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Puerto Limon Highlights and Cahuita National Park Tour in Puerto Limón

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Puerto Limon Highlights and Cahuita National Park Tour in Puerto Limón

Are you looking for an exquisite tour of Puerto Limon and the Cahuita National Park? Situated in the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica, the city of Puerto Limon is the perfect blend of the country’s exciting modern culture and the paradisiacal beauty of its natural landscape. This is why; this particular tour offers you indelible memories of your time spent here. Serving as a port since the 17th century, it is a bustling yet peaceful city that offers numerous attractions. The port even serves as a shipping route that connects Central America, Panama, and South America. On this exciting tour, you’ll;

  • Discover the city and its history
  • Experience the vibrant culture of the region
  • Explore the Cahuita National Park and its native flora and fauna
  • Discover one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world: Talamanca Archipelago
  • Go on an unforgettable eco-tour

On this guided tour, you’ll get a comprehensive and in-depth look at Puerto Limon and the surrounding area. You’ll start off with a visit to the modern city, but you won’t go too deep into the city center as you’ll be granted special access to a hidden romantic spot that overlooks it all – a perfect spot for some lovely photos!

You’ll then leave the city to explore some of the more intriguing attractions nearby. You’ll be going to Cahuita National Park and Talamanca Archipelago. The Cahuita National Park is popular for its myriad of wildlife, comprising monkeys, caymans, frogs, and iguanas. This is also home to 224 species of plants and almost 350 kinds of animals. The Talamanca Archipelago is without a doubt a paradise comprising more than 40 islands and pristine white sandy beaches.

What You Will Experience with this Tour

  • Views of the Caribbean coast from Banana Beach
  • Stops at Punta Mala Hide-out and little remote beach
  • Snorkeling in Punta Mala
  • Visit to the blue Caribbean waters of Playa Cocles
  • A lunch of traditional Costa Rican food
  • Opportunities to take breathtaking photos

The sites you will get to visit during this tour depend upon your preferences and duration of your stay. During your time here, you’ll also be delightfully surprised with lovely snacks. You can select from various menus available. You’ll absolutely love meals prepared by local chefs using local ingredients such as fish, shrimps, pork, chicken, and beef. Local musicians will also be there to entertain you with traditional sounds.

In addition to exploring these exotic places, you can also enjoy private demos of local arts and crafts such as pottery and woodcarvings. You can even try your hand at participating in a few workshops that normally last until midday or early afternoon.

What to Bring for the Tours?

As you are bound to be exposed to nature from up close, we recommend that you wear something comfortable and light that also dries quickly. Waterproof shoes are also a great addition to ensure you don’t slip across the wet rocks in the park. It is highly important that you bring along insect repellant as well as sunglasses.

You should not forget about your camera as well. Be sure to bring along hats to cover up from the tropical Costa Rican sun; sunblock is also a must if you are fair skinned or may be exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time.

Rates & schedules

Rates depend upon the tour package you will opt for and they usually start from $50 per person. The tour package includes several goodies such as snacks and water. Depending upon your group size, a private group tour package may also be availed at extra cost for up to 8 people or customized options for groups that are bigger.

The tour packages are available all year round every day from 8:00am- 5:00pm with pick up points located in various parts of the city such as hotels, residences, cruise ships etc. Some areas require an additional fee etc dependant upon variables such as distance etc.


This particular tour provides an exquisite mix of culture and nature and guarantees exquisite memories to all its participants. Get ready to explore natures beauty while also learning more about traditional culture of this paradise called Costa Rica; its people, music, food, dances and plenty more activities!

If you’re ready to have a unique exploration experience in Puerto Limon and Cahuita National Park, there’s no better way to do so than with the Puerto Limon Highlights & Cahuita National Park Tour experience! Reserve now!

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Puerto Limon Highlights and Cahuita National Park Tour in Puerto Limón

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