Santorini: Volcanic Islands Cruise with Hot Springs Visit in Cyclades

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Santorini: Volcanic Islands Cruise with Hot Springs Visit in Cyclades

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Santorini: Volcanic Islands Cruise with Hot Springs Visit in Cyclades

Are you planning a getaway to Santorini? If so, then a visit to the volcanic islands by taking a lovey cruise and experiencing the natural wonders of Hot Springs could be on your mind.

You will be able to explore the spectacular calderas, red and black sand beaches, and learn the rich history this place is steeped in while you take in the breathtaking views thanks to the amazing vessel you’ll be travelling on.

Santorini offers some of the most picturesque and serene experiences, and a Cruise with Hot Springs visit of the islands promises to be an unforgettable one for all nature lovers, and those who want to soak in some much-needed relaxation.

What is Santorini’s Volcanic Islands Cruise with Hot Springs Visit?

Santorini’s volcanic islands cruise with Hot Springs visit is one of the most sought after excursions in the Cyclades region. The cruise is a luxurious and comfortable ride around Santorini. It’s a great way to explore the islands of Santorini and get up close to some of its most stunning scenery.

You will travel through the caldera in luxury and style with a stunning backdrop of the black, red and white sand beaches that sit along the ocean and mountains. You can absorb the glorious views of Fira, Oia, and Imerovigli while cruising this magical route.

Along the way, you will also get the chance to experience some truly remarkable views and attractions such as hot springs, small villages, untouched beaches, and other aspects of Greek culture. Many tour vessels provide unique access to these places as well as providing passengers with tour guides for an ultimate experience.

Things to Keep in Mind While Planning a Visit

Since there are so many options to consider before booking your Santorini Volcano Islands Cruise with Hot Springs visit, you should take into consideration the following guidelines:

  • Time Zone: The cruise typically runs for about 5 hours, so make sure to plan your trip accordingly. The best time for the cruise is between noon and 4 PM.
  • Weather: You need to keep an eye out on the current weather as it can change rapidly during the day. In case of unbearable weather conditions, some ships do offer temporary shelter on deck.
  • Pack sensibly: Bring along an extra layer of clothing such as a jacket or a sweater as it can get cold on the ship.
  • Bring necessary essentials: Bring along sunscreen and sunglasses as you’ll be right by the sea on a sunny day. Bring bottled water, snacks or even a picnic lunch if you’re on a full-day tour.
  • Stay hydrated: Stay well hydrated throughout the trip as it gets quite hot during the summer. Make sure to ask for water from time-to-time.

What You Can Expect from Your Trip

This adventure offers some of the best views in the region. Keep your eyes peeled for mesmerizing sea caves, unique rock formations including Lighthouse Island and several secluded hot springs. During the course of this trip, you can also paddleboard or swim in one of these hot springs or just relax on a sandy beach.

After visiting several islands, your vessel will typically make its way towards Akrotiri, where it will make its final stop. Known as a “topless beach” this place offers an unforgettable experience. You’ll be able to enjoy lunch or a picnic lunch at this isolated beach, plus watch the sunset at sea afterward.

Onboard, you can enjoy cold drinks or alcoholic beverages depending on your preference, as most tours provide free beverages throughout the voyage. The tour guide can offer insight into all the sights throughout your journey and provide great stories about each place you visit.

Prices & Booking Information

The cost for a Santorini volcanic islands cruise with hot springs visit range from €43 to €150 depending on various factors such as size of vessel, tour length, meal packages and other services offered by different tours companies including GetYourGuide .

The tour normally lasts for ~5 hours and includes pick up from & return back to your hotel, cold drinks & food depending on package and other various extras such as swimming in hot springs, stops at local museums etc. Food items will include traditional Greek appetizers, main dishes, light snacks & deserts all prepared fresh on board so it’s best to book early in order to receive your preferred date & time.


The Santorini volcanic islands cruise is one of the most beautiful ways to explore this spectacular island stop. You will get to experience the stunning sights of Fira, Oia and Imerovigli while luxuriating on board a state of art cruise vessel. You will also get to see some of Greece’s best blue waters and swim in natural springs amidst relaxing ambiance that will leave you feeling fully refreshed even after long day out on sea.

If you would like to explore Santorini’s volcanic islands through an all inclusive tour by luxury yacht – then I highly recommend GetYourGuide’s Volcanic Islands Cruise package. With this tour package you won’t just get to explore Santorini but also get a guided tour packed with interesting stories & facts about this gorgeous island chain & culture that’ll make your day even more memorable! So don’t wait anymore – book your ticket now & explore this paradise in style!

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Santorini: Volcanic Islands Cruise with Hot Springs Visit in Cyclades

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