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Shuttle to Mirissa/Galle with Udawalawe Safari in Uva Province

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Shuttle to Mirissa/Galle with Udawalawe Safari in Uva Province

Are you planning a safari to see elephants and other animals at Udawalawe National Park and then visit the coastal towns of Mirissa and Galle in the Uva Province in Sri Lanka? Perhaps, you are looking for the best way to make the journey between the two, conveniently and safely. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you with your planning, detailing everything you need to know about traveling by shuttle between Udawalawe Safari and Mirissa or Galle. Read on and you will have the information you require to make this part of your itinerary a breeze.

Understanding the Route from Udawalawe Safari to Mirissa/Galle

The route from Udawalawe National Park to Mirissa and Galle is about 137 kilometers and it takes about 3.5 hours in comfortable driving, provided you don’t face any traffic along the way.

Udawalawe National Park to Mirissa/Galle by Car

The easiest way to travel from Udawalawe Safari to Mirissa and Galle is by car. However, you will face certain difficulties as these cities are situated well on the south coast of Sri Lanka and a private car will charge a considerably high fare for this long journey. Additionally, once you reach your destination, you need to arrange for parking as well.

Inexpensive Shuttle Service Between Udawalawe Safari and Mirissa/Galle

Given the cost of hiring a private car, many travelers prefer to make use of a shuttle service between Udawalawe and Galle or Mirissa. This is also a convenient option as it offers door to door service so that you can conveniently travel between your current location and your destination. Here’s some of the top reliable shuttle services that you can choose from:

  • Nawal Tours & Beyond – They offer a semi-luxury shuttle service between Udawalawe Safari and Mirissa/Galle at an affordable price.
  • Book My Trip – They provide convenient travel between Udawalawe Safari and Mirissa/Galle using air-conditioned vehicles at competitive prices.
  • Sri Lanka Taxi – Sri Lanka Taxi provides shuttle services between Udawalawe Safari and Mirissa/Galle using the most comfortable cars at reasonable prices.
  • Kanuka Sri Tours – They offer a safe, reliable and convenient shuttle service between Udawalawe Safari and Mirissa/Galle at affordable prices.

No matter which service you choose, the comfort of the ride will depend upon the type of vehicle you select. You can choose from a wide variety of cars ranging from traditional tuk tuks and 4 seater sedan cars to modern vans with plenty of seating space. All these cars are air conditioned and equipped with safety features such as seat belts in each seat to ensure passenger safety.

Advantages of Choosing a Shuttle Service for Your Journey

For many travelers, taking a shuttle service between Udawalawe Safari and Galle or Mirissa makes more sense than hiring a private car for their journey. Here are some advantages that this option offers:

  • Affordability: Shuttle services are generally more affordable than hiring a car for your journey.
  • Convenience: Shuttle services offer convenience to travelers by picking them up from their current location and dropping them off at their desired destination.
  • Luxury: Shuttle services use modern vehicles that are air-conditioned and have plenty of space for passengers to relax during their journey.

What To Expect When Availing a Shuttle Service

When you avail a shuttle service, here are some of the things that you can expect:

  • Check-in with your driver at least 15 minutes before your scheduled departure.
  • Helpful driver who is familiar with the route.
  • A smooth ride in air conditioned vehicles with comfortable seating.
  • Safe arrival at your destination on time.


Traveling from Udawalawe Safari to Mirissa/Galle is simplified when you avail one of the professional shuttle services mentioned in this article. These shuttle services offer convenience, affordability, comfort and may be personalized according to your requirements. To book a convenient shuttle service between Udawalawe Safari and Mirissa or Galle, visit GetYourGuide, where you can find reliable transportation services at an affordable price.

An Insider’s Guide to Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Nestled in the southern coast of Sri Lanka lies the idyllic and serene town of Mirissa. This hidden gem is a favorite among locals but overlooked by tourists who often flock to the more popular neighboring towns. Here’s an insider’s guide on how to experience the best of Mirissa during your visit.

Local Attractions

While Mirissa is famous for its pristine beaches and whale watching tours, there are several hidden attractions that only locals know about. For instance, take a stroll along the Kamburugamuwa Beach where the sea and the lagoon meet. The surreal natural beauty of the surroundings and the calming ambience will make for a memorable experience.

Another hidden gem is the Nimalawa Sanctuary and Temple, a peaceful and serene temple situated on top of a hill surrounded by lush greenery. The temple dates back to the 12th century and is an excellent spot for breathtaking panoramic views of the area.

Dining Spots

No visit to Mirissa is complete without indulging in some of the local cuisine. Take a stroll to Marouche, one of the best seafood restaurants, and try the famous Kotthu Roti with freshly caught seafood. Kotthu Roti is a dish made up of chopped roti, vegetables, and meat that’s chopped and mixed on a hot plate, making for a lively and interactive dining experience.

For something more traditional, try the Ambulthiyal, a well-known dish made with tuna fish and a variety of local spices. Visit Mama’s Galle Fort Roti Shop for the best Ambulthiyal in town.

Cultural Experiences

Experience the local culture by attending some of the traditional festivals in the area. One such festival is the Kite Festival, celebrated around the month of December when the skies of Mirissa are filled with colorful and vibrant kites. Don’t miss the opportunity to fly kites with the locals and soak in the festive spirit.

Another cultural experience worth exploring is the vibrant art scene in Mirissa. Visit the Secret Gallery to see some of the best contemporary Sri Lankan art, or explore Sana Art Studio, where local artists display their work.

Local History

Mirissa has a rich history that stretches back to the time of the ancient Sinhalese civilization. One of the most captivating stories from its past involves the 2004 tsunami, which had disastrous effects on the town. However, the locals displayed remarkable resilience and determination in the aftermath of the disaster, rebuilding homes and businesses that were destroyed. Today, the town is a testament to the strength of the human spirit.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Suggestions

For a unique and unforgettable experience, take a tuk-tuk ride to the nearby village of Weligama. Explore the village and the surrounding mountains on a Madu river boat safari. A great place to take a break for some authentic Sri Lankan tea is the plantation bungalow, a once-palatial residence of the local tea planter that’s now converted into a cool café.

In conclusion, Mirissa has so much to offer beyond its famous beaches and whale watching tours. To experience the true essence of this beautiful town, explore the hidden gems, savor the local cuisine, embrace the local culture, and take the road less traveled. Mirissa will undoubtedly capture your heart and leave you with fond memories that will last a lifetime.

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Shuttle to Mirissa/Galle with Udawalawe Safari in Uva Province

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