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Rome: Shuttle Bus Transfer to or from Fiumicino Airport

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Rome: Shuttle Bus Transfer to or from Fiumicino Airport

Are you planning a trip to Rome and need to get from Fiumicino Airport to city center, or vise versa? If so, you should consider taking the shuttle bus transfer that goes between the airport and the city, offering a quick and easy cheap ride. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about getting from the airport to Rome’s city center using the shuttle bus, including how to book a ticket, the route of the service, and even offer some personal opinions about the transfer based on our own experience.

Rome Airport Shuttle Bus: Overview

The Rome airport shuttle bus is especially important for travelers who are looking for convenience without spending a lot of money. With a single ticket, travelers can get from the Fiumicino airport to city center safely and cheaply. Additionally, there are also regular departures throughout the day, meaning you don’t have to worry about being stuck at the airport waiting for hours before being able to catch a ride to the city.

Benefits of Taking the Rome Airport Shuttle Bus

By taking the Rome shuttle bus, travelers will enjoy several benefits that they won’t find with other transportation options. Firstly, it is much cheaper than other forms of transportation like taxis and private transfers, which can be much more expensive. Additionally, travelers don’t have to wait for long periods for their flights, since the frequency of departures is quite high—every 15 minutes, as we’ll mention later on in this article.

Moreover, travelers don’t need to worry about unreliable public transportation networks,since the Rome Airport Shuttle provides a reliable and comfortable service from the airport to various destinations across the city, such as Vatican City and Termini Station—the largest railway station in Rome.

How to Book a Ticket for the Rome Airport Shuttle

Booking a ticket for the Rome airport shuttle bus is a very straightforward process. You can easily purchase tickets at both arrival and departure points either at Fiumicino airport or at city center. At Fiumicino airport, special kiosks are available specifically for purchasing tickets. Additionally, you can purchase tickets online in advance through official websites or through third-party websites.

Once you have your ticket in hand, be sure to pay attention to the departures schedule. The service departures fairly often—every 15 minutes—so you can easily hop on and off at any point of your journey.

Rome Airport Shuttle: Route

The Rome Airport Shuttle travels from the center of Rome all the way to Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport, located approximately 20 miles west of the Eternal City. The shuttles also make stops at several of Rome’s most popular attractions, including Vatican City, Latin Quarter Termini Station, and more. Here is a breakdown of all its stops:

  • Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport
  • La Romanina Shopping Center
  • Rome Hotel Plaza
  • Termini Central Station
  • Stazione Ostiense
  • Vatican City
  • Latin Quarter Termini Station

Schedule & Frequency of Rome Airport Shuttle Bus

The Rome Airport Shuttle bus operates almost all day long, seven days a week. It departs every 15 minutes from both Fiumicino Airport and city center terminal. For example, if you’re arriving into Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport, it is highly likely that there will be a shuttle immediately available when you reach the terminal. Likewise, if you’re departing from Rome’s city center into Leonardo da Vinci-FIumicino Airport, then it is possible to find a service every 15 minute intervals. It is highly important to note that services run 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

How Much Does the Rome Airport Shuttle Cost?

The cost of taking the Rome Airport Shuttle depends on how far you are traveling and your destination in or around Rome city center. Typically, if you’re traveling from Fiumicino to Stazione Ostiense or Termini Station, it will cost you approximately 11€ one-way per person. The prices can vary depending on the time of day and other factors. For example, it may cost more during peak hours than off-peak hours. It is important to note that all prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Conclusion & Experience With Rome Airport Shuttle

Overall, taking the Rome airport shuttle is an excellent way for travelers to get around Rome with relative ease without breaking their budget too much. We have personally experienced taking this shuttle bus on multiple occasions and were very satisfied with the overall experience. It is comfortable and reliable and a great option for tourists and locals alike who need to get from point A to point B in Rome.

Before you plan your next trip to Rome, if you need convenient and cheap transportation from or to Fiumicino Airport, we recommend considering taking the shuttle bus transfer as an option, as it is affordable, reliable, convenient and fast. To find out more information about booking tickets for this service in advance, check out GetYourGuide, where you’ll find more information about this transfer service in Rome as well as other tour packages and activities in the area.

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Rome: Shuttle Bus Transfer to or from Fiumicino Airport

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