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Take the Temple of the Tooth Kandy Day Trip: Should You Visit Colombo or Negombo?

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Take the Temple of the Tooth Kandy Day Trip: Should You Visit Colombo or Negombo?

Are you traveling in Sri Lanka and wondering if you should visit Colombo or Negombo for a Temple of the Tooth Kandy day trip? There are so many incredible places to explore in the country that it can be difficult to make the right decision. But not to worry, because this guide will help you decide. From information on transport to full itineraries and recommended attractions, we’ll cover all you need to know to take the best day trip in Sri Lanka.

Explore Negombo: An Idyllic Beach Town

Negombo may be an ideal starting point for your trip if you’d like to experience the beaches, colonial churches, and relaxed beachside town atmosphere. The town is located just a few miles away from Colombo International Airport so it can be a great place to spend a few days before you launch into more explorations of Sri Lanka’s inland cities and rural attractions.

This coastal town offers plenty of attractions for visitors who are interested in exploring its history, culture and natural beauty. The Netherlands Fort is a fascinating example of fortification architecture in the area, and many visitors take the time to walk around and explore the area. It’s also home to many famous churches, including St. Mary’s Cathedral and St. Sebastians, which date back to Dutch colonial times and are perfect for taking memorable photos for your travel album.

Negombo also boasts an incredible range of beachfront attractions and activities. Take a quick boat tour, explore the bustling fish markets, or just relax on the golden beaches while you watch the local fishermen engaged in their daily fishing routine. For an unforgettable experience, take an elephant ride along the beach – an activity offered by many local operators.

Visit Colombo: A Bustling City With a Rich History

Unlike bustling Negombo, Colombo is one of Sri Lanka’s liveliest and most vibrant cities. With its eclectic mix of historical sites and modern attractions, this city offers a little something for everyone. Those interested in exploring its cultural past will be pleased with the abundance of cultural attractions and historic buildings found throughout the city. Gawanda Park and Independent Square are two of the most popular sites for visitors, but there are plenty more for you to explore during your visit.

A visit to Colombo isn’t complete without visiting the markets. The city is home to some of the country’s most bustling markets, perfect for finding unique souvenirs and getting a taste of authentic Sri Lankan cuisine. From boutique shops to the Pettah Market (a sprawling complex filled with vendors selling everything from hardware to clothing), there’s no shortage of places to buy something unique or enjoy some delicious local dishes.

If shopping isn’t your thing, you can still have plenty of fun in Colombo – thanks to its many nightlife spots and diversions. From rooftop bars to chic nightclubs, there’s plenty to keep visitors entertained throughout the night. Colombo is also home to some of the country’s best restaurants, serving both Sri Lankan dishes as well as international cuisine. What’s more, it has plenty of cultural activities and events, from plays and musicals to art exhibitions, which can offer unique experiences while you’re in the city.

The Best Day Trip in Kandy: Temple of The Tooth

Undoubtedly one of Sri Lanka’s most memorable attractions is the Temple of The Tooth – an impressing relic built by King Vira Narendra Sinha in 1739 AD.Housed within a royal palace complex, this temple hosts many festivals throughout the year, featuring performances by traditional dancers and musicians as well as special blessings from local priests.

Located in Kandy, a city steeped in culture and history, this temple is easy to access from either Negombo or Columbo, no matter which you choose as your base destination. A Kandy day trip with access to Temple of The Tooth is an experience like no other – an unforgettable holy site steeped in Sri Lankan culture and history. During your visit, you’ll learn about Buddhism and its teachings as well as get a glimpse into one of Sri Lanka’s most famous religious sites.

Getting There: Columbo or Negombo?

Depending on your travelling schedule, you can choose either Columbo or Negombo for your Temple of The Tooth Kandy day trip.

From Colombo, train is the fastest way to get there, taking around 3 hours (the scenic train journey is a great opportunity to see some of Sri Lanka’s most stunning landscapes). There are also regular bus routes that take just over 4 hours and are slightly cheaper than the train services. These will often have air conditioning onboard but could be more prone to delays than the train journey.

From Negambo, buses can take around 6 hours which makes it a long but feasible day trip should you prefer not to stay overnight near Kandy. A taxi is also available but more expensive and not quite as reliable as public transport (although more comfortable).

Making It Happen: Which Is Best for You?

It is ultimately up to you to decide which would be ideal for you when it comes to a day trip from either Columbo or Negombo for your visit to Temple of The Tooth in Kandy. Both cities offer different advantages — from Negombo’s idyllic beachfront setting to Colombo’s bustling city centre — so it all depends on how much time you have available and what type of experience you’re looking for.

If time is limited and convenience is your priority, then enjoying a day trip from Columbo would likely be preferable as it offers a shorter journey time with plenty of efficient transport options available at relatively reasonable prices (both buses and trains serve the route). However if you’d like to combine your temples trip with a few days on the beach or make it slightly longer journey with overnight accommodation near Kandy then Negambo may make more sense for your trip overall.

No matter which route you take though, make sure to take advantage of this exquisite site – it takes centre stage in so many mesmerising photos and postcard views! If you’d like an easier way to plan your transportation and make sure everything runs precisely on time, then book an organised tour package powered by GetYourGuide. They provide excellent customer service, stress-free planning and incredible opportunities for exploration – book today to take your Temple of The Tooth day trip soon!

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Take the Temple of the Tooth Kandy Day Trip: Should You Visit Colombo or Negombo?

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