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Taking A Hamburg St. Pauli Tour of the Reeperbahn? Here’s What You Should Know

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Taking A Hamburg St. Pauli Tour of the Reeperbahn? Here’s What You Should Know

When you’re visiting Hamburg, Germany, you should definitely consider taking a Hamburg St. Pauli Tour of the Reeperbahn. Located in the historic red light district of St. Pauli, the Reeperbahn is one of the city’s most famous attractions, offering a glimpse into the seedier side of its nightlife. Although it isn’t as dangerous as it once was, there are still plenty of interesting sights and sensations to experience on this walking tour.

This guide will give you the rundown on everything you need to know about taking a tour of the Reeperbahn, including what to expect, why it’s worth doing, and other details. So if you’re keen to get a taste of the legendary street and its seedy yet celebrated past, read on!

The Basics: What Is a Hamburg St. Pauli Tour?

A Hamburg St. Pauli Tour is a great way to explore the famous street, which once attracted renowned performers such as the Beatles in their early days. It’s a walking tour that’s usually offered by tourist companies, which customarily employs guides who provide details about the history, culture, and sights of the area.

The tour usually commences in the early evening, usually between 6 and 7 pm, offering you plenty of time to see the infamous sights and hear some interesting anecdotes from a knowledgeable guide. Each tour is usually two to three hours long and travels through some of the most exciting and vibrant streets in the neighborhood.

You’ll get to see many distinct attractions, such as the iconic Herbertstraße – Germany’s supposed only pedestrian indoor red light district – theatre and drag bars, “sex shop alley’ (also known as “Alter Steinweg’), notorious nightclubs and pubs, as well as some supercool street art.

Why Visit Reeperbahn?

Although many people have heard of Reeperbahn, they’re still not sure if it’s actually worth visiting or whether it’s all just a bit too seedy! But it’s important to remember that although there is still some prostitution and general illicit behaviour alive in the district, these activities tend to be confined to certain streets or clubs – so don’t worry about this overrunning your tour!

In reality, there are plenty of things to see and do in this part of Hamburg. In addition to the aforementioned attractions and bars which can be fun for all ages – regardless of whether you’re single or traveling with a family – there are also plenty of restaurants, sidewalk cafes, and shopping opportunities. Plus, of course, you can take in breathtaking night views of this waterfront city from here.

Interesting Facts About Hamburg’s Reeperbahn Street

Reeperbahn is perhaps best known for its associations with sex and crime (although aspects of this have vastly decreased). But in addition to this reputation, the 500+ year old street has an intriguing past – including plenty of interesting stories and memorable moments.

In chronological order a few of the more fascinating milestones in its history include:

  • Weaving first came to Reeperbahn Street in the 16th Century
  • In 1621, a night watchdog (known as a Reepersmann) was appointed on Reeperbahn Street
  • In 1750, rope-making started on the street
  • In 1770, during a stormy season, the streets became so waterlogged that several children drowned due to fast rushing currents
  • 1897 saw proposals for what eventually became “The Great Freedom” – a large open-air stage for performances
  • In 1962, the Beatles performed several gigs at local nightclubs and bars
  • In 2010, the City of Hamburg instituted plans to transform Reeperbahn into a “Red Light District Light” by saturating the area with more shops; cafés; businesses and cultural attractions.

Hamburg St. Pauli Tour Costs & Logistics

It’s easy enough to take your own independent tour along Reeperbahn if you prefer. But utilizing an organized tour offers many advantages. For starters, it costs a lot less – usually around 15-25 euros – than taking a taxi or renting a car; plus you get the chance to explore at your own pace (which often is quite fast!), without worrying about navigation or safety issues. Additionally, an organized tour provides many interesting insights from knowledgeable guides which can really add to your experience of visiting one of Europe’s most unusual red-light districts.

If you are looking for an organized tour that provides great value for money, then GetYourGuide’s Hamburg St. Pauli Tour is an excellent choice. This comprehensive two-hour tour follows all the main sights – Herbertstraße being an impressive stop on your route -while also enlightening guests with interesting historic anecdotes. Alongside this, your local guide will also share some hilarious insight into how visiting tourists usually behave when going through this area – an insider’s tip for tourists visiting for the first time!

In conclusion, taking a tour of Reeperbahn is highly recommended; especially if it’s your first visit to Hamburg, since you get to appreciate its unique culture within a safe and controlled environment. In addition to this, it also provides a great insight into Germany’s relevant past while at the same time considering its now reputable nightlife and exciting shopping district. If you’re looking for an organized tour that caters to all your needs then GetYourGuide’s Hamburg St. Pauli Tour, can offer you a great balance of entertainment with some real sightseeing expeditions thrown in for good measure!

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