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Take a Tallinn Estonian Food, Drinks and History Tour

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Take a Tallinn Estonian Food, Drinks and History Tour

Estonia is a fascinating country with a long and unusual history. Its food, drinks and culture create a unique experience for the traveler and the locals. A great way to experience Estonian food, drinks and culture is to take a guide-led tour in Estonia’s capital, Tallinn. There are various tour companies offering a variety of different trips around the city, from traditional sightseeing tours to guided food and drink tastings. Here is an overview of what you can expect from one of these tours in Tallinn.

Experience Estonian Cuisine

Estonia has a unique culinary culture. From smoked fish to hearty soups, to fresh pastries and sweet winter ciders, there are many ways to enjoy the country’s distinctive cuisine. On a tour in Tallinn, you could try some of these popular dishes while learning more about the country’s history and culture at the same time.

One popular food item is fresh herring, with different methods of preparation across the country. Herring is so popular that it has its own tradition, “herring festivals’. On a tour in Tallinn, you could sample some of the different styles of herring served in Estonia.

The smoked fish platter is another common dish in Estonia. Of course, there are all the traditional accompaniments, such as pickled cucumber and potatoes. This platter is usually accompanied by a craft beer or rye bread served with creamy butter. On a tour, you will likely sample these dishes as part of a tasting menu.

Soups are another traditional Estonian favorite. The most popular soup is usually a broth based soup served with a rye bread dumpling called “Verivorst’ or “Lihapada’. On a tour, sample some of the more traditional soup recipes like green pea soup (hernekeitto) or sauerkraut soup (hapuporattikeitto).

The main courses of Estonian cuisine include traditional dishes such as roast pork or beef stew (seakatkuleib), roasted fish with potatoes and vegetables, or kama porridge (kama porridge with fruit). For dessert you could try a selection of Estonian cakes and pastries such as Kama Blond cake (Kamablond), sponge cake (palsam) and chocolates (suklaavalikud).

If you’re looking for something a bit different on your tour, be sure to try some of the traditional Estonian cider. This popular drink is made from apples and has been enjoyed in Estonia for centuries. Cider can be served mixed with spices or served plain with apples on the side.

Explore Tallinn’s History

Tallinn is one of Europe’s oldest cities and it dates back to the 13th century when it was ruled by the Swedish-Finns. A tour in Tallinn will take you through some of its oldtown streets, past ancient fortifications and up steep wooden staircases. It will take you outer parts of the city, where you can visit the ancient buildings that show its history as a major trading port in early days of the Hanseatic League.

Your guide will explain the different stories and legends of each street, monument and building that you visit on your Tallinn tour. You will learn more about Estonia’s fascinating history and complex political timeline, and gain an understanding of its culture and customs, such as language and regional traditions.

Through exploring Tallinn on your tour, you will also gain an insight into its vibrant modern culture. Visit galleries and museums showcasing the work of local artists, visit trendy cafes and bars that line the streets in some areas, or explore a confusing network of backstreets to find hidden treasures.

Find the Best Tour for You

There is no shortage of tours to join in Tallinn. The best way to discover which one is right for you is to look for reviews online for each tour provider. Asking around for recommendations is another good way to get an idea about which tours are worth considering.

When selecting a tour based on reviews it is important to consider what kind of experience you would like to have. Some of the differences between the tours could include whether they are walking tours or bus trips, if they are focusing on insights into local food or cultural sights, or even if your guide speaks in English or other languages. With so much variety between different providers, finding a tour that suits your needs can be tricky but with the right research and an understanding of what options are available it is possible to find an itinerary that covers all your desired topics.

One company that should be strongly considered when looking for food, drink and cultural tours in Tallinn is GetYourGuide. With more than 3,500 reviews averaging 4.8/5 stars, GetYourGuide offers a variety of Tallinn tours that are sure to satisfy anyone’s needs. Choose between bus trips to Old Town, gastronomic trips through markets and restaurants, or night time strolls through haunted alleyways – whatever kind of experience you are after GetYourGuide has something for you. Tour guides speaking Russian, English and Estonian ensure that all guests receive detailed introductions during their visits. Furthermore they provide safety guidelines before each tour so that everyone feels comfortable during their stay in Tallinn. With getyourguide, experiencing Tallinn’s cuisine and culture has never been easier or more enjoyable!

For those interested in experiencing all that Tallinn has to offer in terms of food, drinks, cultural attractions and beyond, taking one of these tours could be an ideal way to get an overview of all the city has to offer in only a few hours. Expert guides will explain each stop in detail and likely provide anecdotes about each one – no matter what type of tour you select you are sure to receive an up close look at Estonia’s culture through an expert’s perspective! Book your next Tallinn tour on GetYourGuide today!

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