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Stockholm: A Foodie’s Guide to the Best Food Tour in Stockholm

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Stockholm: A Foodie’s Guide to the Best Food Tour in Stockholm

Are you looking to embark on a delicious journey of gastronomic exploration in Stockholm? Then you are in the right spot! The Swedish capital is home to a myriad of amazing restaurants and cuisines, making it a perfect destination for foodies. From traditional Swedish dishes like Köttbullarna (meatballs) and Riksvarmark to modern fusion cuisine, Stockholm can cater to all tastes and budgets.

But if you’re looking for a more comprehensive and immersive experience of Stockholm’s culinary landscape, then opting for a food tour is the way to go. Food tours in Stockholm will take you to the best restaurants in the city, allowing you to sample an array of dishes as you get an inside look at the city’s food culture.

Here is a guide to the best food tours in Stockholm, designed to give you an unforgettable experience of Swedish cuisine.

What to Expect from a Food Tour in Stockholm

A food tour in Stockholm usually consists of a guided tour with a certified guide who will take you through several restaurants in the area, where you can sample a selection of dishes. Depending on the tour you opt for, an additional cultural tour may also be included. The guide also serves as a knowledgeable source of information about the city’s most iconic dishes and eateries.

A food tour typically lasts between two to three hours, though some are shorter or longer depending on the tour and the number of eateries on the itinerary.

The Best Food Tours in Stockholm

Whether you’re looking for traditional Swedish fare or modern international cuisine, here are some of the best food tours in Stockholm that can satisfy every palate.

Grand Tour Customized Food Tour in Stockholm

This private food tour takes a maximum of six people around some of the city’s top restaurants, offering unique individual experiences tailored to each person’s taste. The four hour private tour includes three distinct courses of food and drink at three different restaurants per person while visiting some of the most iconic locales in the city. The tour is guided by an experienced local guide who can give an insiders’ look at Stockholm’s food culture and history.

Culinary Tour with Tasting Menu

This family-run food tour allows you to walk up and down Stockholm’s cobblestone streets and sample some of its best delicacies at a selection of atmospheric eateries. The tour includes a three hour guided walk and plenty of delicious samples from several different restaurants. You can also customize your experience by choosing from either a vegetarian or non-vegetarian tasting menu.

Stockholm Baltic Cruise and Food Tour

This five hour tour is the perfect way to explore both amazing gastronomic delights and the beautiful Swedish landscape. You will start off your afternoon by cruising down the historic Baltic Sea and then hopping onto an adventure-filled food tour through some of Stockholm’s most interesting neighborhoods. This guided tour includes all types of dishes, ranging from traditional Swedish fare to delectable fruit smoothies – all while providing an insight into the vibrant culture and beautiful architecture along the way.

Gourmet Ghetto Food Tour

If you love trying unique and exotic flavors, then Gourmet Ghetto Food Tour is perfect for you. This two and a half hour tour takes you through three of Stockholm’s trendiest neighborhoods, where you can savor delicacies from across Europe and around the world. Highlights include sampling cheese from Sweden’s most renowned cheese producer, a top-rated waterfront restaurant , and authentic Turkish Baklava.

Private Food Tour with Craft Beer Tasting

This private two hour tour offers something special for beer connoisseurs – craft beer tastings at Stockholm’s premier breweries! In addition to trying several craft beers, you will also get the chance to enjoy some delicious local dishes along your journey. This bilingual (English/Swedish) tour is perfect for beer aficionados and is also suitable for families with children aged 12 years old or above.


Stockholm is home to some of Europe’s finest cuisine and taking a food tour is one of the best ways to explore its vibrant culinary culture. Whether you are looking for traditional Swedish dishes or an exploration of international flavors, the Swedish capital has something for everyone! So don’t wait – book your food tour today at GetYourGuide, and embark on an unforgettable journey through Stockholm’s amazing gastronomic landscape!

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Stockholm: A Foodie’s Guide to the Best Food Tour in Stockholm

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