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Pub Crawls in Paris – The Ultimate Guide (2020 Update)

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Pub Crawls in Paris – The Ultimate Guide (2020 Update)

Are you looking for the perfect way to explore the social side of one of Europe’s liveliest cities? A Pub Crawl in Paris is the ideal way to discover new watering holes, meet locals and experience the real Paris. What’s more, pub crawls in Paris can be easily booked online saving you time and money!

What is a Pub Crawl?

A pub crawl or bar crawl is an event where people visit a series of different pubs or bars within a certain area or nightlife area. Participants will usually be accompanied by an organized group, typically with a guide. It’s a great way to get to know new people and get acquainted with different types of bars while enjoying drinks and activities.

Pub crawls originally started as a way for people to travel to different places, finding new pubs as they went. Nowadays, pub crawls in larger cities have become increasingly popular as tourists and locals look for a fun night out on the town. Paris, with all it has to offer, is no exception!

Where do Pub Crawls take Place in Paris?

Paris is home to many areas with vibrant nightlife and pubs. The best place to book a pub crawl in Paris depends on your personal preferences, desired type of bar and location. The following areas are renowned for their lively atmosphere and variety of bars:

• Pigalle
​This popular nightlife district is home to some of the most famous clubs, pubs and bars in Paris. Located in the 9th arrondissement near Sacre Coeur, Pigalle has become synonymous with quintessential Parisian nightlife. With its cobbled streets, colorful neon signs and wide selection of bars, pubs and clubs, Pigalle is a great choice for those looking to become fully immersed in all that Paris has to offer when it comes to its nightlife.

• Le Marais
​Le Marais is a historical neighborhood located in the 3rd and 4th arrondissement of Paris. This vibrant area attracts both locals and tourists alike for its pleasant atmosphere, quaint cafes and great selection of restaurants, cafes and bars. Whether you’re into craft beer, trendy lounge bars or wine bars, Le Marais will have something for you!

• Latin Quarter
Lovers of jazz music, sweet cocktails are sure to love the Latin Quarter. Located in the 5th arrondissement near Notre Dame Cathedral and the Seine river, this part of Paris is very popular with students and young locals, and therefore welcomes a great variety of lounges, cocktail bars and live music spots.

• Montmartre
Montmartre may be well known for its most famous hilltop landmark, Sacre Coeur Basilica; but did you know this part of Paris also offers some amazing nightlife spots? Located in the 18th arrondissement near Pigalle, Montmartre will wow you with its incredible selection of cabarets, jazz clubs, vintage bars and more.

What to Expect during a Pub Crawl in Paris

No two pub crawls are the same; however there are some important features you can expect from all pub crawls regardless of the area you choose or operator. Depending on the package booked and type pub crawl you go for (such as tourist only or locals only) a typical pub crawl in Paris includes:

• Guided Tour
You can expect to be taken through each bar by an experienced guide who knows the local scene well. A typical pub crawl can include up to 3-4 stops depending on the length of your package, but again this depends on the operator. The guide will be there to explain fun activities at each stop such as beer pong, truth or dare etc., ensuring the tour is fun and engaging throughout.
• Discounts
Another great perk of joining an organized pub crawl is that you can often get access to exclusive discounts on drinks throughout the night. This means each participant can make big savings while enjoying their night out on the town!
• Meet New People
Pub crawls are also great ways to meet new people with other participants typically being travelers travelling solo. It’s a great opportunity to make new friends and exchange stories about your travels. And who knows, maybe you will even meet a future travel companion!

Need an easy way to book your next pub crawl in Paris? No problem! GetYourGuide offers an excellent selection of pub crawls from Latin Quarter to Le Marais – all easily bookable online! Check out their Latin Quarter Pub Crawl special here for a great night out!

Planning your next Pub Crawl in Paris
Now that you have all the information you need to prepare for your next night out in Paris, here are some things to consider when planning your next pub crawl:

• Consider Your Budget
Consider how much money you have access while planning your pub crawl. While most packages are fairly affordable there are also more expensive options available depending on where you go and which operator you book with.
• Choose Your Venue Wisely
Think carefully about which type of venue you would like to discover during your night out. Do you want a more historical bar or lounge atmosphere? Do you prefer craft beer or sweet cocktails? Which style of music would you like to enjoy? Answering these questions will help you find the perfect package for your preferences!
• Have Fun!
Most importantly – have fun! Pub crawls are fantastic ways to explore a city’s nightlife in a safe environment and meet new people at the same time. Kick back and enjoy discovering local establishments serving up some of the best drinks!

Pub Crawls in Paris are fantastic ways to explore and experience different types of nightlife venues in one go. From Pigalle to Montmarte and Le Marais, there are many excellent packages available offering exclusive discounts on drinks plus an experienced guide taking you through each stop on the itinerary! For an easy way to book your next pub crawl in Paris – check out GetYourGuide’s special offer Paris Latin Quarter Pub Crawl Tour – for an unforgettable night that won’t break the bank. Because let’s face it – there are few better ways to discover Paris than by pub crawl!

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Pub Crawls in Paris – The Ultimate Guide (2020 Update)

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