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Plan the Ultimate Pilsen Pub and Club Crawl

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Plan the Ultimate Pilsen Pub and Club Crawl

Are you looking for an unforgettable night out in Pilsen, Czech Republic? Whether you’re traveling to the region with friends or have a specific celebration to mark, exploring the vibrant and exciting pub and club scene at Pilsen can be the perfect way to enjoy a night on the town.

From laid-back bars to thumping night clubs, this historic and picturesque city offers up a wide range of venues that are sure to suit any taste. To help you plan the ultimate Pilsen pub crawl, we’re sharing our favorite picks of bars, pubs, and clubs in the city.

Choosing the Right Venues

Pilsen is often referred to as the “cultural heart’ of the Czech Republic and it’s home to many popular breweries that have been around since the Middle Ages. As such, there’s no shortage of pubs and bars to choose from in the city.

Jumpstart Your Pub Crawl

To kick start your night, we’d recommend heading over to U Delostreleckého Pubu located at U Delostreleckého Pubu 108/11 305 77 Písek, which serves up a selection of craft beers on tap, great snacks and you can even catch a football match from the comfort of your stool.

This stylish yet welcoming bar has fast become one of the favorites for locals and visitors alike, who come for its unique atmosphere, delicious drinks and great selection of beers.

If you’re looking for another warm-up spot before moving on to more driving clubs in the city, then check out U Pinkasovky at Cippy 13790 13791 – Cippy 13790 13791. This trendy bar offers up great drinks alongside hip music and plenty of banter.

Hit Up Some Night Clubs

Once you’ve had your fill of brews and having fun in the pubs, it’s time to hit up a number of top-notch night clubs in Pilsen.

One of the best located clubs is Bondage Club Pilsen 54/42 305 77 which is decked out with all the mod-cons necessary for an unforgettable night out. Choose from cocktails, beers and wines, jam out to some of the latest remixes and get up close and personal with your favorite tracks at one of its dance floors.

If you’d prefer a more chilled atmosphere for your evening, head to Hydropark Beer Garden which is located at Hienkova 50/83 305 77. This great music venue with a large selection of local beers allows you to enjoy a relaxed evening with friends or make new ones in a cool hipster atmosphere.  Sip on some freshly brewed drinks, enjoy the live music and mingle with some of the locals who come here for its relaxed vibes.

Book an Organised Pub and Club Crawl

If you’d prefer other tourists as company throughout your evening and possibly to learn more about some historic beer places then a pub and club crawl might be worth considering. Being taken around by knowledgeable guides can be a great way to get an introduction to some of Pilsen’s best pubs, bars and clubs without wasting any time on deciding where you’d like to go.

Plus, discovering historic venues that have been around since medieval times within the city can be a great way to learn more about beer brewing in the region while enjoying a great night out. For this reason, we’d recommend booking a pub and club crawl in advance as spaces can fill up quickly. If you’re looking for great options for a guided pub crawl, GetYourGuide is a great platform with lots of different pub crawl options to choose from in Pilsen.


Organizing a pub and club crawl in Pilsen can be an incredibly fun night out in one of Europe’s most vibrancy cities. for travellers looking for the ultimate party in Pilsen , there are plenty of bars, pubs and clubs to choose from each offering its own unique atmosphere, drinks and entertainment that make it worth visiting whether alone or with friends. To make sure you get a taste of a number of venues in an evening, why not book an organized pub and club crawl where knowledgeable local guides can take you around some iconic as well as lesser know spots? No matter what your plan is, don’t forget to stay safe and have a good time!

An Insider’s Guide to Plan the Ultimate Pilsen Pub and Club Crawl

Welcome to Pilsen, the cultural capital of the Czech Republic! Beyond the picturesque charm of Baroque architecture and historical landmarks, this city has a vibrant and thriving nightlife scene that you can explore through a pub and club crawl. We’re here to share our insider tips to make sure you experience the best of Pilsen.

Local Attractions

Pilsen is home to some wonderful hidden gems that tourists often miss. Don’t forget to visit the Pilsner Urquell brewery, where the famous Pilsner beer was born. Take a tour of the historic underground Baltic cellars where the world’s most celebrated lagers are aged. For a peaceful retreat head to the Saint Bartholomew Cathedral and witness its exquisite architecture, including the impressive 102-meter tall tower.

For a more contemporary urban experience, head to the Papírna neighborhood, known for its street art, galleries, and independent shops. Seek out the outdoor murals that add to Pilsen’s urban charm.

Dining Spots

Pilsen is known for its unique and flavorful cuisine, which is often hearty and meat-based. Try the Prazdroj Goulash which is Pilsner beer marinated with beef and served in a traditional bread bowl. For something sweet, indulge in the Ortova Cesneckova Polevka which is garlic soup served with croutons. Pivovarsky Dvur is a classic place to hit up for authentic Czech fare. Make sure to try their delicious homemade beer and be prepared to be surprised by an array of seasonal menu items.

Cultural Experiences

Pilsen’s cultural heritage dates back many centuries, and the city offers a diverse range of arts, festivals, and events. Visit the Museum of West Bohemia located within the historic Great Synagogue to be transported back in time. This museum showcases Pilsen’s rich cultural and religious diversity, offering a glimpse of the city’s unique past.

Don’t forget to visit the Jiri Trnka Gallery, named after the renowned Czech animator. The gallery showcases his work and of other celebrated animators. And lastly, make sure to be in Pilsen during the annual Liberation Festival held in May, where the city is filled with live music, street performers, and fireworks.

Local history

A fascinating story linked to Pilsen’s history dates back to World War II when the city was liberated by General George Patton’s army. You can learn about this experience through the fantastic Patton Memorial Pilsen museum. You can also visit the Great Synagogue, which survived the Nazi occupation to tell the story of resilience and faith.

Off-the-beaten-path suggestions

Make sure to visit the planetarium to have an immersive and exciting space experience, perfect for families. For an outdoor adventure, head to the Kozel Forest, which is only 20 minutes from the city center. It offers a wealth of different walking, hiking and cycling paths, surrounded by beautiful nature.

To wrap up your Pilsen experience, end the night with drinks at Burza Bar, which is a popular spot where locals gather. Head to the center of town where you will find plenty of clubs that are open late, and where you can dance the night away.

Now that you have our insights on Pilsen, get ready to have an unforgettable experience and discover the city’s hidden gems. Have a wonderful trip!

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Plan the Ultimate Pilsen Pub and Club Crawl

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