TOP 2 Sarajevo Museum Tickets in 2023

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TOP 2 Sarajevo Museum Tickets in 2023

by | Mar 17, 2023 | Top lists

Welcome to Sarajevo, the vibrant capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina! A visit to Sarajevo would not be complete without experiencing some of the city’s most renowned museums. The top two museums in the city are the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Sarajevo War Tunnel Museum. Both offer a unique insight into the history, culture, and people of Sarajevo.

At the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, visitors can explore a permanent collection of artifacts from prehistory to the present day. From ancient artifacts to modern works of art, this museum offers a comprehensive overview of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s long and fascinating history.

The Sarajevo War Tunnel Museum is another must-see destination. Built during the Siege of Sarajevo (1992–96), the tunnel provided a lifeline to the besieged city, allowing food, supplies, and weaponry to be smuggled in. Today, it stands as a reminder of the courage and resilience of the people of Sarajevo during some of their darkest days.

Visiting these two iconic museums is an incredible way to experience the soul of Sarajevo. From learning about its past to appreciating its present, you won’t regret immersing yourself in Sarajevo’s rich cultural heritage.

Tour #1: Bosnian & Yugoslav Wars Tour with Tunnel Museum

Experience one of the most incredible events in recent European history on this tour of the Bosnian & Yugoslav Wars. This tour brings to life the incredible story of how Sarajevo held out for four years against Serbian forces during the siege of 1992–1996. Not only will you explore the city’s many war-related attractions, but you’ll also visit the famous Tunnel Museum, located in the middle of the old airport runway.

On this tour, you’ll visit the sites of major events from the conflict and learn about the siege from a local guide. You’ll also get to see the Sarajevo War Cemetery, a moving memorial to those who lost their lives in the battle. From there, you’ll get to explore the original tunnel used to smuggle supplies into the city during the siege and learn how it was used.

This tour is an essential experience for anyone visiting Sarajevo, as it provides a powerful reminder of how human spirit and resilience can overcome even the most oppressive forces. Visit the sites where incredible acts of courage happened and get an insight into the conflict that shaped this city. Don’t miss your chance to join this unique tour and gain a deeper appreciation of Sarajevo’s history.

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Tour #2: Guided War Tour and Tunnel Museum Entry

Discover the history of the Bosnian War and its impact on Sarajevo with a one-of-a-kind guided tour and museum entry. This tour is an opportunity to explore Sarajevo’s dark past and gain a deeper understanding of the conflict. Led by an experienced guide, you will visit the Tunnel Museum, a museum which tells the story of the Siege of Sarajevo. Here you will learn about the use of the tunnel that was constructed for the transport of food, weapons, and people during the conflict.

On this tour, you will also explore some of the many sites in Sarajevo that were damaged during the war. You will also have the chance to learn about the people of Sarajevo who lived through the war and how they were affected. Your guide will tell stories of everyday life during the war, as well as provide an overview of the official diplomatic efforts to end it.

The tour also includes entry to the Tunnel Museum, where you can see artifacts from the war, such as ammunition and weapons, as well as a 3D movie which provides an immersive look into life during the Siege. You’ll also have an opportunity to hear audio recordings of stories from survivors of the war.

This unique tour provides a comprehensive overview of the Bosnian War and its effects on Sarajevo. By exploring its sites and hearing stories from survivors, you will gain a deeper understanding of this tragic event. Book your tour today for an unforgettable experience!
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An Unforgettable Sarajevo Experience

Visiting the top two museums in Sarajevo, the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Sarajevo War Museum, is an unforgettable experience. The two museums have so much to offer in terms of knowledge, history, and culture. Both museums provide detailed and informative tours that are sure to help you gain a better understanding of the city and its past. Whether you’re looking to learn more about the city’s turbulent history or explore its unique culture, these two museums are a must-see. If you want to make the most of your experience, make sure to take advantage of the audio guides, interactive exhibits, and knowledgeable tour guides. In the end, you’ll walk away with a greater understanding of Sarajevo and its people.

TOP 2 Sarajevo Museum Tickets in 2023

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