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Spend a Relaxing Day Exploring the Natural Beauty at Saona Island Excursion in Bayahibe

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Spend a Relaxing Day Exploring the Natural Beauty at Saona Island Excursion in Bayahibe

Are you looking for a full-day excursion from Bayahibe? Look no more, because the Saona Island day trip from Bayahibe is one of the most popular excursions for tourists visiting the Dominican Republic.

Every day, tourists enjoy a memorable trip to the wondrous Saona Island, located in the easternmost point of the Dominican Republic. In this blog post, I will cover all the interesting details about the excursion and why it is a highly recommended activity.

What is the Saona Island Excursion in Bayahibe?

The Saona Island excursion is a full-day tour that allows visitors to explore the untouched beaches, crystal clear waters, lush jungles, and abundant wildlife at Saona Island. Saona Island is located near the southeastern tip of the DR only a few miles away from Bayahibe.

At Saona Island, visitors can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, paddle-boarding, and exploring the wild jungles of the island. Visitors can also take advantage of the various water sports equipment available on-site such as water bikes, Banana boats, and glass-bottom boats.

What is Included on the Saona Island Excursion?

The Saona Island excursion includes:

  • Round-trip transportation to Saona Island by air-conditioned bus
  • English speaking guide
  • Boat ride for 1.5 hours
  • Visit to a Caribean pirate fort
  • All access fees
  • Access to all water sports activities
  • Lunch
  • Free time for relaxing at the beach

The day excursion starts early in the morning with transport by bus from Bayahibe to a port. Visitors can then board a boat for a 1.5-hour-long ride to Saona Island.

Upon arrival at Saona Island, your tour guide will describe some of the fascinating points of interest in the area such as the picturesque natural pools, mangrove forests, and hidden lagoons of Saona Island.

Next, visitors can explore the crystal clear waters with snorkeling gear and flippers that are provided or by taking one of the organized kayak or paddle board trips.

Visitors will also have access to the various water sports activities such as glass-bottom boats, water bikes and Banana boats.

After a day full of activity, visitors will be served lunch on a pristine beach after which they will have some free time to relax at the beach and enjoy some sunbathing and swimming.

At about 4 pm, visitors will board their boat for the return trip back to Bayahibe.

What Should I Bring for My Trip?

It is recommended that visitors bring a hat, sunscreen, and comfortable beach clothes to keep themselves from getting too hot. Also, bring plenty of water and snacks to keep hydrated and nourished throughout the day. A reusable water bottle is recommended as there is complimentary water available at each stop on the tour. Swimming accessories are also highly recommended as they offer an enjoyable way to explore the underwater world at Saona Island.

What Are Some Tips for Visiting Saona Island?

It is recommended that you book your trip in advance as spaces are limited and Saona Island is a popular destination so it tends to fill up quickly. You should also keep in mind that there are no ATM machines or banks on the island so make sure you bring enough cash to cover any additional expenses before you leave. Additionally, you should leave any valuables behind as there are no secure areas on the island and anything that is left unsupervised may not be returned. Lastly, don’t forget your camera for capturing all those stunning memories!

What Are People Saying About This Excursion?

From what people have been saying about this excursion, most seem to be having a great time with nothing but positive reviews about it. Many people have noted that despite being busy with multiple groups visiting the island, it was still possible to get away from the larger groups and find your own tranquility away from them. People have also noted that the guides are friendly and knowledgeable and make sure everyone is having a good time throughout their visit at all times. Others have mentioned that they managed to take some lovely pictures of the island that they were not able to get anywhere else.

Why Should You Visit Saona Island Excursion?

The Saona Island excursion is an excellent way to explore some of the Dominican Republic’s best kept secret locations while also getting in some fun recreational activities. The untouched nature of this natural paradise allows visitors to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life while exploring some of its most magnificent sights. Add to this all of the amazing amenities provided by your tour guide and crew and you have yourself an awe-inspiring experience waiting for its discovery. For anyone looking for an exciting adventure with nature at its finest then a Saona Island day trip from Bayahibe is an ideal choice.

So go ahead, book yourself a wonderful adventure with Get Your Guide, and make memories that will last you a lifetime!

ugur akdemir HbYnglDQmuo unsplash

Spend a Relaxing Day Exploring the Natural Beauty at Saona Island Excursion in Bayahibe

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