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Sarandë: History and Archaeology Half-Day City Tour in Sarandë

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Sarandë: History and Archaeology Half-Day City Tour in Sarandë

Are you looking for a half-day activity in Sarandë, Albania? Do you want to explore everything this old city has to offer within just a few hours? The Sarandë: History and Archaeology Half-Day City Tour is the perfect choice! On this informative 3 hour tour, you will have the opportunity to learn about the city’s fascinating history and archaeological wonders while also visiting some of its most famous and interesting sites.

What You Can Expect on the Tour

The Sarandë: History and Archaeology Half-Day City Tour starts at the Bus Station and winds through the narrow alleyways and markers of historical significance in the old city. The tour guide will provide commentary about the area and explain the significance each historical site holds. One of the highlights of the tour is a visit to the remains of the ancient settlement at Butrint National Park, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its many archaeological treasures. Other places you may visit are Castle Sarandë and the Blue Eye Spring.

Things To Know Before Booking The Tour

If you’re planning on taking the Sarandë: History and Archaeology Half-Day City Tour, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, be aware that this tour is only available in English, so you must understand English in order to fully enjoy the experience. Also, the tour takes place during the month of August when temperatures can be quite high in Sarandë. It is advisable to bring sun protection and water bottles. Lastly, make sure to wear comfortable shoes as you will be doing some walking around the city.

What You Can Expect From The Tour

Once you have signed up for the Sarandë: History and Archaeology Half-Day City Tour, you can expect an informative, enjoyable experience led by knowledgeable guides. Not only will you visit some of the area’s most interesting historical sites, you will also gain insight into the city’s culture and learn about the legacy of important figures from Sarandë’s past. Additionally, during your tour, you will have plenty of opportunities to take amazing photos of landmarks that you may not have otherwise seen on your own.

Personal Opinion on the Tour

I had the privilege of visiting Sarandë recently and I would highly recommend this city tour to anyone looking for an interactive way to learn about its history. There were plenty of fascinating sites to visit, from ruins to modern buildings, and each one had its own unique story for me to discover. I especially enjoyed learning about Butrint National Park, as not only does it offer striking views, but it also has a wealth of archaeological remains. The half-day city tour is the perfect way to explore Sarandë’s history and archaeological wonders in a short amount of time.

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Sarandë: An Insider’s Guide to History, Archaeology and More

Sarandë is a majestic and beautiful city on the shores of the Ionian Sea, located in the south of Albania. With its stunning beaches, delicious food and wine, rich culture, and fascinating history, there are countless reasons why Sarandë should be on your travel list. In this insider’s guide, you will discover the best things to do, see, eat and drink during your stay in Sarandë.

Local Attractions

Sarandë is a city that is full of magnificent sights and fantastic attractions. Here are just a few of the most popular:

The Blue Eye
The Blue Eye is a mesmerizing natural spring located near to the city. The crystal-clear water located at the Blue Eye provides a beautiful hue that will be a sight to behold. This natural wonder is ideal for great picture-taking opportunities, as well as an awesome site to dip your toes.

Lekuresi Castle
Lekuresi Castle is an ancient castle and one of the most prominent landmarks in Sarandë, located high in the hills above the city. It is the ideal spot for panoramic views of the surrounding coastline and cityscape. Be sure not to miss catching the sublime sunset views here.

Butrint National Park
Butrint National Park is a magnificent site and home to a plethora of ancient ruins that carry significant historical significance. It was also declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its importance. The park boasts a rich biodiversity of animals and plants, making it a must-go for all lovers of nature.

Dining Spots

Sarandë offers a wide range of dining choices catering to both locals and tourists. Traditional Albanian cuisine and local seafood specialties, mixed with more contemporary flavors can be enjoyed in a slew of restaurants and cafes.

Sarandë Gourmet
Sarandë Gourmet offers an amazing and elegant dining experience, serving up traditional Albanian cuisine with contemporary twists. This food spot is popular for its fresh seafood, grilled meats, and fantastic wine choices.

Mussels Land
Mussels Land is a charming, rustic cafe that is perfect for gourmandizing, with an extensive menu devoted to mussels and other seafood offerings. Mussels served with feta cheese, garlic bread or pasta, the options are endless!

Cultural Experiences

Sarandë is rich in culture, with a notable historical background that goes back for centuries.

Visit the Archaeological Museum
The Archaeological Museum is an excellent destination for individuals who crave information regarding the history and culture of the region. The museum has a collection of artifacts showcasing the Hellenic and Roman periods.

Take in a Folklore Performance
One way of immersing oneself in Albanian culture is by checking out a folklore show. Dancers dress in authentic garments from different regions in Albania, showcasing Balkan music and theatrical performances.

Local History

Sarandë is a city that has preserved much of its ancient way of life.

Butrint is a historical site situated only a few miles from the city. It was hailed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992, discovered during the Romans era.

The Synagogue
The synagogues’ ruins are located just outside the city, adding to the historical experience of the region. The ruins were discovered in 2014 and provide plenty of historical information regarding the once-thriving Jewish population around that region.

Off-the-beaten-path Suggestions

If you want to escape the crowds and check out some of Sarandë’s hidden treasures, here are two off-the-beaten-path suggestions:

Ksamil Beach
Ksamil is a small village located approximately 14 km from Sarandë, with one of the most picturesque beaches you could find in the world. The secluded location, small bars, and crystal clear water make it a perfect getaway spot.

The Monastery of 40 Saints
The Monastery of 40 Saints is nestled atop a hill in Albania’s Bularat area and can be accessed via hiking routes. Although quite a challenging journey, the incredible sights, fascinating history, and the 360-degree panoramic view of the Albanian Riviera’s lushness is worth it.

Sarandë is a city with an abundance of history, culture and delicious local food, combined with breathtaking beaches and unforgettable ancient ruins. Regardless of whether you’re interested in outdoor adventures or immersing yourself in Albanian history and culture, Sarandë is a location to visit for all sorts of explorers.

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Sarandë: History and Archaeology Half-Day City Tour in Sarandë

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