The 3 Best Pub Tours in Venice

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Venice is not only known for its mesmerizing canals and stunning architecture but also for its vibrant nightlife. The city offers an array of pubs and bars that cater to all kinds of drinkers, from traditional wine cellars to contemporary cocktail bars. What better way to explore the city’s nightlife than by joining a pub crawl? In this post, we’ll take you on a journey to discover the best pub crawls in Venice, where you can experience the city’s vibrant nightlife through its diverse selection of pubs and bars. So grab a drink, and let’s explore the best pub crawls in Venice.

The 3 Best Pub Tours in Venice

  1. Venice: Local Secrets of Venice Tapas & Wine Walking Tour
  2. Venice: Venetian Style Carnival Pub Crawl
  3. Traditional Venice Aperitivo Tour

The 3 Best Pub Tours in Venice

1. Venice: Local Secrets of Venice Tapas & Wine Walking Tour

Explore the hidden and authentic parts of Venice on the Local Secrets of Venice Tapas & Wine Walking Tour. On this tour, you’ll discover the unique Venetian food culture by sampling local traditional ingredients and cichetti, which are Italian-style tapas. Meet your knowledgeable and friendly local guide at the first traditional bacaro (bar) where you’ll sample some cichetti with a wine of your choice. Your guide will explain the unique combination of ingredients and the wine you’re tasting. During this tour, you’ll visit two bars where you can enjoy a variety of local Venetian cichetti and three glasses of wine (red/white or prosecco). This tour is not suitable for people with mobility impairments or wheelchair users. Come and experience the local Venetian food culture on this must-do walking tour in Venice.

2. Venice: Venetian Style Carnival Pub Crawl

Experience the vibrant Venetian night life with our Venetian Style Carnival Pub Crawl. Join our fun and passionate guide as we hop from bar to bar, visiting some of the best “bacari” in Venice. Taste regional wines and the popular “spritz” cocktail, and learn about the local dialect while ordering a glass of wine in Venetian. In each bar, enjoy tasting the typical Venetian “cicchetti” (tapas). Starting at 5.00pm from the Ca’ Rezzonico Museum by the vaporetto stop, our tour takes you through the labyrinth of small alleyways and campi, allowing you to experience Venice in a unique and unforgettable way. Don’t miss out on this great alternative to the slow night life of Venice and meet fellow travellers from around the world.

3. Traditional Venice Aperitivo Tour

Take part in a traditional Venice Aperitivo Tour and explore the city’s bar culture with the help of a local guide. Visit three typical Venetian bars and taste delicious aperitifs while walking through the city and admiring its beautiful architecture. This happy hour tradition is one of the most entertaining customs of Venetian culture, and it’s a perfect opportunity to socialize and immerse yourself in the local atmosphere. The Venetian happy hour takes place in small bars called ‘bacari,’ where you can try a large variety of delicious ‘cicchetti’ made of fish, meat, and vegetables. Meet your local guide near the Rialto Bridge, take a short stroll to see the famous Rialto market place, and continue the itinerary with the visit of three typical Venetian bars. You’ll get inside tips from your local guide and learn more about Venetian culture, cuisine, and history. Don’t miss out on this unique and authentic experience during your visit to Venice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Venice

Venice is one of the most unique and beautiful cities in the world. It is famous for its canals, gondolas, and stunning architecture. Thousands of tourists visit Venice every year, and many of them have questions about this beautiful city. In this blog post, we will be answering some of the most frequently asked questions about Venice.

1. What Are the Best Places to Visit in Venice?

There are many beautiful places to visit in Venice, but some of the top must-see attractions include:

  • The Grand Canal: This is the main canal in Venice and is lined with beautiful buildings and stunning architecture. You can take a scenic ride down the Grand Canal by vaporetto, water taxi, or even a gondola ride.
  • St. Mark’s Basilica: This cathedral is one of the most iconic landmarks in Venice. It is located in St. Mark’s Square, and the interior is covered in sparkling mosaics and beautiful frescoes.
  • Doge’s Palace: This Renaissance-era palace was once home to the Doge of Venice and has stunning Gothic architecture. You can explore the palace and admire the beautiful artwork and architecture.
  • Rialto Bridge: This is one of the most famous bridges in Venice and is a popular spot for tourists to take photos. It offers beautiful views of the Grand Canal and the surrounding buildings.
  • Burano: This is a colorful island located in the Venetian lagoon. It is famous for its vibrant colored houses and beautiful lacework.

2. How Do I Get Around Venice?

Venice is a pedestrian-only city, so the best way to get around is by walking or taking a water taxi, vaporetto or gondola. The vaporetto is the public water bus that travels up and down the Grand Canal and through the smaller canals. You can purchase tickets for the vaporetto at any of the many ticket booths located throughout the city.A gondola ride is a popular way to see Venice and is also the most expensive. A typical gondola ride lasts around 30 minutes and costs approximately 80-100 Euros. You can negotiate the price with the gondolier before the ride.

3. What is the Best Time of Year to Visit Venice?

The best time to visit Venice is during the spring (April to June) and fall (September to November). During these months, the weather is mild, and there are fewer tourists. The summer months (July and August) are the peak tourist season, and the weather can be hot and humid. The winter months (December to February) are less crowded, but the weather can be cold and there is a higher chance of rainfall.

4. What Language Do People Speak in Venice?

The official language of Venice is Italian. However, due to the city’s popularity among tourists, many locals also speak English, French, and German. It’s always a good idea to learn a few basic Italian phrases to help you get by.

5. What is the Local Cuisine Like in Venice?

Venetian cuisine is quite unique, and it has been influenced by the city’s location and history. Some of the most popular dishes include seafood risotto, polenta, and fried calamari. Cicchetti (Venetian tapas) are also a popular snack and can be found in many of the local bars and taverns.

6. Are There Any Important Cultural Customs to Follow in Venice?

Venice has a rich cultural heritage, and there are several customs and traditions to keep in mind while visiting. For example, it is customary to greet people with a handshake or kiss on both cheeks. It is also important to dress appropriately when visiting religious sites such as St. Mark’s Basilica.Additionally, it is considered impolite to eat or drink while walking around the city. It is also important to note that gondoliers and other service workers expect a tip for their services.

7. What is the Currency Used in Venice?

Venice is part of Italy, and the official currency is the Euro. You can exchange money at banks and exchange offices located throughout the city. Many shops and restaurants also accept credit cards, but it’s always a good idea to have cash on hand.

8. Is Venice Safe?

Venice is generally considered a safe city for tourists. However, it’s important to take precautions to avoid pickpocketing and theft. Make sure to keep your valuables in a safe place and be aware of your surroundings. Also, be careful when walking on the narrow canalside paths, as they can get quite busy during peak tourist season.

Final Thoughts

Venice is an incredible city with a rich history and culture. With its stunning architecture, beautiful canals, and delicious cuisine, it’s no wonder that it’s such a popular destination among tourists. By following these frequently asked questions, you’ll be able to make the most out of your trip to this beautiful city.

How to Spend Your Time as a Tourist in Venice

Venice is a beautiful city that is known for its canals, gondolas, and stunning architecture. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and attracts millions of visitors every year. If you are planning to visit Venice as a tourist, then you must be wondering what are the best ways to spend your time in this beautiful city. In this guide, we will provide you with some great ideas on how to make the most of your time in Venice.

1. Visit St. Mark’s Square

St. Mark’s Square is considered the heart of Venice and is a must-visit location for any tourist. The square is surrounded by some of the most iconic landmarks in the city, including St. Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace. You can spend hours exploring the square and admiring the stunning architecture.

2. Explore the Canals by Gondola

Venice is known for its canals and there is no better way to explore them than by taking a gondola ride. The gondolas are traditional Venetian boats that are propelled by gondoliers. You can hire a private gondola or share one with other tourists. The gondola ride is an excellent way to experience the beauty of the city and see its hidden gems.

3. Visit the Doge’s Palace

The Doge’s Palace is one of the most iconic landmarks in Venice and is a great place to explore. The palace was the residence of the doge of Venice and now houses a museum. You can explore the palace’s stunning architecture, admire the artwork, and learn about the history of Venice.

4. Take a Walking Tour

Venice is a city that is best explored on foot. Taking a walking tour is an excellent way to experience the city’s culture, history, and architecture. You can join a guided walking tour or explore the city on your own. Walking along the narrow streets and alleys, you will come across hidden gems and that you would otherwise miss.

5. Visit the Rialto Bridge

The Rialto Bridge is one of the most famous bridges in Venice and is a great place to visit. The bridge spans the Grand Canal and offers stunning views of the city. You can explore the area around the bridge, which is filled with shops, restaurants, and cafes.

6. Explore the Markets

Venice is home to some of the most vibrant markets in Italy. The markets offer a variety of goods, including fresh produce, clothing, and souvenirs. You can explore the markets at your own pace and experience the bustling atmosphere of the city.

7. Visit the Islands

Venice is surrounded by a group of islands that are also worth exploring. The islands offer a different perspective on the city and are famous for their unique attractions. You can visit the island of Murano and explore its famous glass factories or visit the island of Burano and admire its colorful houses.

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Venice is a beautiful city with plenty of things to do for tourists. From exploring the canals by gondola to visiting the iconic landmarks, there is something for everyone in this stunning city. Make sure to plan your itinerary and make the most of your time in Venice.

The 3 Best Pub Tours in Venice

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