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The Best Things To Do In Düsseldorf, Germany

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The Best Things To Do In Düsseldorf, Germany

The city of Düsseldorf is one of the most historically and culturally rich places in Germany. Located in North-West Germany, there are plenty of amazing attractions, activities, and experiences to be had in the area. From its iconic old-town district Altstadt and numerous parks, to delicious German food, vibrant nightlife, and more, Düsseldorf offers something for everyone.

In this guide, we’ll explore the best things to do in Düsseldorf. Whether you’re looking for a quick daytrip from the nearby city of Cologne, or want to spend a few days exploring the area, Düsseldorf has something for you. Read on to find out what amazing experiences await you in this incredible city.

Exploring Düsseldorf’s Landmarks and Sights

The Rhine River is one of the most popular attractions in Düsseldorf. The riverbank is one of the city’s most photogenic areas and popular with locals and tourists alike. There are plenty of cafés, restaurants, bars, and galleries nearby, as well as a bicycle path that winds near the river that is perfect for an afternoon stroll.

Another must-see in Düsseldorf is Altstadt, or the old-town district. This area of town has kept its 17th century charm and features winding streets lined with cozy pubs, quirky shops, and beautifully decorated architecture. One of the best things about Altstadt is that it maintains its old-world charm without feeling outdated or any less vibrant than its more glitzy siblings.

Königsallee, or Kö for short, is another must-visit spot in Düsseldorf. A wide and beautiful avenue lined with trees and lined with some of the most luxurious shops and designer boutiques in Europe make this street one of the city’s most iconic locations. Whether you want to splurge on some shopping spree or just window-shop, Kö is a great place to spend an hour or two soaking in the atmosphere.

Enjoying Germany’s Favorite Outdoor Activity: Beer Gardens

No trip to Germany is complete without visiting a beer garden! In exploring German culture and heritage, you must not miss out on visiting one of the many beer gardens in Dusseldorf such as Ausspanne (Open Air Biergarten), Löwenbräu Keller, Rheinterrassen TieferGraben, Schumacher Alt, Altes Uerige, Kaiserswerther Marktplatz, Brauerei Atzenstrasse, InterContinental Biergarten, and Einerlei. Many of these beer gardens have a long history and feature live music and traditional specialties such as schnitzel or bratwurst while they offer long tables of “Masskrugbier” (beer served in a liter mug). With outdoor seating only during summer months, these beer gardens are perfect destinations to take in the sun while indulging in some German brews along with lovely views of the city’s skyline.

Unique Experiences You Can Only Find In Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf has plenty of unique experiences that you won’t find elsewhere in Germany. For one, it is home to the world’s longest bar counter: more than 250 meters (820 feet) long. The impressive bar stretches from the old town district into the main shopping street and makes for a remarkable photo opportunity and experience. This area is also home to the world’s tallest porch column which is 19 meters (62 feet) high!

Another unique experience can be found at the exciting Altbier Safari Beer Walking Tour by GetYourGuide . This 2-hour walking tour takes visitors through the vibrant pub district of Altstadt while they sip on the traditional Alt beers brewed in Düsseldorf before you. As you explore each stop on your beer tour, your knowledgeable guide will provide insight into city’s brewing culture, famous drinking spots, as well as world-renowned local beers like Fentie, Pschorr Hamburg or Uerige Altbierbiergarten. The tour ends with plenty of fun facts about beer brewing – giving you a newfound appreciation for the popular German beverage. Book this tour through GetYourGuide today if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience that combines culture, education and plenty of adult beverage!

Soaking Up Some Culture In Düsseldorf

As mentioned earlier, Dusseldorf has a rich cultural heritage. There are numerous museums and art galleries located throughout the city that are worth visiting. One of the most beloved ones is the Kunstsammlung Nordrhine Westfalen , or Art Collections of North Rhine Westphalia. Here one can admire works from some of history’s most renowned painters including Marc Chagall and Joseph Beuys as well as some modern photography exhibits with an extensive digital archive that’s available year round.

Additionally, there are several music venues throughout the city fit for any type of music fan such as The Tube – an old nightclub located near the city center that plays electronic music; Größenwahn Festival – an alternative music festival held annually at Schlachthof Wiesbaden; Die Kantine – a well-known punk rock venue; Robert Johnson – a famous house music venue; Klangfabrik – a cool techno club located south of central station; and Heimathafen – an intimate venue that showcases jazz music and offers classes for beginners.

Dining In Düsseldorf

Dining in Düsseldorf is an unforgettable experience thanks to its wide range of culinary options from around the world. If you’d like to try out local specialties then head to Im Goldenen Kessel for a plate of Rheinischer Sauerbraten or Eisbein mit Erbsenpueree . For more exotic international fare then head to Astratelier Yang which offers tantalizing Thai dishes or La Tasca – a great tapas spot with plenty of flavors coming straight from Spain. And no trip would be complete without tasting some local Altbier and Schweinbraten or Mettbrötchen at one of many lively pubs located throughout Altstadt.

Wrapping Up

From centuries-old landmarks and architecture to modern art galleries and hip music venues – Düsseldorf has something for everyone. Whether you’re visiting this city in North-West Germany as part of a quick day trip from Cologne or looking to spend a few days exploring its vibrant streets, culture, history and amazing gastronomy, there are plenty of unique experiences awaiting you around every corner in this charming city.

Ready to explore what Düsseldorf has to offer? Why not start off with a unique beer tasting experience like Altbier safari beer walking tour by GetYourGuide? Enjoy learning new things, sipping on delicious local beers, and exploring some of the city’s most exciting locations in one go!

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The Best Things To Do In Düsseldorf, Germany

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