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Pacaya Volcano Day Tour in Antigua Guatemala

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Pacaya Volcano Day Tour in Antigua Guatemala

Are you planning a trip to Guatemala? If so, then the Pacaya Volcano is an absolute must. Located only an hour away from Guatemala City and a short 20 minute drive out of Antigua, the Pacaya Volcano is one of the country’s top attractions and it’s a great way to explore the stunning countryside.

Thanks to its closeness to both Antigua and Guatemala City, you can easily join a Pacaya Volcano day tour from both destinations. To make things easier, we’ll give you all the information you need about a Pacaya Volcano day tour from both Antigua and Guatemala City.

Exploring the Pacaya Volcano from Antigua

As one of the closest and most popular cities to the volcano, many tourists begin their Pacaya day tours from Antigua. Summer months are generally the most popular, with many people wanting to take advantage of the great weather and clear, towering views of the volcano.

On any Antigua based tour, you can expect to start your adventure with a pick-up from your accommodation before heading to the stunning San Vicente Pacaya National Park. Your tour guide will accompany you, providing lots of information and pointing out important landmarks along the way.

Once you arrive, you’ll be able to explore the trails that weave around the park, taking in beautiful views of the volcano and nearby lagoons. The ascent to the peak of the volcano is a great way to take in even more stunning views of the area – if you’re feeling brave enough!

You can join the tour for any length of time; some last just a day while others go on for several. Tours usually start in the morning, with transport back to your accommodation in the evening.

Booking a tour couldn’t be easier. You can find a wide range of Pacaya Volcano day tours offering pickup from Antigua on GetYourGuide. Most of these include round transport, entrance fees, a bilingual guide and some snacks.

Exploring the Pacaya Volcano from Guatemala City

As it’s only an hour away from the city, many people choose to start their volcano journey straight from Guatemala City. The majority of tours will pick you up from your accommodation in the morning before heading out to Pacaya Volcano National Park.

Upon arriving at the park, you can lead on one of the many paths weaving around the area. You’ll be given plenty of stories about the volcano by your bilingual guide, allowing for a truly eye-opening experience. If you’re feeling brave, you can also make your way up to the land crater at its summit – just be sure to bring plenty of water and wear sensible shoes as it is quite a difficult terrain!

Length of tours usually range from a single day to several days, depending on what take your fancy. Most tours include return transportation and entrance fees as well as snacks and drinks along route to keep you hydrated.

If you’re staying in Guatemala City, then you could easily join an organized tour with GetYourGuide. Most of these packages will include round transportation, entrance fees, guides and snacks throughout – providing a great value for money experience.


Whichever city you’re staying in – Antigua or Guatemala City – there are plenty of brilliant Pacaya Volcano day tours offering visitors a truly eye-opening experience. Perfect for those wanting to explore more about this stunning country, our guide has given you all the information you need to join either an Antigua-based or Guatemala City-based tour.

Whether it’s exploring nearby trails or making it up to the summit at its peak, one thing is for sure – this is one experience that should not be missed! So what are you waiting for? Book your Pacaya Volcano day tour today and start exploring this incredible part of Guatemala!

An Insider’s Guide to Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala isn’t just any city- it’s a city that exudes charm, tradition, and culture. With its beautifully preserved colonial architecture, cobbled paths, and friendly locals, Antigua is a city that can take you back in time. Here are some hidden gems and unique insights to enhance your visit:

Local Attractions

While you must visit the usual tourist spots, such as the Santa Catalina Arch or the Agua Volcano, there are some lesser-known hidden gems that you don’t want to miss.

One such place is the Cerro de la Cruz. It’s a small hill known for its panoramic view of the city. Take a leisurely hike to the top and witness the picturesque landscape of Antigua Guatemala.

Another must-visit spot is the Nim Po’t market. Unlike the colorful markets you see in other cities, this market’s unique craftworks and textiles are a celebration of the city’s Mayan roots.

Dining Spots

Guatemalan cuisine is a fusion of indigenous and Spanish flavors, but it has its distinct characteristics. And if you’re in Antigua, you must try Chiles Rellenos, a typical dish that perfectly combines Guatemalan spices with peppers, beans, and meat.

One of the best places to try this dish is at Restaurante Doña Luisa Xicotencatl. They also serve some of the best coffee in the city, and the restaurant’s courtyard is a tranquil spot to sit and relax.

Cultural Experiences

Antigua showcases the best of Guatemalan culture and traditions. Every year, locals celebrate the Holy Week with colorful processions, and there’s a unique tradition of burning the “Sawdust Carpets” on the streets to welcome Easter.

El Sitio is a great cultural center that hosts live music, dance performances, and art exhibitions. Here, you can learn more about Guatemala’s rich culture and traditions.

Local History

Antigua Guatemala’s history is marked by various natural calamities, from earthquakes to volcanic eruptions. And yet, this city has managed to preserve its beautiful colonial-era architecture, cobblestone streets, and rich culture.

Visit Palacio de los Capitanes Generales, a former colonial-era palace that now stands as a monument to the city’s history. You can witness the antiques, paintings, and sculptures representing the history of Antigua there.

Off-the-beaten-path Suggestions

If you’re an adventurous type, consider hiking Pacaya Volcano. While the tour to the volcano is famous, you can climb it, feel the heat, walk on the black sand and watch the lava at night to experience something awe-inspiring.

Another rare experience is to visit the Mayan Cacao Company. You can learn about the process of turning cacao beans into chocolate and taste the rich and authentic Guatemalan chocolate.

Antigua Guatemala is a city that should be experienced dearly. Get ready to discover this hidden gem, relax among its history and immerse yourself in its culture and traditions.

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Pacaya Volcano Day Tour in Antigua Guatemala

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