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The Best Parks in Chicago

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The Best Parks in Chicago

When it comes to great parks, The Windy City is definitely not left out of the equation. Chicago is one of the most popular cities for outdoor activities, and its many parks are the perfect place for outdoor fun or a picnic. This article will discuss the best parks in Chicago and provide the details about each one.

Millennium Park is one of the most popular parks in the city, and for good reason. It’s a 25-acre space filled with gardens, sculptures, fountains, and other attractions. It also is home to one of the city’s most iconic features– the Cloud Gate sculpture, commonly referred to as “The Bean”. The park’s Great Lawn and Jay Pritzker Pavilion host events throughout the year, such as concerts, films, and more.

Grant Park is another popular destination for visitors and residents alike. This 319-acre park features a wide variety of attractions, including walking paths, gardens, and Lagoon area. It’s also home to renowned attractions such as Buckingham Fountain and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Lincoln Park is another favorite spot for locals and visitors. This 1,200-acre park stretches along the entire waterfront of Lake Michigan and offers an array of activities for everyone. You can explore its beaches or choose from many other attractions such as the Lincoln Park Zoo or North Avenue Beach Volleyball Courts.

Humboldt Park is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s a 137-acre park with a lagoon, as well as several walking paths, gardens, and playgrounds. The boathouse is also available for canoe and kayak rentals.

Jackson Park hasn’t been around for nearly as long as some of the other parks in Chicago, but it’s become increasingly popular in recent years. This 705-acre park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts with its wide variety of activities. From its biking paths to its nature trails, this is definitely a great outdoor recreation spot.

For those seeking a more scientific adventure, there’s no better place than the Adler Planetarium. Located along the lakefront of Lake Michigan, this awesome museum is home to state-of-the-art exhibits on astronomy and other scientific fields. It features an amazing collection of artifacts that’s sure to captivate any science lover.

Finally, we can’t talk about great Chicago parks without mentioning the Garfield Park Conservatory. This awesome conservatory houses a huge variety of plants from all over the world and offers some truly spectacular displays. Located within six acres of landscape, it’s a great spot for any nature lover to get lost in.

These are just a few of the great parks available in Chicago, but each one offers something unique and special. If you’re looking for a great way to enjoy the outdoors in The Windy City, these destinations should definitely be on your list. For more information on Chicago’s parks, ChooseChicago has compiled an extensive list that’s bound to provide some inspiration!

Insider’s Guide to the Best Parks in Chicago

As the third most-populous city in the United States, Chicago is an urban playground with plenty of unique attractions and cultural experiences. Among its most-loved features are its public parks, where locals and tourists can enjoy a serene retreat from the city’s urban bustle. In this insider’s guide, we’ll explore some of the best parks to visit in Chicago, along with top-rated spots for dining and cultural experiences in the surrounding areas.

1. Grant Park

Located in downtown Chicago and spanning over 319 acres along Lake Michigan, Grant Park is one of the most iconic public parks in the city. The park is home to an array of sculptures and monuments, including the famous Buckingham Fountain. The park also houses several museums, including the Art Institute of Chicago and Field Museum, making it a great starting point for tourists interested in exploring the city’s art and history. The park is also host to several events throughout the year, such as the Lollapalooza Music Festival.

For dining options, nearby eateries include Cindy’s Rooftop and The Gage, both of which offer stunning views of the lake.

2. Lincoln Park

Located just north of downtown, Lincoln Park is one of Chicago’s largest parks, spanning over 1,200 acres. Its highlights include the Lincoln Park Zoo, which is free to the public and boasts over 1,000 animals. The park is also home to the Chicago History Museum and Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, making it an ideal spot for visitors interested in learning about the city’s history and natural heritage. Additionally, the park offers a beautiful beach and a 35-acre conservatory.

For a unique dining experience nearby, Alinea is a Michelin-starred restaurant located just a short drive from Lincoln Park. The restaurant offers modern American cuisine with an innovative twist.

3. Millennium Park

Located in downtown Chicago, this 25-acre park is known for its iconic art installations, including the Cloud Gate sculpture (also known as “The Bean”) and the Jay Pritzker Pavilion. The park also offers a great view of the city skyline and is a popular spot for concerts and other events throughout the year.

For dining options near Millennium Park, tourists can visit the ever-popular Giordano’s Pizza for a taste of Chicago-style deep-dish pizza.

4. Jackson Park

Jackson Park is located in the South Shore neighborhood of Chicago and spans over 500 acres. It’s a great spot for nature lovers, with the park boasting several hiking trails, a golf course, beautiful gardens, and an arboretum. The park is also home to the Museum of Science and Industry, which is dedicated to promoting the understanding of science and technology.

For dining options in the surrounding area, visitors can head to the nearby Hyde Park neighborhood and enjoy delicious cuisine at A10 Hyde Park or the Promontory.

5. Humboldt Park

Located on the city’s west side, Humboldt Park is a hidden gem for tourists looking for a more local experience. The park houses a beautiful lagoon and offers several natural trails and picnic areas. Additionally, the park features a historic boathouse, which was built in 1907 and modeled after an ancient Greek temple.

For dining options nearby, visitors can stop by Cafe Marie-Jeanne or Rootstock Wine & Beer Bar for delicious meals and local beers.


Chicago is a city that offers a lot to its visitors, with its public parks being a big attraction. Grant Park and Lincoln Park both house several museums, making them a great option for travelers interested in learning about the city’s history and natural heritage. Meanwhile, parks such as Millennium Park and Jackson Park are great for events, concerts, and exploring nature. Lastly, Humboldt Park offers a more secluded experience that’s perfect for those wanting to explore a hidden gem. Above all, Chicago’s public parks are must-visit destinations that should be part of any tourist’s itinerary.

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The Best Parks in Chicago

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