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Rajasthan and Taj Mahal: A Treasure Trove of History and Beauty

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Are you itching to explore the diverse and vibrant state of Rajasthan, while also including a visit to the iconic Taj Mahal? If so, we have an incredible 15-day journey that will take you on an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime. Embark on an enchanting tour that will introduce you to the rich history, fascinating culture, and breathtaking landscapes of this captivating region.

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Why Rajasthan and Taj Mahal?

With its magnificent palaces, ancient forts, and vibrant markets, Rajasthan offers a glimpse into India’s royal legacy. This tour allows you to immerse yourself in the rich heritage of the region as you visit its most iconic cities, such as Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, and Jaisalmer.

Adding to the allure of this tour is the chance to witness the unparalleled beauty of the Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This stunning marble mausoleum is a testament to love and is sure to leave you awe-inspired.

Highlights of the Rajasthan & Taj Mahal Tour:

Our meticulously designed itinerary ensures that you make the most of your time in Rajasthan and have a truly immersive experience. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Explore the “Pink City” of Jaipur and visit the magnificent Amber Fort, City Palace, and Jantar Mantar.
  • Get lost in the enchanting streets of Udaipur, often referred to as the “Venice of the East,” and witness the stunning City Palace and Lake Pichola.
  • Discover the blue-hued city of Jodhpur and explore the majestic Mehrangarh Fort and the intricately carved Jaswant Thada.
  • Experience the magic of the Thar Desert as you take a camel safari through the sand dunes of Jaisalmer and spend a night in a traditional desert camp.
  • Visit the holy town of Pushkar, home to the famous Brahma Temple and the vibrant Pushkar Lake.
  • Marvel at the grandeur of the Taj Mahal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, during a sunrise visit, allowing you to witness the monument in all its splendor.
  • Indulge in the rich culinary delights and traditional Rajasthani cuisine throughout your journey.

Other Important Information:

During this 15-day tour, you will travel comfortably in a private car, allowing you to enjoy the stunning landscapes and scenic routes at your leisure. Along the way, you will stay in handpicked accommodations that provide comfort and authenticity.

Our experienced guides will accompany you throughout the tour, sharing their in-depth knowledge and ensuring that you have a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Please note that this tour involves some walking and climbing stairs, as many of the attractions are historical sites with uneven terrain. It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing and footwear.

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Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey through Rajasthan and the Taj Mahal. Experience the grandeur of ancient palaces, immerse yourself in the vibrant colors and flavors of local markets, and witness the eternal symbol of love at the Taj Mahal. Book your tour now and create unforgettable memories in this captivating region of India.

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Rajasthan and Taj Mahal: A Treasure Trove of History and Beauty

Experience Adventure Like Never Before: Book Your Tour Today!