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The Perfect Guide to a Fun-Filled Trip to the Aburi Botanical Gardens, Cocoa Farms, and Waterfalls in Accra, Ghana

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The Perfect Guide to a Fun-Filled Trip to the Aburi Botanical Gardens, Cocoa Farms, and Waterfalls in Accra, Ghana

Are you planning your first visit to Ghana’s vibrant capital and wondering what to do once you’re there? There’s no shortage of activities to explore in and around the city, especially if you’re keen to immerse yourself in natural beauty. Why not take a day trip to the Aburi Botanical Gardens, Cocoa Farms, and Waterfalls – you could easily fill a day up with the sights alone! This guide is here to provide all the information you need for a complete and thoroughly enjoyable trip.

What to See in Aburi Botanical Gardens

Pack your camera and get ready to explore this wonderful space nestled beneath the hills of the Eastern Region of Ghana. The Aburi Botanical Garden boasts over 300 species of vegetation, making it an attractive location for avid photographers and anyone interested in African flora. The garden is home to thousands of trees, shrubs, endemic herbs, cacti, and succulents – the perfect picture spot!

Once inside the gardens, find yourself roaming amongst the majestic baobab trees, gigantic palm trees, and towering bamboos. Start at the entrance for breathtaking views of the entire garden and then work your way through its meandering paths. Admire the tiny flowers, appreciate the larger blooms, and actually smell the many unique plants around you. Make sure to look out for the agapanthus art garden, an eco-friendly creation that is also part of the green growth of Aburi.

The Waterfalls Walk is a must-see while at Aburi – located further away from the actual gardens, it’s a peaceful hike through lush forestland with different levels of waterfalls along the way. You can swim in the lower pool at the top of the Waterfall Walk for an invigorating experience or simply kick back and look around you at the pond life species inhabiting this hidden gem in Accra.

Delightful Cocoa Farms of Accra

Take a step back in time to experience rural farming while on your trip to Accra’s cocoa farms. There are over two million cocoa farms in Ghana, and approaching each one is like opening up a window into a unique culture. Getting a glimpse of traditional rural life gives visitors a deep appreciation of Ghanaian heritage – especially when it comes to learning about the process of cocoa farming.

When you tour one of these cocoa farms in Accra, you will learn about every aspect of cocoa production. Cocoa farmers give visitors an insightful look into their lives – from caring for young cocoa plants and planting seedlings, to harvesting cocoa beans and handling their distribution and sale. You have the opportunity to see firsthand the tasks involved and learn about traditional cocoa farming techniques that are used in many parts of the country. With cocoa plantations all over Ghana, it’s a great opportunity for visitors to see some stunning views dotted with cocoa plants in full bloom, giving a stunning vibe of nature and captivating your eyes with its beauty..

The experts on these farms also provide lovely samples of traditional Ghanaian cocoa that can be tried as well as great Ghanaian food options, such as groundnut soup or fufu served with stew or light soup. Make sure you savour the local treats during your stop here!

Waterfalls of Accra

Talking about natural beauty in Accra brings us to one of its main attractions – the surrounding waterfalls! Whether they be thundering down rocks in neighboring towns or cascading down debris and foliage within Accra’s own landscape, these magical waterfalls will take your breath away like nothing else can.

To start off your list should be Agbobloshie Waterfall. Located near Accra, it is a short hike away and quite ideal for those looking for an interactive adventure. There’s also the Mandela Waterfall near Accra’s greenest park, Independence Square. Next is Kintampo Falls – once upon a time lying dormant off a highway before being discovered within recent years. It is now one of Ghana’s most popular waterfalls with its location being close to Accra and Kasoa. Then there’s Odweanoma Falls located near Kintampo off the Accra-Kumasi Highway, runs for three kilometers before plunging into 100ft deep hollow shortly before Togo’s Benin border on its way to the Atlantic Ocean in Accra—a sight that cannot be missed! The over 15ft waterfall has two plunges and endless greenery – plantains trees draped with climbers stand among wild papaya trees close to the waterfall, making it an ideal picnic spot. Finally, there’s Wli Falls, Ghana’s biggest waterfall—and Nkonya Falls— one of several tumbling falls located on Shai Hills.

No matter which waterfall you choose to visit you will be blown away by their sheer power and beauty!

How to Get There from Accra

Getting from Accra to these sites (Aburi Botanical Gardens, Cocoa Farms, Waterfalls) is quite easy and affordable. Depending on where you’re starting from in Accra you can choose between taking a taxi or using public transportation options such as minivans or tro-tros which depart outside every major station within Accra city.

If using public transport such as minivans or tro-tros it can take from an hour to two hours depending on traffic within Accra city and depending on which site you’re visiting first – Aburi Botanical Garden (approximately one hour drive), Cocoa Farms (approximately two hours drive), and Waterfalls (approximately two hours).

When visiting Aburi Botanical Gardens it’s recommendable to drive since there are minivans that can easily take passengers straight there, eliminating any hassles with public transportation. Furthermore visiting Cocoa Farms with someone that knows the area better such as a taxi driver or reaching out for tour guides can really maximize on time spent otherwise spent waiting or getting lost with public transportation options such as minivans or tro-tros.

Forvisiting Waterfalls travelling by public transportation can be difficult as you may need to negotiate several ’bush paths’ that are not always safe as they are often very rugged but again hiring a taxi will serve you much better since they know specifically how to get there thus minimizing on time wasted on trying to figure it out more efficiently like some visitors may try to do through public transport option such as minivans or tro-tros.

Overall Impression

All in all Aburi Botanical Gardens, Cocoa Farms, andWaterfalls in Accra offer an interesting mix of activities suitable for anyone looking immerse themselves in natural beauty. Whether it’s an invigorating swim under one of its many waterfalls or taking a step back into rural life at its surrounding farms – this trip outside Accra’s boundaries has something for everyone! To top it all off these sites have something for history enthusiast given their great significance in terms of cultural heritage that is still being celebrated today – so don’t miss out on experiencing this exciting trip full of history, stunning views and great food!
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The Perfect Guide to a Fun-Filled Trip to the Aburi Botanical Gardens, Cocoa Farms, and Waterfalls in Accra, Ghana

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