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Private EZE Airport Transfer in Buenos Aires – All You Need to Know

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Private EZE Airport Transfer in Buenos Aires – All You Need to Know

Traveling to Buenos Aires means you’ll be facing a long airport transfer from the Ezeiza Ministro Pistarini International Airport (EZE) to the city. This transfer is especially complicated considering the city’s scope and size. Especially if you instead plan on going to some of Buenos Aires’ outskirts like La Plata or Tigre. That’s why it’s important to prepare for your trip by making sure you know about private EZE airport transfers in Buenos Aires.

Exploring EZE Airport

Ezeiza Ministro Pistarini International Airport (EZE) is located 31 km south of the city. It is one of the main airports in Argentina and serves as the main hub for Aerolineas Argentinas and Austral Lineas Aereas. The airport is one of the largest and busiest in Latin America, receiving flights from Europe, North and South America, and Singapore.

Terminal 1 serves all arrivals except passengers from international destinations like U.S., Canada, and Germany, which might come in at Terminal 2. Most national flights arrive in the old terminal (T1). Once you arrive at EZE Airport, you can move from one gate to another through a domestic connection service operated by Aerolineas, LADE (Líneas Aéreas Del Estado) or Austral Lineas Aereas.

Traveling from EZE Airport to Buenos Aires City

Since most of Buenos Aires’ attractions are located within the district of Capital Federal, you can reach the downtown area quickly and simply. Before venturing out, make sure you check out the flight information screens, because many times arriving flights change gates without prior notice.

Unlike other airports around the world, Ezeiza International Airport (EZE) doesn’t have gates that connect directly with downtown Buenos Aires, or any type of train system that would take passengers right into the city. That’s why there are several transportation options available to get you to where you need to go.

Taxi from EZE Airport

The fastest and most convenient way to get into downtown Buenos Aires from EZE airport is by taking a taxi. Drivers can be found directly outside both terminals as soon as you disembark from your flight and can take you to your final destination in around an hour, depending on traffic. However, since taxis don’t have counters, we recommend you ask the driver for an estimated fare before getting into the car.

Public Transports from EZE Airport

The cheapest method available to get into the city is by taking public transportation services. All public buses depart from Otra Banda bus terminal, which is located very close to the airport. Buses usually arrive every 15 minutes and they’ll charge you around AR$37 (€ 0,60 approximately). Once you arrive at the Argentine capital, buses can drop you off at Retiro bus station, located in the downtown area near Plaza de Mayo.

The downside of taking public transport from EZE is that buses are slow and don’t offer much in terms of comfort or safety compared to other transportation methods such as private vans or cars. Additionally, this option will take around three hours to get into the center of Buenos Aires, making it a rather unpleasant trip overall. Therefore, if possible, we always recommend taking a taxi over public transportation from EZE airport.

Private Cars and Vans from EZE Airport

Private services are a great option for those traveling with a large group that wishes to get into the city safely, comfortably and in style. Private services offer a wide variety of cars and vans with different seating arrangements that go up to eight passengers per vehicle. Prices are usually around AR$1300 (€ 20 approximately) per group depending on its location.

Private services are perfect for sightseeing tours since they provide door-to-door service and don’t typically have any stops along the way. That’s why you should consider booking a private transfer if you plan on visiting multiple downtown attractions on the same day or going directly to a prearranged tour. There is usually an operator waiting for you outside both terminals that can help you arrange these types of trips beforehand, with an experienced driver that can take you directly to your final destination without any hassle or additional stops along the way.

Most highly recommended private transfers from EZE airport offer friendly and experienced drivers who know their way well and will take you directly to your destination without any stops along the way. Besides providing a safe and comfortable ride, some operators even offer bilingual guides (English / Spanish) to help you out and make sure your transfer from EZE is as smooth as possible. Private transfers also provide passengers with updated vehicles and equipment as well as private insurance coverage up to AR$1 million (€ 14000 approximately). Some operators also accept credit cards as a form of payment which is great for those who need a bit more flexibility on their travels.

One service we recommend if you’re looking for a private EZE airport transfer in Buenos Aires is GetYourGuide Argentina. GetYourGuide Argentina offers private transfers from EZE airport with all these features plus pick up assistance in both terminals to help departure and arrival information with luggage facilities. They even offer child seats upon request and special promotions for large groups with up to 8 occupants per vehicle. Finally, GetYourGuide Argentina’s drivers are experienced professionals who speak fluent Spanish and English so that all passengers feel comfortable throughout their transfers with them.

Overall, we believe private transportation from EZE airport is one of the best options for those looking for a comfortable and hassle-free journey into Bueno Aires. It’s also one of the safest options since licensed drivers receive special training and must adhere to specific safety standards set by local authorities in order to maintain their license such as not working more than nine hours a day or having more than three passengers in each vehicle at once.

Plus, when booking with operators like GetYourGuide Argentina you’ll have all your flights monitored in real time so you’ll know exactly when your driver will arrive at your pick-up point while providing a friendly service so that all passengers have an amazing experience during their transfers in Buenos Aires. If you are considering a private transfer between airports in Buenos Aires, consider booking a GetYourGuide Argentina service for your next travel!

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Private EZE Airport Transfer in Buenos Aires – All You Need to Know

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