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San José Volcano and Cajón del Maipo 8km Hike in Santiago: An In-Depth Guide

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San José Volcano and Cajón del Maipo 8km Hike in Santiago: An In-Depth Guide

Hiking in Santiago is one of the most popular activities for the thousands of adventurous travelers who visit the Chilean capital. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, a trek through the San José Volcano and Cajón del Maipo 8km trail is one of the most rewarding adventures to experience. This 5-7 hour hike is a delightful way to lose yourself in the beautiful landscapes of Santiago. Along the way, you’ll get an uninterrupted view of snow-covered mountains, waterfalls, and incredible vistas.

If you’re ready to explore one of the best hikes in Santiago, let’s get started. Here’s an in-depth guide to undertaking the Cajón del Maipo and San José Volcano 8km trail.

Prepare for the Hike

It is important to make sure that your hike is as safe and comfortable as possible. So plan accordingly and make sure that you have all of your necessities ready for the day. Here are a few essential items to bring on your hike:

  • Walking boots
  • Clothing appropriate for the temperature.
  • A high-energy snack such as fruits and nuts.
  • Sunscreen (very important during summertime!).
  • Plenty of water bottles.
  • Layers and raincoat.

It is also necessary to plan your hike in advance so that you can take the necessary precautions. Make sure to check the weather conditions before you go on your hike, to ensure that you are aware of any potential risks or danger due to changing weather patterns. Additionally, you should also make sure that you have completed all necessary paperwork before starting the hike, such as obtaining a permit if applicable.

Getting to the Starting Point

The starting point for the San José Volcano and Cajón del Maipo trail is the San José Observatory. You can drive or take public transportation to get there. If you’re driving, you’ll have to follow road signs towards El Yeso until you reach the summit of San José Volcano, where you’ll find the observatory. However, there is no direct public transportation route that takes you to the observatory. The recommended route is to board a bus from Santiago’s bus terminal (Terminal Alameda) to El Volcán. From El Volcán, you can then take a taxi or colectivo (a shared-ride car) to the observatory.

The Trail

Once you have arrived at the observatory, it’s time to get ready for your hike. The trail around the San José Volcano takes about 5-7 hours round trip and will give you an incredible view of nature, volcanic rock and boulders, lakes and rivers, and much more.

The first part of the trail will take you across a rocky path for about an hour until you reach a plateau that divides the San José Volcano, El Yeso, and Cajón del Maipo. This first part is quite steep but manageable.

After crossing the plateau, you’ll enter a nature reserve where you’ll find various fauna and flora species like mountain cats and condors soaring above your head. You’ll also get a stunning 360-degree view of fjords, mountains, valleys and rivers. Don’t forget to admire the volcano itself!

From this observation point, continue on your route until you reach Punta Del Lago Viewpoint, your halfway mark. Here You can take a break and soak in the captivating landscape around you. On a clear day you can even spot the Pacific Ocean in the far distance!

After Punta Del Lago Viewpoint, the trail will take about 3-4 hours to reach its natural conclusion. Your final destination is located atop the Patarrúa Cliff, where you will get a breathtaking view of the peaks of El Yeso Valley.

Climb Up San José Volcano

If you have time and are feeling adventurous, there is an optional route that takes you to even higher heights! Bordering Punta del Lago Viewpoint, is San José Volcano; An impenetrable rocky cone rising high above El Yeso Valley. If you have time and energy, it is recommended that you make your way up the volcano for a truly once in a lifetime experience! But if this is not your thing, then feel free to continue on your trek back down towards El Volcán and return safely home!

Safety Precautions

Undertaking this hike requires a bit of energy, stamina, and care. As with all outdoor adventures, it is important that you remain aware of your surroundings and practice safety at all times – after all, accidents can happen anytime. Make sure to wear comfortable boots or shoes that provide adequate support and traction, dress in layers so that you’re prepared for any changes in temperature or weather conditions during the hike, bring plenty of water (at least 1 liter per person), snacks for energy boosts throughout the journey, sunscreen and insect repellent if applicable.

During summertime be extra aware of natural elements such as winds, too much sun exposure or unstable terrain that could be hazardous for hikers. Moreover it is peremptory to stay on established trails as much as possible since walking off them increases risks significantly.

Ending Your Adventure

The descending hike back to El Volcán should take around 4-5 hours. You will know you have returned safely when you arrive at El Volcán’s main square which has a few restaurants where you can treat yourself after your hike! From there all it takes is a bus ride back to Santiago’s bus terminal or wherever your final destination may be!

The San José Volcano and Cajón del Maipo 8km trail is a great activity that anyone can enjoy regardless of their fitness level or not having much hiking experience. The trail boasts incredible views throughout its entire duration and gives an incredible insight into nature outside of the city limits — reminding us all why we love exploring nature so much!

If you’re ready for an adventure and some incredible social media worthy photos, why don’t book this guided Cajón del Maipo 8km hike that includes transportation to/from Santiago? This way, you can explore this incredible region without any worries and experience the beauty of Chile without a hassle!

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San José Volcano and Cajón del Maipo 8km Hike in Santiago: An In-Depth Guide

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