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The Ultimate Guide for the Amazing La Fortuna Waterfall, Volcano and Hanging Bridges Combo Tour

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The Ultimate Guide for the Amazing La Fortuna Waterfall, Volcano and Hanging Bridges Combo Tour

Are you planning your next holiday trip to Costa Rica? Then you are most likely aware of La Fortuna, the jungle city located right next to Arenal Volcano, one of the most spectacular and majestic natural formations in Central America. While La Fortuna is renowned for its breathtaking volcanic surroundings and diverse nature reserves, there’s one activity that stands out and tops the list of La Fortuna highlights: The all-in-one Waterfall, Volcano and Hanging Bridges Combo Tour!

Yes, if one thing is special about La Fortuna, then it’s the rich combination of waterfalls, volcanoes, and suspension bridges found in the surrounding reserve. Add some tropical birds, sloths, and other wildlife sightings to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a day of nature immersion like nowhere else!

If you’re now keen on joining the Waterfall, Volcano and Hanging Bridges Combo Tour in La Fortuna, Costa Rica, look no further as this comprehensive guide will tell you all there is to know about this amazing adventure. Here’s what you need to know.

What Do You Get for the La Fortuna Waterfall, Volcano and Hanging Bridges Combo Tour?

The Waterfall, Volcano and Hanging Bridges Combo Tour starts early in the morning and takes you deep into the nature reserves of Arenal. It includes all the must-see sights of La Fortuna, such as these:

  • Arenal Lake Volcano Viewing
  • Natura Canopy Hanging Bridges Tour
  • La Fortuna Waterfall (Catarata La Fortuna)
  • Arenal Wildlife Watching

As part of this full-day adventure, you will enjoy all the spectacular natural attractions Arenal has to offer. After being picked up from your hotel or any accommodation in La Fortuna, you’ll head towards Arenal Lake to catch the mesmerizing view of the volcano from afar. Here, you’ll take a short boat ride across the lake before moving on to your next stop: The Natura Canopy Hanging Bridges Tour.

This part of your adventure also includes a leisurely walk through a nature reserve filled with pristine tropical rainforest scenery. Here, you’ll get to take on five suspension bridges crossing over ravines filled with botany and animals you wouldn’t come across anywhere else in Costa Rica. Your guide will point out all sorts of birds and lizards living in Costa Rica’s tropical forests in their natural habitat.

Once you’ve crossed all five suspension bridges, you’ll move on to explore Catarata La Fortuna: One of the most amazing and picturesque waterfalls in Costa Rica! Reaching a height of 70 metres (230 feet) and width of 25 metres (82 feet), this impressive waterfall won’t fail to mesmerize its visitors regardless of their experience. While taking in the awe-inspiring views of Catarata La Fortuna, don’t forget to take plenty of photos for your tropical Costa Rica album!

What Does It Cost for the La Fortuna Waterfall, Volcano and Hanging Bridges Combo Tour?

When it comes to individual prices for the Waterfall, Volcano and Hanging Bridges Combo Tour, adult tickets cost $140 USD per person while children below 12 years old pay $116 USD per person. Additionally, the tour offers discounted prices when booking a group of four or more participants at once.

Further discounts are available when booking your tour with GetYourGuide. This convenient service allows you to purchase your tickets online and offers a range of packages depending on what your needs are for visiting La Fortuna. All of their tours are also rated by prior customers who offer honest reviews of their experiences with GetYourGuide.

This way, you know for sure that you’re getting a service worth its money before purchasing any tickets online. GetYourGuide also offers a convenient money-back guarantee in case something stands in the way of your expected adventure experience.

Things to Keep In Mind Before Going On The La Fortuna Waterfall, Volcano and Hanging Bridges Combo Tour

Like any other tour experience in Costa Rica, it’s important to keep in mind that participating in the Waterfall, Volcano and Hanging Bridges Combo Tour requires certain clothing requirements visitors should abide by before joining the adventure. Make sure that you have comfortable outdoor clothing available that is suitable for any weather conditions Costa Rica throws at you. Don’t forget to bring some sunglasses, mosquito spray, and sunscreen as well!

Though you don’t need special gear or equipment for this tour aside from proper clothing, we would also recommend taking a light backpack for carrying all your essentials such as snacks and water, a pair of binoculars as well as a camera or phone for taking plenty of photos – because there are plenty of opportunities for stunning photography during this tour!

Do I Need To Bring Anything Along To The La Fortuna Waterfall And Bridges Combo Tour?

Apart from purchasing your tickets online or at the tour desk, there isn’t anything else you need for participating in this full-day activity package. You will be provided with all the necessary tools or materials needed during the tour as well as complimentary snacks and beverages. Scope out what is included in your package specifically when reserving your tour tickets to make sure that all your expectations will be met.

Conclusion – Make The Most Out Of Your Trip To La Fortuna With The Waterfall & Bridges Combo Tour

In conclusion, participating in the La Fortuna Waterfall, Volcano and Hanging Bridges Combo Tour provides an unparalleled opportunity to explore Costa Rica’s rich nature reserves like nowhere else! With access to a boat trip across Arenal Lake’s volcanically warmed waters and a viewing platform with stunning volcano views within reach – plus an abundance of lush forests filled with tropical wildlife all around – this full-day experience won’t fail to amaze and inspire you with awe in every step along the way!
Moreover, booking with GetYourGuide guarantees an interesting journey filled with convenient features such as customer reviews, money-back guarantees and customer support on top!
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