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The Ultimate Guide to Leidseplein Nightlife Party Pub Crawl in Amsterdam

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The Ultimate Guide to Leidseplein Nightlife Party Pub Crawl in Amsterdam

Are you up for a night of fun, exploring the wild and raucous nightlife of Amsterdam’s city center? Then the Leidseplein Party Pub Crawl is the perfect way to do it. With its wide selection of bars, pubs, and nightclubs on every block, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable night out. This guide will walk you through all the details of this popular event, including how to book it and what attractions to visit. Read on to learn more.

What is the Leidseplein Nightlife Party Pub Crawl?

The Leidseplein Nightlife Party Pub Crawl is a unique way to experience the best of Amsterdam’s nightlife. It’s an organized bar crawl, with a group of people visiting various bars and clubs throughout the Leidseplein area of Amsterdam. It’s a great way to meet other visitors and locals while tasting some of the best drinks and beers the city has to offer.

During the pub crawl, you’ll visit some of the best bars, pubs, and nightclubs in the area. Every venue will offer a different drinks menu, with great offers on drinks such as vodka and beer. You’ll also get VIP entrance to some of the most popular clubs for an unforgettable night out.

What Are the Benefits of Taking Part in the Leidseplein Nightlife Party Pub Crawl?

There are many benefits to taking part in the Leidseplein Nightlife Party Pub Crawl:

  • It’s a great way to meet other visitors and locals and make new friends.
  • You’ll get to sample some of the best drinks and beers in the city.
  • You’ll be given VIP access to some of the most popular clubs in the area.
  • You won’t have to worry about safety because you’ll be accompanied by an experienced guide.
  • And you can rest assured that your drinks tab is taken care of!

What Attractions Will You Visit During the Leidseplein Nightlife Party Pub Crawl?

During your pub crawl, you’ll get to experience some of Amsterdam’s more popular attractions and sights. These include:

  • The Leidseplein Square, where you can enjoy people-watching and see some of the city’s most popular bars and clubs.
  • The Heineken Experience, where you can learn more about Heineken beer and even get to sample some of it.
  • The “Westerstrand Club, a popular venue for great music, drinks and dancing.
  • The “Cafe Pletterij’, a cozy bar offering a variety of drinks as well as delicious food.

And many more. During your tour, you will also get to visit some of Amsterdam’s lesser-known attractions and museums, such as the Soviet Monuments Museum and The Resistance Museum.

What Is Included in The Leidseplein Nightlife Party Pub Crawl?

On top of visiting some of Amsterdam’s most popular tourist attractions, your night out will also include:

  • A complimentary welcome drink.
  • Expert local guides with knowledge of the city’s nightlife.
  • Free drinking games.
  • Free entrance to some of Amsterdam’s most exclusive nightclubs.
  • VIP access at certain venues.
  • Discounts on drinks at each venue.

How Can You Book The Leidseplein Nightlife Party Pub Crawl?

Booking your spot on the Leidseplein Nightlife Party Pub Crawl is easy. All you need to do is go to GetYourGuide, choose your preferred day or start time and complete your booking. You can also choose to book your hotel accommodation if needed. Once booked, simply show up at your designated time at the meeting point at De Dam (Central Station).

The guides from GetYourGuide will be happy to help make your experience even more enjoyable, providing suggestions for places to visit in your free time or helping you find your way around town. Their friendly staff are on hand 24 hours a day for any questions or queries you may have. So don’t hesitate to ask!


The Leidseplein Nightlife Party Pub Crawl is a great way to explore some of Amsterdam’s best attractions and hidden gems while sampling some of the city’s best drinks and beers. With free drinks thrown into the mix and VIP entry into clubs across the city, it’s definitely an experience worth having. So why not give it a try? To book your spot now, simply go to GetYourGuide. Are you up for an unforgettable night out in Amsterdam?

The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Amsterdam’s Hidden Gems and Unique Experiences

Amsterdam is a city of surprises, with a rich history and cultural heritage rich in diversity. Locals and tourists alike are enchanted by the city’s dynamic, creative and inclusive atmosphere. Amsterdam is packed full of novel sights, happening nightspots, and cultural experiences just waiting to be discovered. If you’re keen to explore beyond the tourist hotspots and delve deeper into all Amsterdam has to offer, then this guide is for you! Here are some unique insights into the best that Amsterdam has to offer.

Local Attractions

Amsterdam has countless hidden gems to discover. Here are some of the city’s best kept secrets:

– The Begijnhof, a medieval courtyard dating back to the 14th century, hidden in the midst of the city’s busiest streets.

– The NDSM Wharf, an artist community turned industrial park on the city’s northern banks.

– The Hortus Botanicus, one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world, founded in 1638, a sublime oasis in the bustling city.

Dining Spots

Amsterdam cuisine is rich with cultural diversity, reflecting the city’s history. Here are some places where you can sample traditional Dutch cuisine and international flavors alike:

– Cafe Loetje, a cozy, atmospheric restaurant serving succulent prime steak and classic Dutch dishes.

– De Foodhallen, for a sophisticated street food experience, with traditional Dutch snacks, international dishes, and cultural events.

– Van Stapele Koekmakerij, for freshly baked Dutch chocolate cookies that they claim are the best in the world!

Cultural Experiences

Amsterdam is a city renowned for its cultural diversity, vibrant art scene, and bustling music culture. Here are some of the top cultural experiences you should not miss:

– Amsterdam Light Festival, a winter festival that draws crowds from around the world, showcasing illuminated art pieces throughout the city.

– The Rijksmuseum, a world-renowned museum showcasing some of the greatest Dutch masters, including Rembrandt, Vermeer, and van Gogh.

– Paradiso, the legendary concert venue housed in a former church, which has hosted some of the biggest names in music.

Local History

Amsterdam’s beautifully preserved historic center boasts a layered and rich past, spanning over 800 years. Here are some of the most interesting stories from the city’s history:

– The legend of the Miracle of Amsterdam, which dates back to the 14th century, revolves around the hidden host. It is celebrated annually by Catholics around the world.

– Anne Frank House, the hiding place where Anne Frank spent two years with her family during World War II, is an essential trip for anyone visiting the city.

– The Gothic Oude Kerk, a 14th-century church in the Red Light District, the oldest building in Amsterdam, and one of the city’s best-kept secrets.

Off-the-beaten-path Suggestions

Amsterdam is a city of surprises, and if you’re feeling adventurous, here are some unique experiences worth exploring:

– Take a boat ride through Amsterdam’s iconic canals, recommended by locals, who say it’s the best way to discover the city!

– Amsterdam’s cat boat, home to over 50 feline residents, is a sanctuary that supports abandoned cats.

– Amsterdam’s micromarkets, for a unique fresh food experience – shop the most diverse, authentic ingredients, then cook them up in your Airbnb apartment kitchen.

In conclusion, Amsterdam offers a wealth of surprises for those who venture beyond the limits of the typical tourist itinerary. Whether you love art, music, history, food, or just exploring a new place, Amsterdam is packed with surprising experiences that will capture your imagination and leave you with unforgettable memories.

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