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Planning a Dusseldorf Old Town Tour for Party Girls

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Planning a Dusseldorf Old Town Tour for Party Girls

Planning and executing the perfect night out can be daunting, especially when the group happens to be all girls looking to have a good time! However, with the right plan and enough research, putting together the perfect evening can be much easier. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help plan a Dusseldorf Old Town Tour for Party Girls. We’ll walk you through where to go, the best attractions and activities, and end it all with a grand finale.

Planning the Perfect Evening

Dusseldorf is one of Germany’s most vibrant and exciting cities to explore. It has something for everyone, and especially so for party-goers. The Old Town area of the city is a great place to start, as it boasts some of Europe’s best pubs, clubs, and restaurants. In order to get the most out of a night out in Dusseldorf, here are some tips on how to plan the perfect evening:

1. Get Your Girls Ready

Gathering up the troops and getting everyone ready is always going to be the most difficult part. Make sure everyone has pulled out their outfits, dolled themselves up, and is ready to go. Encourage everyone to hit the shops prior in advance of the evening as well, so that everyone looks fabulous for an evening out in Dusseldorf.

2. Find a Pub Crawl

For a quick way to hit multiple hot-spots without having to do a lot of planning or decision-making, consider finding a pub crawl. Pub crawls can take party-goers to all the hot-spots in a single evening, often even including free shots or discounted drinks along the way. GetYourGuide offer an amazing experience called Dusseldorf Old Town Party Girl Pub Crawl with Cupcakes specifically designed with girls in mind and including free cupcakes and G&Ts along the way.

3. Pick the Right Mixers

Once your party is fully gathered, it will be time to pick out your favourite drinks for the night! Dusseldorf has most drinks covered from wine to gin and juice – so whatever your favourite tipples may be, there will be a shop in Old Town that stocks it. Consider pre-making some mixers ahead of time, since many people drink spirits sans-mixers these days to cut back on calories!

4. Look for Special Deals & Offers

For the greatest chance of success, it pays to look for any special offers or deals available before hand. Many pubs offer free shots or discounted drinks between certain hours – so be sure to check if you can take advantage of any offers before heading out.

Exploring Old Town Attractions

When you’re out on the town in Dusseldorf, it’s worth checking out the top attractions nearby Old Town. Most of these will generally be open until at least 11 p.m., which should give you plenty of time to explore the area and its attractions before settling in for a night of partying!

1. Schloss Jägerhof Palace

Schloss Jägerhof Palace is one of Düsseldorf’s historical gems. Located in the heart of Old Town, it’s a must see attraction during your night out. Built in 1740, it’s an architecturally stunning building that will make for great picture opportunities in the day – and is conveniently located for those who wish to explore the city at night.

2. Pfefferbett Hostel

Pfefferbett Hostel is another great way to set up base for your night out. Just steps away from Old Town, it serves up comfortable rooms as well as an exciting 24 hour bar and cafe – perfect for those who want to get a taste of the city’s nightlife before hitting the clubs!

3. Königsallee

Most people end up at Königsallee during the night out – and it doesn’t disappoint! This illustrious boulevard has plenty of pubs, clubs, and even karaoke bars – making it one of Old Town’s best nightlife spots. Plus, it’s conveniently located close to many of Dusseldorf’s famous landmarks, allowing you to make the most of your evening!

The Best Dance Clubs

There is a multitude of dance clubs, bars and cafés that you must visit if you’re on a mission for an unforgettable night out in Dusseldorf’s Old Town. From booming electronic music venues to traditional jazz bars – there is something for every taste on offer! Here are 3 choice picks that we think any party girl should check out:

1. Train Station Downtown

Train Station Downtown is one of the most famous dance clubs in Dusseldorf and not just with party girls! They throw amazing events throughout all days of the week, from traditional dance parties in which girls get 50% off their drinks until midnight all the way through to their hilarious karaoke nights every first Saturday of each month.

2. Uerige Traditional Beer House & Family Cafe

Uerige Traditional Beer House & Family Cafe has something for everyone! They offer traditional German fare alongside craft beer from their very own brewery, plus they have live music and frequent karaoke nights until midnight! Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for an authentic experience!

3. Melodie Bar + Club

Melodie Bar + Club should definitely be one of your stops when on a mission for a fun night out in Düsseldorf’s Old Town! It’s one of the most thriving clubs in town, open until late every day except Monday and it offers something different every night! From hip-hop parties on Friday nights through to electronic music events – there’s always something new every single day here!

Grand Finale Options

At some point towards the end of their night out party girls should have at least one stop reserved for their grand finale spot! Dusseldorf has plenty of places that are ideal for such an occasion – from romantic private gardens to rooftop bars that serve up delicious cocktails – there’s a finale spot available for every taste! Some great options include:

1. Wolf’s Garden

Wolf’s Garden is an amazing hidden gem nested just outside Düsseldorf’s city center but still within walking distance from Old Town area. This unique garden has multiple bars that are perfect for groups to enjoy their last drinks together on a summer’s night!

2. KIEZ Bar & Rooftop Terrace

KIEZ Bar & Rooftop Terrace offers something truly original with its rooftop terrace vantage point that looks right over Düsseldorf’s skyline – it’s an ideal way to sign off an unforgettable night out! They serve delicious pizzas throughout the week alongside great cocktail specials on certain nights of the week!

The Perfect Tour

Every group is different and so what works for one might not work for another when putting together an unforgettable girls’ night out in Düsseldorf’s Old Town area. Regardless however, what every group should have is at least one or two spots that offer different experiences – whether its shopping for new outfits prior to hitting the clubs or celebrating with craft beer in an old historic building or singing karaoke until dawn at one of Düsseldorf’s old pubs. And what is a better way to make sure everything runs smoothly than signing up for one of GetYourGuide’s amazing experiences like Dusseldorf Old Town Party Girl Pub Crawl with Cupcakes. here your group will get VIP access in bars and clubs, free shots and cupcakes along with amazing stories about partying in this superlative city!

At the end of the day it all boils down to every group member finding her perfect balance between local experiences and classic partying moments so that everyone can appreciate an unforgettable girls’ night out experience in Düsseldorf’s Old Town area – no matter what kind of fun they looking for! If you think that Dusseldorf Old Town Party Girl Pub Crawl with Cupcakes could be right up your alley make sure to book it now and party like never before!

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stephen arnold xSTQzSLJA4c unsplash

Planning a Dusseldorf Old Town Tour for Party Girls

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