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The Ultimate Guide to New York City: New Year’s Eve Drinking and History Tour

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The Ultimate Guide to New York City: New Year’s Eve Drinking and History Tour

Do you want to experience an authentically New York tradition of ringing in the New Year? A way to party and explore the rich history that this bustling city has to offer all in one night? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s the ultimate guide to New York City’s New Year’s Eve Drinking and History Tour.

Why Take a New Year’s Eve Drinking and History Tour in NYC

Picture this – you, surrounded by your closest friends, in a grand city like no other, drinking your way through centuries of history in some of the most iconic bars in Manhattan, with the bustling energy of a unique city nightlife. A unique mix of exploring and partying, the New Year’s Eve Drinking and History Tour in New York City promises to be a night you’ll never forget.

What Will The New York City New Year’s Eve Drinking and History Tour Include?

The tour begins as your group is welcomed to the historic McSorleys Old Ale House, a bar founded in 1854, followed by a stop at the world-renowned Fraunces Tavern, a local favorite since 1762. From here you will start your journey exploring and ultimately “debunking” the infamous myths and secrets of some of New York City’s most historic neighborhoods.

The night begins just steps away from iconic Times Square, strolling through the narrow alleyways of the Garment District. You will make your way up towards Greeley Square, also known as “Heroes Square” which lies just below the Empire State Building, where as you look towards Midtown you will catch a glimpse of the entire city skyline. As you stroll further, stories of Broadway’s dazzling lights and rivers of neon adorn the walls, giving you a sense of what true Broadway stardom feels like.

The party continues to roll as you make your way through trendy Hell’s Kitchen, leading you up towards Rockefeller Center. As you look towards the glittering skyline of Manhattan your group will then proceed onwards towards Bryant Park, which stands majestically flanked by both Times Square and the New York Public Library. From here you will make your way up towards 7th Avenue along 42nd Street, eventually leading you to the monument where you started, McSorely’s Old Ale House.

Along the way, you will stop in some other incredible locations to experience all that this great city has to offer. You’ll have a chance to prick your ears and listen as your tour guide reveals tales of Prohibition era laws that still define great aspects of our culture today. Along with signature flavours, signature foods and signature drinks that are specialties only found in NYC. In each dive bar you will experience more than just your drink – but also a truly unique atmosphere and history that makes each drink special to that very moment in New York City.

How To Book a Tour

Ringing in the New Year with an exciting NYC-based drinking and history tour doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful. The best way to book is through GetYourGuide, with several pricing options available that should fit every budget and preference. Both bookings and recommendations from past customers are included on GetYourGuide as well, so it’s easy for anyone to book this amazing experience!

Where to Stay in New York City

If you’re booking a trip to New York specifically for a NYE drinking and history tour and need a place to stay after partying all night then here are some great hotel areas to consider:

Upper West Side of Manhattan

  • The Excelsior Hotel
  • The Empire Hotel
  • The Westin Times Square
  • Sheraton Hotel and Towers

Lower East Side/Chinatown

  • The Blossom Hotel at Chinatown
  • Crowne Plaza Times Square
  • Redford Hotel
  • Holiday Inn Manhattan Financial District

Midtown Manhattan

  • The Four Seasons Midtown West
  • Baccarat Hotel & Residences
  • Park Central Hotel
  • The Westin Times Square

Whether you’re on a budget or looking for something more luxurious, there is something here for everyone. And best of all, all these locations are close to various bars, clubs and attractions that can help you have the ultimate New Year’s experience!

Food & Drink on Your Tour

On your tour you won’t have time to sit down and have dinner but don’t forget that you will be provided with lots of tasty snacks during your travels as well as several drinks during your party stops throughout the night. Some snacks from previous tours include warm pretzels from street carts, famous NYC pizza slices from local pizzerias and true NYC style hotdogs from the food trucks in Hell’s Kitchen. In addition to savory snacks, there are also sweet treats like cronuts (a delicious croissant donut hybrid invented in NYC), Crispy Patties (an NYC specialty) and Rice Krispy treats made with beer & whiskey marshmallows among many more tasty options (click here for more info). Drink samples available as well include craft beers & handpicked wines from local brewers & vintners, plus epic whiskey Basil Haydens samples that perfectly complete the historic vibe of Manhattan’s speakeasies. From these snacks and drinks, you’ll be able to get an authentic taste of what makes NYC nightlife so magical!

Tips For Enjoying Your Tour

There are so many little things that can help enhance your experience during this one-of-a-kind tour. Here are some tips that should ensure that you enjoy your time to its fullest:

  1. Know Your Host:
    Make sure you know who will be hosting your tour for the night so that you can plan accordingly.
  2. Make Sure Everyone Is On The Same Page:
    Before starting your tour make sure everyone knows what is expected from them for an enjoyable and safe night out.
  3. Tell A Friend:
    If possible let someone know where you will be and keep them updated throughout the night.
  4. ” Pace Yourself: ”
    Drinking on a tour can be fun but remember to stay safe and pace yourself.
  5. ” Get Your Sleep: ”
    As fun as this tour can be it is important that everyone gets enough sleep so they can stay safe throughout the night.
  6. ” Have Fun: ”
    Most of all, make sure that everyone has fun on their tour!

From amazing drinks and snacks along with memorable stories about some of NYC’s oldest dive bars, taking an amazing tour through Manhattan’s rich landscape is every history buff’s dream come true. Regardless if it is your first time visiting or you’re a longtime fan, don’t miss out on this incredible experience and join us for an unforgettable night out! Don’t forget to book your tickets now via GetYourGuide!

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