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The Most Essential Things You Should Know About Visiting Queenstown

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The Most Essential Things You Should Know About Visiting Queenstown

Queenstown has long been known as one of the top destinations in the world for adventure seekers and those seeking a bit of luxury for their holiday. Located on the banks of Lake Wakatipu, it offers stunning views and attractions, as well as a huge selection of activities to be enjoyed in the area. Here we look at some of the most important things you need to know before you plan your trip to Queenstown.

Getting to Queenstown

Queenstown is well served by a range of transport options. Those arriving by plane can make use of the nearby Queenstown Airport, which offers international flights from major cities in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. For those choosing to arrive by road, there are regular bus services from nearby Wanaka and Te Anau.

Activities in Queenstown

When it comes to activities, Queenstown is well served with a huge range of adrenaline pumping activities, as well as those looking to relax during their stay. For those looking for some adventure, why not take a epic leap of faith and try bungy jumping at one of many locations in the area, or why not try your hand at some white water rafting? Alternatively, there’s jet boating, parasailing, skydiving and more. For those looking for some chill time, gorge walking is a nice soothing way to explore the beautiful scenery that Queenstown has to offer, or why not take an evening cruise around Lake Wakatipu for a truly unique experience.

Where to Stay in Queenstown

When deciding where to stay in Queenstown, it’s important to consider your budget, comfort levels and convenience. Those looking for a luxurious experience can treat themselves to a stay at one of the many hotels or resorts in the local area. For those looking for a more affordable option, there is an abundance of holiday parks and hostels scattered around Queenstown to choose from.

Things to Do in Queenstown

If you’re after some shopping and dining experiences during your stay in Queenstown, then why not head down to The Mall where you can find a range of stores and eateries to choose from? Or, if you’d rather explore more of the town’s culture and nightlife, then Queenstown’s “Casino Street’ is the place for you. This is an eclectic mix of bars, restaurants and clubs that definitely shouldn’t be missed! There’s also plenty of sightseeing options such as the stunning Mountains Edge terrain park which offers panoramic views of the surrounding area that shouldn’t be missed.

Visiting Nearby Attractions

There are plenty of attractions close to Queenstown that are well worth exploring during your stay. Nestled right next door is the stunning Lake Wakatipu which not only offers breathtaking views but hosts a myriad of activities such as fishing, sailing and kayaking. Just 16km away lies the picturesque town of Arrowtown which offers vintage charms with a rich pioneering history and plenty of attractions such as The Mill Creek Suspension Bridge and The Gibbston Valley Winery. Just 68km away lies Milford Sound which is one of New Zealand’s largest fiords providing jaw-dropping scenery that may just put all other tourist attractions around Queenstown to shame!

All in all, Queenstown has something to offer for everybody – from outdoor adventures to romantic getaways, from cultural experiences to top notch dining experiences – there really is something for everyone in this beautiful part of New Zealand. To help plan your dream holiday to Queenstown be sure to check out QueenstownNZ website which provides detailed information and helpful tips on traveling to this region.

An Insider’s Guide to Queenstown: The Most Essential Things You Should Know

Queenstown is known for its stunning natural beauty, adventure activities, and vibrant nightlife. However, there is so much more to this gorgeous city than its tourist hotspots. As an insider, I will take you on a journey to discover Queenstown’s hidden gems, local cuisine, cultural experiences, captivating history, and off-the-beaten-path suggestions that will leave you spellbound.

Local Attractions: The Hidden Gems

While Queenstown has some popular attractions like the Skyline Gondola, Shotover Jet, and the famous Fergburger, there are some lesser-known spots that only the locals know about. For instance, take a walk along the beautifully serene Lake Hayes Loop Track, explore the historic gold-mining village Arrowtown, and indulge in some of the country’s best wine at Gibbston Valley Winery.

For those seeking a more adventurous experience, try canyoning in the Routeburn Canyon or go heli-biking to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Queenstown.

Dining Spots: A Bite of Queenstown’s Local Cuisine

Queenstown’s food culture is a reflection of its diverse community, which includes residents from all over the world. You can find anything from traditional New Zealand fare to international cuisines. Don’t miss out on trying the famous Kiwi delicacy – the meat pie – at Patagonia Chocolates, or enjoy some delicious seafood at Fishbone. Also, head to The Winery, where you can taste various local wines and delicious cheese platters.

Additionally, Queenstown is known for its exceptional coffee, with cafes like Bespoke Kitchen and Vudu Cafe & Larder providing some fantastic brews to kick start your day.

Cultural Experiences: The Heart of Queenstown

Queenstown is not just about adventure and natural beauty; it also has a vibrant and diverse cultural scene. Get involved in the annual LUMA festival, where the streets come alive with light installations and dance performances, or watch a local Maori cultural show at the Kiwi Haka Theatre.

Moreover, the Queenstown Arts and Crafts Market provides a fantastic platform for local artists to showcase their talent. You can also explore the local heritage by visiting the iconic St. Peter’s Anglican Church and the Queenstown Heritage Trail.

Local History: Stories That Fascinate

Queenstown’s illustrious history dates back to the gold-mining era, and there are some fascinating tales to discover. For instance, visit the Chinese settlement village to learn about the Chinese miners’ contribution to Queenstown’s growth, or take a tour of the historic Skippers Canyon and learn about its intriguing history.

Moreover, catch a glimpse of Queenstown’s aviation history at the charming and informative Arrowtown Aviation Museum. Additionally, the Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT) offers an insight into New Zealand’s transport history and evolution.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Suggestions: Unforgettable and Unique

If you’re looking for something off-the-beaten-path, consider taking a guided heli-hike to the remote Earnslaw Burn or go paragliding in Glenorchy. If you’re up for some adrenaline, take a thrilling jet boat ride through the striking Dart River, or try ice-climbing on a towering glacier.

Moreover, for a truly unique experience, take a tour of the underground tunnels of the historic Blue Lake Hydroelectric Power Station, which played a crucial role in Queenstown’s power generation.

In conclusion, Queenstown has a lot to offer beyond its popular attractions and adventure activities. With my insider’s guide, you can explore the city’s hidden gems, local cuisine, cultural experiences, captivating history, and unique suggestions that will make your trip unforgettable.

david vives Rpgww68uvYg unsplash

The Most Essential Things You Should Know About Visiting Queenstown

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