Phillip Island Tour & Penguin Parade – Best Victoria Sightseeing Stop

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Phillip Island Tour & Penguin Parade – Best Victoria Sightseeing Stop

by | Mar 23, 2023 | Activities, Victoria

Phillip Island Tour & Penguin Parade – Best Victoria Sightseeing Stop

Living in a time where many tourists like to explore more than just the most basic tourist attractions and find new places in different cities and regions, Philip Island presents itself as one of the best places to increase your knowledge and experience some unique nature, wildlife and culture. Whether you are a local resident of Victoria or an international traveler passing through to explore Australia, a Phillip Island Tour & Penguin Parade is definitely something you shouldn’t miss. Here is everything you need to know about visiting Philip Island and engaging in its beloved penguin parade.

Why Is Phillip Island A Popular Sightseeing Destination For Tourists In Victoria?

Phillip Island has long been known for its stunning surroundings offering both amazing beaches and green rolling hills, however what truly defines Phillip Island is the native wildlife that lives there such as the seals, koalas and other animals that can be found around the island’s natural attractions.

Not to mention, the popular Phillip Island Penguin Parade is a sight to behold, making it an alluring visit for tourists and local alike – not only because visitors can witness these exceptional Australian creatures in their natural habitat but also as there are a variety of engaging activities to do as part of a package tour on the island such as kayaking, bicycling, visiting an army fort and much more!

If you have ever been to Philip Island, you know that its grounds hold an aura of mystique and profoundness thus making it a coveted destination in Victoria.

What Are The Best Experiences When Participating in A Phillip Island Tour & Penguin Parade?

When buying a Phillip Island tour & penguin parade package, there are many options in which travelers can choose from, as touring companies offer different activities and experiences with both private and group packages. Regardless of who you are travelling with (whether it be your family, friends or its just you), there is such an option available that fits your needs.

These packages often come with multiple services such as guided tours, transport to and from the island, and hospitality. Some tour companies may even offer an opportunity to meet native wildlife at some of the island’s parts such as visiting the only mainland breeding colony of little penguins at Churchill Island. Also you can go sea kayaking at the nearby Seal Rocks, swim with the dolphins at certain predetermined times on certain days, go to the Nobbies boardwalks and admire some of the most incredible landscapes Victoria has to offer.

At any Philippe Island tour and penguin parade you will get to see Australia’s largest colony of Little Penguins which could be one of the most fascinating wildlife experiences in the country. With a bit of luck you will be able to enjoy the dramatic show of hundreds of Little Penguins coming out from their burrows on the beach to swim across the water at sunset and make their way home. It is a magical show that will never be forgotten. In addition to this amazing display, visitors or travelers may also experience extraordinary birdlife in this wonderful part of Victoria by looking out for kookaburras, fairy wrens and spotted pardalotes which call this area home.

In addition to all this beautiful wildlife, Philip Island also offers pristine beaches, wonderful coastal hikes and historical attractions. On top of all these activities, several other options such as winery tours, surfing off the coast at some of Victoria’s best beaches, or visits to the picturesque town of Cowes for a seaside lunch are also available when taking part in a Phillip Island tour & penguin parade.

How Much Does It Cost To Visit And Experience A Phillip Island Tour & Penguin Parade?

The price of a Phillip Island tour & penguin parade obviously varies from tour package to package and can also depend on who your tour provider is. Generally speaking prices for such trips will range from about $100 – $400 per person. For these prices you can expect transport from various parts of Victoria (Melbourne, Geelong etc.), full day guided tours around the island (including activity tickets such as surfing, kayaking and wildlife encounters) amongst other services such as hospitality.

When booking a tour package through GetYourGuide you can often find discounted prices on many of their activities on Phillip Island – they even have special packages included which include return transfers from Melbourne CBD and include some activity tickets all in one price.

Overall, taking part in a Phillip Island tour & penguin parade is an absolutely magical experience which offers fun activities as well as breathtaking views making it one of Victoria’s most valued tourist destinations! Whether travelling alone or with family and friends, ensure that you make room in your itinerary for this must see event!

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Phillip Island Tour & Penguin Parade – Best Victoria Sightseeing Stop

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