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The Ultimate Guide to Exploring Hidden Speakeasies in East Village

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Welcome to the vibrant and historical East Village, a neighborhood in New York City that is packed with rich culture, art, and history. Known for its lively nightlife scene, East Village is home to some of the city’s best-kept secrets – hidden speakeasies. If you’re an adventurous soul looking to dive into the Prohibition era and experience a taste of the past, then this guide is for you!

Before we dive into the hidden gems, be sure to book your spot on the East Village Speakeasy Experience. This guided tour will take you on a thrilling journey, as you explore the secret bars and learn fascinating stories about the Prohibition era. Now, let’s get started!

Why visit a speakeasy?

The allure of visiting a speakeasy lies in the sense of adventure and exclusivity it offers. These hidden gems are a tribute to the era when alcohol was prohibited, and secret bars operated behind closed doors. By stepping into a speakeasy, you’re transported back in time, experiencing the ambiance, cocktails, and atmosphere of the roaring twenties.

Top hidden speakeasies in East Village

Explore these hidden gems and indulge in a journey through time:

1. Secret Lounge

Located behind an unmarked door in an unsuspecting building, Secret Lounge is a must-visit for any speakeasy enthusiast. Step inside and you’ll find yourself in an intimate space filled with vintage furniture, dim lighting, and an extensive cocktail menu. Don’t miss their signature Old Fashioned, a true classic!

2. The Blind Rabbit

Tucked away in a discreet alley, The Blind Rabbit is a speakeasy that exudes an air of mystery and charm. Knock on the unmarked door and speak the secret code, and you’ll be welcomed into a world of live jazz music, expertly crafted cocktails, and an unforgettable evening.

3. The Back Room

A true time capsule, The Back Room takes you back to the days of Prohibition with its hidden entrance and vintage decor. The tour will share fascinating stories about how this speakeasy operated covertly, using teacups to serve alcohol. Don’t forget to sip on one of their creative cocktails served in teacups!

Tips for an unforgettable speakeasy experience

To make the most out of your visit to the hidden speakeasies in East Village, keep these tips in mind:

  • Reservations: Due to their secretive nature, speakeasies often have limited seating. It’s best to make reservations in advance to secure your spot.
  • Dress code: Embrace the spirit of the 1920s by dressing up in your finest attire. Most speakeasies have a smart-casual dress code, so leave your sneakers at home.
  • Try the classics: Don’t be afraid to try the classic cocktails of the Prohibition era, such as the Old Fashioned, Sidecar, or Bee’s Knees. These speakeasies have expert mixologists who can whip up these timeless concoctions.
  • Enjoy the journey: Part of the thrill of visiting hidden speakeasies is the search and discovery. Be patient, follow your guide, and embrace the experience of finding these underground gems.


The East Village Speakeasy Experience is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the history and culture of New York City’s vibrant past. By following this guide and visiting the top hidden speakeasies in East Village, you’re sure to have an unforgettable evening filled with great drinks, intriguing stories, and a journey back in time.

So, don’t wait! Book your spot on the East Village Speakeasy Experience now and get ready for an adventure like no other!

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New York City3

The Ultimate Guide to Exploring Hidden Speakeasies in East Village

Experience Adventure Like Never Before: Book Your Tour Today!