The 5 Best Pub Crawls in Berlin

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Nothing beats a night out in Berlin like a pub crawl. With numerous pubs and bars spread throughout the city, there’s always a new experience to be had. But with so many options, it can be challenging to decide where to go. Fear not, as we have scoured the streets and compiled a list of the 5 best pub crawls in Berlin, guaranteed to give you a night you won’t forget. Whether you’re a tourist or a local looking for something new, these pub crawls offer a unique perspective on German nightlife. So put on your drinking shoes, grab some friends and let the crawl begin!

The 5 Best Pub Crawls in Berlin

  1. Berlin Bundle: Transfers, Pub Crawl & Pistol Shooting
  2. Berlin: Private Premium Pub Crawl Tour
  3. Berlin: Private Pub Crawl Tour
  4. Berlin: Pub Crawl with Skip-the-Line Club Entry
  5. Berlin Nightlife: The Original Pub Crawl

The 5 Best Pub Crawls in Berlin

1. Berlin Bundle: Transfers, Pub Crawl & Pistol Shooting

Start your Berlin adventure stress-free with our Return Airport Transfers service which will take you from the airport to your hotel in comfort and style. Once you’ve settled in, get ready to explore the city with two of the most popular activities: the Berlin Pub Crawl and Pistol Shooting.

Our Berlin Pub Crawl is the perfect way to experience the city’s vibrant nightlife while making new friends from all over the world. Your expert guide will take you to some of the best bars and clubs in the city where you’ll enjoy discounted drinks and have the time of your life.

For those looking for a unique experience, the Pistol Shooting activity is perfect for you. Learn the art of shooting from experienced instructors in a safe and controlled environment. Immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of Berlin through our carefully selected shooting range options.

Make lasting memories and new friends from all over the world with our unique and exciting Berlin Bundle: Transfers, Pub Crawl & Pistol Shooting.

2. Berlin: Private Premium Pub Crawl Tour

Enjoy an exciting evening in Berlin with the private premium pub crawl tour. Meet your private guide at or near Alexanderplatz and let the night unfold before you. Immerse yourself in the vibrant Berlin nightlife as you discover the hippest clubs without any planning or stress. This 4-hour activity allows you to have exclusive entry to venues and enjoy welcome shots at every bar and club. You’ll even receive shots along the way. With great music and a fun group, this evening will surely be one to remember. The tour is perfect for birthday parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties, or work outings. Receive special extras like tiaras or keychains, making it an event to never forget. Entry fee, guide, and greeting schnapps at the meeting point are included in this private premium tour.

3. Berlin: Private Pub Crawl Tour

Enjoy an exciting private pub crawl tour through the hippest hotspots of Berlin, without the stress of planning one yourself. Perfect for a birthday party, bachelor or bachelorette party, or even a work outing, this tour promises an unforgettable experience. Let your private guide lead you through four of Berlin’s hottest pubs and clubs, enjoying priority entrance and free shots along the way. Your guide will even pick you up from a location of your choice at a time that suits you best. During the tour, you’ll be treated to great music, tasty drinks, and an unbeatable party atmosphere. This tour includes a welcome schnapps, so you can start the night off right!

4. Berlin: Pub Crawl with Skip-the-Line Club Entry

Begin your evening in Berlin by getting to know your pub crawl guide and fellow travelers who are eager to explore the city’s famous nightlife scene. With the skip-the-line VIP entrance to the club, you’ll gain access to one of the city’s most popular spots, making your way to four different venues. These stops range from cocktail lounges to alternative dives, techno bars, bustling dance halls and more. Every pub crawl is unique, allowing you to experience something new each time you join. Complimentary shots and drink specials (subject to the venue) are also included. The tour is not suitable for pregnant women, wheelchair users and children under 18 years. A train ticket is also provided as part of the experience. Join a local guide and discover the best of Berlin’s nightlife, all while skipping the lines and enjoying exclusive access to some of the city’s most popular spots.

5. Berlin Nightlife: The Original Pub Crawl

Explore the vibrant Berlin nightlife with our original pub crawl. You’ll visit a variety of bars and lounges in the heart of the city, enjoying free shots and drink specials along the way. With the skip-the-line club entrance, you’ll get to experience one of Berlin’s best nightclubs without the hassle of waiting in line. Your local guide will be there to provide insider knowledge and ensure a fun night out with other travelers. Don’t miss out on this unique Berlin experience! The tour includes the pub crawl with a guide, complimentary shots, entrance fees, drink specials (subject to the bar visited), skip-the-line club entrance, transfer, and food are not included.

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Berlin: Answered

Berlin is a city that has been at the center of many historical events. It has a rich cultural heritage, unique architecture, and amazing nightlife. With its diverse food options and numerous tourist attractions, Berlin is an intriguing place to visit. Whether you’re planning to visit for the first time or you’re a frequent visitor, you might have some questions about the city. Here are the most frequently asked questions about Berlin, answered:

1. What’s the best time of the year to visit Berlin?

Berlin is an all-year-round destination with something to do for everyone. However, visiting during the summer months from June to August is a popular time with tourists. The weather is warm, and there are numerous outdoor festivals and events. If you prefer a quieter and less crowded tourist season, Spring from March to May and Autumn from September to November can be a great time to visit.

2. What’s the best way to get around Berlin?

Berlin is a city with excellent public transportation. The public transit system includes buses, trams, trains, and the subway system known as the U-Bahn. The S-Bahn trains run through the city, connecting you to every part of Berlin. The public transport network is safe, reliable, and affordable, so it’s easy to avoid the traffic and expensive parking fees associated with driving a car.

3. What are some must-visit tourist attractions in Berlin?

Berlin has an abundance of tourist attractions. If you’re visiting for the first time, the following places should be at the top of your list:

Brandenburg Gate:

A historical symbol of unity and division that has become an iconic landmark of Berlin.

Reichstag Building:

A historical building that currently houses the German parliament with an impressive glass dome offering stunning views of the city.

Museum Island:

A group of world-renowned museums with unique collections of art and artifacts from all over the world.

The Berlin Wall:

An iconic symbol of the Cold War and one of the most visited sites in Berlin.

Checkpoint Charlie:

A well-known crossing point on the Berlin Wall during the Cold War and now a popular tourist site.

4. Is Berlin a safe city?

Berlin is a safe city and one of the most welcoming in Europe. Like any other major city, it has some areas that may be less safe at night. However, with common sense and basic precautions, you can avoid any trouble. Pickpocketing can be a problem in busy areas, so it’s best to keep your valuables safe and be alert.

5. What’s the local currency in Berlin?

The official currency in Germany is the Euro. ATM machines are widely available throughout the city, and most establishments accept credit cards.

6. What’s the nightlife like in Berlin?

Berlin is well known for its vibrant nightlife scene, with several options for every style and preference. From underground clubs that play techno music to classy bars and dining establishments, there’s something for everyone. Berlin’s nightlife scene is open late, so be prepared for a long night out.

7. What’s the weather like in Berlin?

Berlin has a continental climate. Winters are cold with snowfall but can also be sunny, and summers are warm and sunny. The temperatures in the summer months average around 77°F (25°C), and in winter, temperatures can drop to 23°F (-5°C).

8. Are tourists expected to tip in Berlin?

Tipping is customary in Germany, and among locals, it’s common to round up the bill to the nearest Euro or leave a 10% – 15% tip. In most cases, the tip is given in cash, but some restaurants may accept it on credit cards.

9. What are the best food options in Berlin?

Berlin has a diverse range of food options. From traditional German dishes to delicious international cuisines, you won’t be disappointed with the food options. Here are some of the must-try:


A classic Berlin snack made from a pork sausage with ketchup and curry powder.


A delicious jam-filled doughnut.


A traditional German food consisting of breaded and fried meats.

Döner Kebab:

A popular Turkish fast food made of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie with salad, vegetables, and sauces.


Berlin is a fantastic city that offers something for everyone. Its rich history, culture, and modern vibe make it an all-year-round destination. By answering these frequently asked questions, we hope to have helped you plan your visit, so you can make the most of your time in Berlin.

The 5 Best Pub Crawls in Berlin: FAQs

Berlin is a city that is famed for its nightlife, and if you’re visiting the city, it would be a real shame if you didn’t experience a pub crawl. But with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know which pub crawl to go on. Here, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the 5 best pub crawls in Berlin.

1. What is a Pub Crawl?

A pub crawl is a type of event where a group of people visit multiple pubs or bars in a single night. It’s a great way to socialize, meet new people, and experience the nightlife of a city.

2. Why Should I Go on a Pub Crawl in Berlin?

Berlin is famous for its nightlife, and a pub crawl is one of the best ways to experience it. You’ll get to see some of the best bars and clubs in the city, meet new people, and have a great time.

3. What Are the Best Pub Crawls in Berlin?

There are many pub crawls in Berlin, but here are the 5 best:

1. Original Berlin Pub Crawl

The Original Berlin Pub Crawl is one of the best-known pub crawls in the city. It runs every night of the week, and you’ll visit 3 bars and 1 nightclub. The crawl costs €12 and includes free shots and drink discounts.

2. Alternative Berlin Pub Crawl

The Alternative Berlin Pub Crawl is a great option for those who want a more alternative or underground experience. You’ll visit 4 bars and a club, and the crawl costs €12. There are also pub crawls specifically for graffiti, street art, and historical enthusiasts available.

3. The Famous Original Berlin Pub Crawl

The Famous Original Berlin Pub Crawl is another great option if you’re looking for a lively night out. You’ll visit 4 bars and a club, and the crawl costs €12. The pub crawl is known for its high energy and fun-loving atmosphere.

4. The Berlin Pub Crawl

The Berlin Pub Crawl is a great option if you’re looking for a more relaxed night out. You’ll visit 4 bars and the crawl costs €15. Drink discounts are included, but there are no free shots.

5. Insomnia Berlin Pub Crawl

The Insomnia Berlin Pub Crawl is a well-known pub crawl for clubbers. It runs every weekend and takes you to 4 clubs in the city. The crawl costs €20 and includes entry to all the clubs.

4. Which Pub Crawl Should I Choose?

The best pub crawl for you depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a high-energy night out with lots of drinks and free shots, then the Original Berlin Pub Crawl or Famous Original Berlin Pub Crawl might be the best option. If you want a more alternative or underground experience, then the Alternative Berlin Pub Crawl might be the better option. Those looking for more relaxed night out, The Berlin Pub Crawl could be your choice!

5. Is it Safe to Go on a Pub Crawl in Berlin?

Yes, it’s safe to go on a pub crawl in Berlin. The city has a vibrant nightlife scene, and there are usually plenty of people around. However, as with any nightlife activity, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and stay safe.

6. Do I Need to Book in Advance?

It’s not necessary to book in advance for most pub crawls, but it’s often a good idea. Many crawls offer discounts for booking online, and it’s also a good way to ensure that you get a spot on the crawl.

7. How Much Does a Pub Crawl Cost?

The cost of a pub crawl in Berlin varies between €12 and €20, depending on the crawl you choose. Some crawls offer discounts for booking online or group discounts. It’s also worth noting that drinks are usually not included in the price of the crawl.

8. What Should I Wear on a Pub Crawl?

The dress code for a pub crawl in Berlin is usually casual. Wear something comfortable that you can move and dance in, and make sure to bring comfortable shoes. The bars and clubs in Berlin usually have a relaxed dress code, but it’s always a good idea to check before you go.

9. What should I bring on a Pub Crawl?

You should bring a valid ID, such as a passport or driver’s license, as many bars and clubs in Berlin have an age limit of 18 or 21. You should also bring enough cash to pay for drinks, as most pub crawls don’t include them in the price.

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