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Pilsen Pub And Club Crawl

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Pilsen Pub And Club Crawl

The city of Plzeň (Pilsen), located in the Western Czech Republic, is known for its rich history and vibrant nightlife. With its abundance of pubs and clubs, Pilsen is a great place for tourists who want to experience the area’s nightlife. But how do you choose among the many establishments to get the most out of your visit? Let’s take a look at a pub and club crawl through Pilsen to understand the different options.

Getting Started: Where To Begin?

Head to the traditional pubs close to the Masaryk Square or check out any of the lively pubs near the Plzeň train station. The selections in the city center have something to offer everyone, so you can be sure to get your evening started off in Pilsen with a good time.

Nightlife in Pilsen’s Old Town Area

The Old Town area offers a variety of pubs with unique atmospheres and styles. Whether you are looking for traditional Czech food and beers, or a more modern and cosmopolitan experience, there’s something for everyone in this area. There are also several clubs in Old Town Pilsen which offer music and dancing throughout the night.

Experience Pilsen During Her Famed Festivals

The city of Pilsen is also known for its vibrant parties throughout the year. Its most widely known festival, Štěpánka, is celebrated on the first of April each year and is a standout cultural event. People dress up for the event, drinking and dancing in costumes – it truly is an experience you won’t soon forget. Additionally, several smaller festivals are held throughout the summer months like the famous St Bartholomew’s carnival. For all events, pubs, clubs and other entertainment venues are sure to be filled with people celebrating and enjoying their time in Pilsen.

Places To Visit When The Sun Goes Down

Pilsen’s pubs generally stay open late into the night and can offer visitors some great opportunities to enjoy the city at night. The main areas to visit are situated in the heart of Pilsen. Along with these areas, there are many different districts in Pilsen that offer traditional Czech pubs and clubs for visitors to enjoy.

Experience Craft Beers At Local Breweries

In addition to its popular pubs, Pilsen is home to some amazing craft breweries that offer visitors fresh and locally-brewed craft beers. The city is known for its excellent beer-brewing techniques. Brewery Alley is one of the best areas in Pilsen to visit for craft beer enthusiasts. With a variety of microbreweries offering delicious beers from their taps, visitors can experience beer through an interesting new perspective.

Fun & Unique Activities

Pilsen also offers some unique activities which make it one of Eastern Europe’s top nightlife destinations. One of these activities is the “Pilsen Pub and Club Crawl” which takes place once a month. This crawl allows visitors to explore different pubs and clubs located throughout the city at their own pace. Guests can sample the local beers while exploring interesting sites in the city.You can find more information on this activity on GetYourGuide.

Where Else Can I Enjoy The Nightlife?

There are plenty of other places in town beyond pubs and clubs that offer some great nighttime activities in Pilsen. Check out an improv comedy show at one of the local theaters or check out a movie at Pilsner Academy Cinema, where they feature both classic films and current releases in English with Czech subtitles. You could also listen to some live jazz at one of the renowned night clubs located around town, like the Jazz Klub U Richtra or Salsaloco Coffee Club. This vibrant city also hosts open air events and free concerts in numerous parks throughout the summer months for you to attend as another entertaining option for your night out in Pilsen.

Pilsen is a great destination for pub crawls and nightlife seekers alike, offering a vibrant selection of brews, clubs, bars, and other entertainment throughout the city center. From traditional Czech pubs to beer halls and venues showcasing live jazz, there’s something for everyone in this Czech beer metropolis. And with an exciting lineup of events throughout the year like Štěpánka or St Bartholomew’s carnival, there’s no shortage of things to do when the sun goes down in Pilsen. For more information, check out the Pilsen Pub and Club Crawl on GetYourGuide.

An Insider’s Guide to Prague’s Pilsen Pub and Club Crawl

If you are looking for a fun-filled night out in Prague, why not head to the vibrant district of Pilsen? Nestled just outside the city center, Pilsen boasts some of the best pubs and clubs in Prague. And the best part? These joints are not so touristy, so you can enjoy true Czech hospitality and meet some locals! Here is everything you need to know about Pilsen’s watering holes:

Local Attractions:

Although Pilsen is known for its lively nightlife, there is more to this district than just bars and clubs. Take a stroll down the charming streets of Pilsen, and you will find hidden gems like the Kampa Park or Brevnov Monastery. If you want to witness the district’s unique architecture, visit St. Vojtech Church, a neoclassical structure with a grand facade. Another must-see attraction is Petrin Hill, a green oasis with fantastic views of the city from its observation tower.

Dining Spots:

If you want to experience the real taste of Czech cuisine, Pilsen is the place to be. Head to the infamous Pilsner Urquell Brewery, where you can taste the best beer in Prague, while watching traditional folk dances. If you want to try some delicious Czech street food, grab a Trdelnik, a warm chimney cake with sugar and cinnamon. For a hearty, homely meal, visit Lokál, a restaurant that serves Bohemian dishes such as goulash or roast pork.

Cultural Experiences:

The cultural scene in Pilsen is on par with that of the city center, if not better. There are several jazz clubs like JazzDock or JazzBoat, where you can listen to some fantastic live music while sipping on a drink. If you are into contemporary art, visit the Pilsen Gallery, which showcases some of the best works of Czech and international artists. Moreover, the district hosts several festivals throughout the year, including the Pilsen Beer Fest, which is a must-visit for beer lovers!

Local History:

Pilsen has a rich history dating back to the 13th century, when the city was founded. Interestingly, the city was named after the Czech word “plzeň,” meaning “shallow.” Over the years, the district has witnessed several notable events, such as the 1618 Defenestration of Prague, which was one of the triggers of the Thirty Years’ War. Additionally, Pilsen played a significant role in World War II, with the city providing arms and ammunition to the Czech resistance.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Suggestions:

If you are looking for something unique to do in Pilsen, why not try a ghost tour? The district boasts one of the spookiest cemeteries in Prague, the Olšany Cemetery. You can explore the eerie graves and learn about the legends and ghost stories of Pilsen. Alternatively, you can visit the Žižkov Television Tower, which has a unique design, but also one of the best views of the city.

In conclusion, a Pilsen pub and club crawl is not only about drinking and partying, but also exploring the district’s unique cultural and historical offerings. So, grab a pint and enjoy all that Pilsen has to offer – Na Zdraví!

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Pilsen Pub And Club Crawl

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