The Ultimate Guide to Organizing a Pub Crawl in Dusseldorf

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The Ultimate Guide to Organizing a Pub Crawl in Dusseldorf

by | Mar 29, 2023 | Dusseldorf, Pub Crawl FAQ

The Ultimate Guide to Organizing a Pub Crawl in Dusseldorf

Are you looking for an adrenaline-fueled night out on the town in Dusseldorf? Look no further than a pub crawl, the ultimate way to explore Dusseldorf’s vibrant nightlife. At the end of your tour, you’ll have the bragging rights of visiting multiple bars and experiencing a range of libations. Exploring Dusseldorf’s fascinating nightlife can seem intimidating for first-time visitors, but with a little help from this handy guide, we’re confident that you’ll be able to organize a pub crawl worthy of your friends’ admiration.

Organizing a Pub Crawl

Planning a pub crawl requires some thought and foresight. Before recruiting the troops, you’ll need to make sure that everyone’s goals are aligned. Start by setting a timeline. Do you want to visit multiple bars in one night? Are you planning for a weekend? How long will the pub crawl last?

Next, decide who is coming. Is this a wild night out with a group of your closest friends or are you planning a more structured pub crawl for strangers? If you’re inviting your own friends, make sure to let them know the plan ahead of time. For the latter, you’ll need to consider safety issues and ensure supervision (we recommend having two official supervisors who can step in when necessary).

Choosing Your Hot Spots

You’ll also want to figure out which bars you’ll be visiting. As one of Germany’s cultural centers, Dusseldorf is filled with plenty of great pubs and clubs that cater to a variety of tastes. Although it’s great to let spontaneity rule the night, choosing some venues ahead of time can save time, energy and potentially money.

If you’re looking for a general overview, Yelp is a great source for finding what other people have enjoyed (you can filter by type of establishment and price range). Make sure to check out Düsseldorf Tourismus for more targeted recommendations from local experts. You can even opt for a guided tour with Dusseldorf Pub Crawl Tour, if you want the full VIP experience.

Creating an Itinerary

Whether you plan on hitting one bar or ten, creating an itinerary can be beneficial. Even if your plans are subject to change based on the dynamic nature of bar hopping, having a basic guideline could help prevent you from meandering and losing track of time.

Include estimated arrival and departure times as well as how you’ll get from one venue to the next (Uber, walking, public transport?). Consider offering free or discounted drinks during the night in order to get people excited. Another great way to keep everyone motivated is by writing out a “Pub Crawl Oath” at the beginning of the night—a reminder of your mission, expectations and limitations (no underage drinking allowed!).

When creating the itinerary, keep in mind specific entry rules (most bars prohibit entry after 11pm) as well as health and minimun crew size restrictions.It might also be beneficial to give each participant personal planning documents with all the cafes, bars, and dance clubs that will be visited outlined for easy picking.

Pub Crawl Necessities

Part of what makes pub crawls memorable is setting yourself up for success. Make sure you have an adequate number of drivers as well as enough people to accompany those who may not be able to consume alcohol (we recommend at least one or two!).

Additionally, pack these essentials: creative party games and cards, snacks and cash for tips at each stop. Also make sure your group has plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the night. Cold water bottles are great when you don’t want to order drinks at each stop. Lastly, you don’t want any of your guests to get lost so make sure everyone stays together!

Having Fun with Friends

When it comes to pub crawl planning, remember that it should be fun! Follow these insider tips and you won’t have anything to worry about:

  • Mix it up! Visit a selection of pubs (or micro breweries) on your crawl.
  • Try something unique (like absinth or kölsch)!
  • Keep energy levels high by taking breaks between bars.
  • Be polite and friendly to staff and patrons alike.
  • Drink responsibly—this means eating sustenance throughout the night.
  • Remember the “buddy system;” look out for each other!

At the end of the night, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by a day or night chock full of bar hopping. To make the most of your experience, slow it down, talk to people and soak up the atmosphere while exploring some of Dusseldorf’s unique drinking establishments.

With this handy guide to organizing a pub crawl in Dusseldorf, we hope that you can assemble your crew and embark on an entertaining and safe night out on the town! We also recommend taking part in the Düsseldrof Pub Crawl Tour, a comprehensive guided tour of some of Düsseldrof’s greatest bars. Taking part in this tour ensures that you don’t miss out on any gems the city has to offer, allowing for an authentic, interactive experience within the buzzing Düsselelf coastline. What better way is there to fully explore this classic German city? Book your ticket now and enjoy everything that Düsseldorf has to offer!

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The Ultimate Guide to Organizing a Pub Crawl in Dusseldorf

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