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Samaná: Los Haitises National Park & Cayo Levantado Island in Samaná

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Samaná: Los Haitises National Park & Cayo Levantado Island in Samaná

Samaná is one of the finest examples of the Dominican Republic’s tropical beauty. From its lush rainforests to its clear, warm waters, the region offers ample opportunities to enjoy nature at its finest. Of the many attractions in the Samaná peninsula, Los Haitises National Park and Cayo Levantado Island are two of the most scenic and exciting places to explore. Both of these locations are great spots for snorkeling, swimming and sightseeing, and are perfect for day trip excursions.

Los Haitises National Park

Los Haitises National Park is situated on the Northeast tip of the Samaná Peninsula. Its coastlines consist of mangroves and limestone hills, while its interior is home to limestone and rainforest tinged with caves, rivers and lagoons. It is home to a myriad of species like howler monkey, manatees, brown pelicans, parrots and more. The park offers a range of activities which include boat trips, trekking through the rainforest and exploring the mangroves, caves and lagoons.

Boat Trips

One of the most popular excursions in Los Haitises National Park is a boat trip tour. These trips generally last around 4-5 hours and will take you to both the mangroves and open waters. You’ll likely spot a variety of birds including pelicans, frigatebirds and white-tailed tropic birds. One highlight that many tourists come back talking about are the natural candle-like formations that appear on the riverbeds. Keep your eyes peeled for howler monkeys, manatees and iguanas as well!

Haitises Rainforest trekking

Heading out into the rainforest’s creeks and coves offers a chance to spot some of the wildlife mentioned above, as well as get up close to some of the 800 species of plants found here. Whilst trekking here, you’ll find yourself clambering over rocks, wading through rivers and exploring caves – all within the national park’s secluded landscape.

Exploring the mangroves, caves, lagoons and more

The coastline of Los Haitises National Park holds a wealth of secrets waiting to be uncovered. Visitors can explore the mangroves’ dense paths by boat or kayak. Those looking for an even more off-the-beaten path experience can navigate through the lagoons using a wooden canoe, with a local guide taking you through these hand-carved canals to ensure you don’t get lost in this maze. You can also explore ocotillo’s many caves, including Los Candelones – a series of ancient candle-like structures in a river – or choose to sail on the lagoons that shimmer bluish-green in the sunlight.

Cayo Levantado Island

Often referred as “Bacardi Island” due to its picturesque landscape being used in an iconic Bacardi Rum commercial, Cayo Levantado is an uninhabited island located in the Samaná Bay. This stunning landscaped islet is home to stunning white sand beaches, a lush jungle and crystal-clear waters – all contributing to its otherworldly appearance.

Activities on the island

The island is known for its calm waters and is ideal for swimming, snorkelling and kayaking adventures – perfect for any kind of traveler! You can take out a kayak or rent a snorkel gear from local vendors in order to explore underwater wildlife – turtles, lobster, coral and more – or take a trek around the jungle in search of bird species or hidden hidden coves with secluded beaches. If this isn’t enough Cayo Levantado also has several deck chairs dispersed around its edges – ideal for relaxation moments accosted by the views over Samaná Bay. Although exclusive on the island there’s a high-end beach bar where you can enjoy a refreshing drink before heading off into one more island adventure!

Take a day trip from Samaná

Cayo Levantado Island can be easily visited from mainland Samaná – all you need to do is book a day trip to this island paradise! Most trips will include transportation from your hotel, lunch (usually provided by fish restaurants on site), drinks, bottles of water and all necessary snorkelling gear – so all you need to bring with you is your camera and perhaps some pocket money for gentle souvenirs or snacks. While day trips will include some activities, it’s best to book a private tour that fits with your expectations should you be looking for something out of the ordinary or simply want to linger around this dreamy island.


Los Haitises National Park and Cayo Levantado Island in Samaná offer an array of opportunities to explore beautiful and unique settings. From manicured rainforests thriving with exotic wildlife to crystal-clear lagoons and tranquil Caribbean beaches – Los Haitises National Park is known for its special natural formations such as candle formations on river beds, while Cayo Levantado’s white sandy beaches and jungle trails provide spaces for exploration both on land and on sea. If you are looking for a dreamy getaway escape from everyday life this duo of scenic spots is an ideal combination for an unforgettable daytrip from Samaná! So what are you waiting for? Book an adventure with GetYourGuide today

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Samaná: Los Haitises National Park & Cayo Levantado Island in Samaná

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