just that. This tour gives guests a glimpse into Ohrid’s long and rich history, while uncovering its allure on a guided tour of the city, visiting some of the most famous monuments and cultural sites.

Throughout this article, we’ll be discussing the itinerary, benefits and cost of the Ohrid Half-Day City Tour. Plus, we’ll also be providing useful tips and suggestions to make the most out of your tour experience. So, without further ado, let’s dive into our journey!

What is the Ohrid Half-Day City Tour?

The Ohrid Half-Day City Tour is a unique way to explore Ohrid’s secrets and charm on a guided tour covering the historical sites and cultural attractions of this beautiful city. The tour usually starts outside the Church of St Clement in the very beautiful Tsar Samoil Square, where you’ll meet your guide for the day.

The half-day tour happens in the morning and typically lasts 4 hours, though it may take up to 4-and-a-half hours depending on how many visitors are present. The tour itinerary may also change depending on which sites are open at any given time.

But in general, the tour covers most of the important places of interest in Ohrid, such as:

  • The Church of St. Clement, one of the oldest churches in Ohrid
  • Teaser Saracino Monument
  • Icon Gallery Museum
  • Roman Theatre
  • St. Sofija Church
  • St. Joakim Osogovski Monastery
  • The old bazaar of Ohrid
  • Antique public houses

After this part of the tour, you can also choose to take a boat trip to visit some of Ohrid’s cave churches and monasteries on the opposite bank of Lake Ohrid (this is optional and not included in the price).

Benefits & Reasons To Do The Tour

Ohrid Half-Day City Tour offers a fantastic opportunity to experience this fascinating city up close and explore its vibrant heritage with an experienced tour guide. Here are some other benefits of taking this tour:

  • Knowledgeable tour guides. All guides are certified professionals with excellent knowledge about the history and culture of Ohrid. They will not only answer your questions but also provide interesting facts and stories about the monuments you are visiting.
  • Explore at your own pace. During the tour you can stop anytime you like to take photos or ask questions. The guides also provide an audio guide device which helps you learn more about each of the monuments.
  • Safe & Affordable. The tour is safe and convenient and isn’t overly expensive either. The tickets range from €22 to €29 depending on the season.
  • Great value for money. Since you get 4 hours with an experienced guide and a chance tovisit a wide range of monuments and sites, this tour is excellent value for money. Plus, if you opt for the boat trip you get even more value out of your money.

Tips & Suggestions

Before we close this article, here are a few tips that will help you make the most out of your Ohrid Half-Day City Tour:

  • Dress Comfortably. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes as you will be walking on cobblestoned streets during the tour. Also, wear weather-appropriate clothing as it can get quite warm in the city during summertime.
  • Bring water. It’s also important to stay hydrated throughout the journey, so make sure to bring enough water with you.
  • Organize your photos. You will be taking tons of pictures during your tour so be sure to organize them so that you can find them quickly afterwards.
  • Have some local currency on you.

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Ohrid Half-Day City Tour – An Incredible Experience You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

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