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Sofia: Adventure Tour to Plovdiv and Rhodope Mountains in Plovdiv

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Sofia: Adventure Tour to Plovdiv and Rhodope Mountains in Plovdiv

Are you looking for a thrilling adventure tour from Sofia, Bulgaria to the Rhodope Mountain range and the beautiful city of Plovdiv? If that sounds like something that excites you, then you came to the right place! In this guide, we’ll discuss all the unique sights and experiences that you can find on this incredible tour. The best part is that you can get this whole experience right from Sofia!

Overview of the Tour

The full adventure tour to Plovdiv and Rhodope Mountains in Plovdiv starts in Sofia, Bulgaria and lasts for a total of 8 hours. The tour makes its way through the charming city of Plovdiv, visiting some of its most famous landmarks, before winding through the majestic Rhodope Mountains and along the engrossing Arda River. Highlights of this journey include:

  • A visit to Plovdiv’s Ancient Theatre, a monument of historical and cultural significance.
  • An audio-guided tour of some of the most significant landmarks in Plovdiv, including Bachkovo Monastery and Plovdiv Old Town.
  • A sacred trip to Asen’s Fortress, a large medieval fortress built in Roman era.
  • A magnificent boat ride along the captivating Arda River.
  • A visit to Ivanovo Rock-Hewn Churches, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What’s Included?

This 8 hour adventure tour from Sofia is led by a professional local guide that is both knowledgeable and friendly. They’ll be able to provide you with both interesting historical commentary along the way and recommended routes for your enjoyment, as well as ensure all necessary safety measures are taken. In terms of meals and refreshments, a light lunch and unlimited drinks are provided for all participants throughout the duration of the tour.

Next, all necessary transportation is provided with an optional pick-up service available in Sofia upon request. As mentioned earlier, the full itinerary includes stops at the Ancient Theatre, Plovdiv Old Town, Bachkovo Monastery, Ivanovo Rock-Hewn Church, and Asen’s Fortress ensu followed by a cool boat ride along the Arda River.

If you’re feeling competitive there are also some fun activities arranged alongside this tour. The first such activity is called “Archery” where participants compete against each other trying to achieve the highest number of points in a 10 minute time limit followed by an improvised Water War Volleyball tournament.

Why Take This Adventure Tour?

This exotic 8 hour tour from Sofia to Plovdiv and Rhodope Mountains comes loaded with majestic sights and an abundance of thrilling experiences which make it ideal for any traveler embarking on an adventure trip in Bulgaria. One of the most breathtaking aspects of this trip is surely the boat ride along the Arda River where you can spot exotic wildlife as you traverse its impressive length.

Besides being incredibly fun and adventurous, this tour also comes loaded with some magical historical sites such as Bachkovo Monastery or Ivanovo Rock-Hewn Churches which travelers get to enjoy while learning interesting stories and folklore that bring them closer to Bulgarian Culture. All of which make it an absolute must-see for any enthusiast of the local history!

Beyond the usual delights this tour has to offer, there are plenty of fun activities available throughout including an intense Archery tournament or goofy Water War Volleyball which promise to keep anyone entertained throughout their trip.

How to Book?

Booking your 8 hour adventure tour from Sofia to Plovdiv and Rhodope Mountain is easier than ever! All you have to do is go to GetYourGuide. This platform provides a simple but secure payment system and ensures great customer service through their guarantee policy as well as family friendly deals and discounts.

Once you’ve made sure that all of your booking requirements have been met, you’re all set to embark on an amazing journey full of unforgettable sights and stories which will stay with you long after your visit! So make sure you book your tour with GetYourGuide today and enjoy a truly unique experience!

Insider’s Guide to Sofia: Exploring the Hidden Gems and Unique Experiences

Are you planning a trip to Sofia and want to explore more than just the typical tourist hotspots? Then this insider’s guide is for you! Here, we will provide some of the best-kept secrets and off-the-beaten-path suggestions that will inspire you to explore Sofia like a local.

Local Attractions: Hidden Gems in Sofia

While Sofia is famous for its beautiful landmarks and museums, we suggest exploring some often-overlooked attractions. One such gem is the Red Flat – a museum that gives visitors a glimpse into life during the Soviet era in Bulgaria. Another spot worth visiting is the Borisova Gradina Park, where you can take a boat ride or explore the beautiful gardens, walking trails and bike paths. Finally, we can recommend visiting the Michaeliada Festival, where you can experience traditional Bulgarian customs and cheer on Michael, the patron saint of the city.

Dining Spots: Savouring the Local Cuisine

Exploring a city’s food scene is a great way to learn about its culture. When it comes to Sofia’s cuisine, don’t miss out on trying Banitsa, a traditional breakfast dish made of filo pastry, eggs and cheese. Try it at Niko’las Bakery, a local staple since 1957. Other places to taste local cuisine are the Hadjidraganov’s Houses Restaurant, where you can dine in a traditional folk-style house, or Bojura, known for its traditional Bulgarian cuisine with a modern twist.

Cultural Experiences: Sofia’s Traditions

Sofia has a rich culture full of art, music, and festivals. For instance, the International Sofia Film Festival is an incredible opportunity to explore Bulgarian and international cinema while connecting with local artists and creators. Another cultural experience not to miss is the Dragobete Festival, which takes place in February and celebrates love and youth through traditional Bulgarian music and dance.

Local History: Stories from Sofia’s Past

Sofia is a historic city that has been ruled by many cultures. A great way to learn about the city’s past is by exploring its many museums, including the National Archaeological Museum, which houses ancient artifacts from the Bulgarian empire. The Museum of Socialist Art is also a must-visit to discover the art and propaganda of the Communist era. Finally, take a walk through Sofia’s many beautiful parks, such as the South Park, which was once the site of the Battle of Chatalka.

Off-The-Beaten-Path Suggestions: Unforgettable Experiences

For a unique experience, head to the hot springs at Velingrad, known for their natural healing properties. You can also visit the Boyana Church, a UNESCO Heritage site located in the outskirts of Sofia, which perfectly blends medieval with modern décor. For a fun adventure, take a day-trip to the Vitosha Mountain, where you can go hiking, skiing in winter, or take a cable car to enjoy the beautiful panoramas.

In conclusion, Sofia is full of hidden gems, cultural experiences, and unique stories that will make an unforgettable visit. By exploring our guide, not only will you travel like a local, but you’ll also create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Sofia: Adventure Tour to Plovdiv and Rhodope Mountains in Plovdiv

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