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Skopje Airport Taxi: All You Need to Know

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Skopje Airport Taxi: All You Need to Know

Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia, has an international airport located very close to the city, which makes it easy for people to get in and out of the city quickly and easily. If you’re looking for a convenient way to get from the Alexander the Great International Airport to the city center or to any other destination in Skopje or nearby, you’ll probably be considering hiring a Skopje Airport taxi. This guide will help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing an airport taxi in Skopje, covering all the info you need to know so you can decide which type of transportation is right for you.

Types of Airport Taxis in Skopje

When travelling to Skopje, it’s important to be aware of the different types of taxi services available. In this section, we cover the various types of taxis you’ll find in the city, from standard ones to luxury options:

Standard Taxis

Standard taxis are the most common type of taxis found in Skopje. They are individually owned, which means they might not always be of the highest quality and the fares can vary significantly between them. Standard taxis are typically more expensive than any other form of transportation, since they are door-to-door services.

UBI Taxis

UBI Taxis are owned by a single company and are more modern than regular taxis. UBI offers comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles with experienced drivers who are always willing to help with your luggage. The fares are almost always fixed and can be paid in cash or by credit card. UBI is a reliable service and is usually recommended by locals.

Ride-Hailing Apps

Ride-hailing apps are becoming increasingly popular in Skopje, as well as in major cities around the world. Popular ride-hailing companies like Bolt and Uber have now joined Skopje’s taxi scene and are usually your most affordable option, as well as the most convenient one. They might not be available all over Skopje, for example only taxis from nearby areas can be booked through these apps.

Fares and Payment

Navigating Skopje’s taxi fares can sometimes be tricky, and it’s best to ask your driver the price of your ride before you start your journey. To estimate how much a trip from Skopje Airport to the city center might cost you, here is an overview of possible costs:

Taxi Type Price Range (One Way)
Standard €10 – €20
UBI Taxis €20 – €30
Ride-Hailing Apps €10 – €15

When it comes to payment methods, most taxis in Skopje will accept cash or credit card, But UBI Taxis only accept card payments. Keep in mind that credit card payments may come with an additional fee. It’s also worth mentioning that ride-hailing apps allow you to pay with the app itself.

Finding a Taxi at Skopje Airport

Once you arrive at Skopje Airport and clear passport control, you can find a taxi in two different locations; outside the arrivals hall and inside the parking lot by the rental car booths. All standard and UBI Taxi drivers must obey both pick up rules set by the airport. As soon as passengers exit customs, there will be plenty of taxi drivers available who can assist you.
It’s always best to book a taxi in advance so you can have peace of mind knowing you have reliable transportation to take you from or to the airport. If you plan to use one of the ride-hailing services which are available in Skopje, it’s a good idea to download their apps beforehand so you can book a taxi as soon as you get off your flight.

Safety Tips for Taking a Taxi at Skopje Airport

Taking a taxi at Skopje Airport is a safe experience, however it’s always best to follow some precautionary steps before beginning your journey. Make sure to check the ID of your driver prior to riding any taxi service in order to ensure you’re getting into the right one. Also keep your luggage with you at all times since leaving it unattended might put you at risk of theft.
Bear in mind that there are fake taxi drivers who might try to scam you when arriving at the airport, so it’s best not to get fooled by them. Make sure your fare is agreed upon before your journey begins so that you don’t have to worry about unexpected price hikes during your ride.
It’s important to mention that all UBI Taxis have GPS tracking installed in them for extra security and safety for passengers, which is why it’s so highly recommended if safety is a priority for you.

Booking a Skopje Airport Taxi Beforehand

Booking ahead of time is always a great option when it comes to travelling by Skopje Airport Taxi. Booking through a reliable service like GetYourGuide, an online booking platform for travelers offers safe, reliable and comfortable airport transfer services for travellers looking for some peace of mind on arrival or departure day. GetYourGuide’s door-to-door services will make sure you’re taken care of from start to finish no matter what your schedule looks like.
An important benefit of booking ahead is that you can save money in comparison with standard or UBI Taxis, as well as have an experienced and knowledgeable driver who knows their way around Skopje and won’t be late on pickup or dropoff times. Additionally, you’ll also be able to pick from different classes of cars according to your needs, such as luxury vehicles or minivans for larger groups. It’s also important to mention that all payments are taken care of at the time of booking so there’s no need to worry about how you’ll pay your driver once you arrive in Skopje.

In conclusion, by considering your options carefully, there’s no doubt that travelling by SkopJe Airport Taxi can offer an ideal solution for transfer needs – whether you’re travelling alone or with friends and family – offering comfort, convenience and peace of mind during your journey. Don’t forget to book ahead of time for even more savings and convenience. Feel free to check GetYourGuide, where you can find some great deals on airport transfers!

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