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Things To See In Munich

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Things to See in Munich

Munich is the capital of Bavaria and one of the largest cities in Germany. It is a popular tourist destination for its stunning architecture, picturesque landscapes, historical sites, and vibrant culture. With a long history dating back to 1158, Munich has been home to many fascinating people and events over the centuries. From the royals of the old Bavarian state to the modern beer festivals and cultural festivals, Munich is a city full of culture and history. With its beautiful outdoor parks and gardens, art galleries, lively nightlife, and endless attractions, there is something for everyone in Munich.

History of Munich

Munich has a long and storied history stretching back to the Middle Ages. The city was founded in 1158 by the Bavarian Duke Otto I, and is the capital of Bavaria, Germany’s largest state. In the Middle Ages, Munich was a major trading center, with merchants from all over Europe coming to buy and sell goods. During the Reformation in 1525, Munich became an important center of Protestantism. In 1632, during the Thirty Years’ War, Bavaria allied itself with France against the Holy Roman Empire, and Munich was occupied by French forces.

In 1806, Bavaria became an independent kingdom and Munich its capital. During this period, Munich’s population grew rapidly as people from all over Europe flocked to the city. The Industrial Revolution saw Munich become an important center of engineering and manufacturing. In the late 19th century, Munich became a major center of art and culture, with many famous Germans like Ludwig van Beethoven and Richard Wagner living in the city.

In 1923, Adolf Hitler rose to power in Munich and declared it the birthplace of National Socialism. The city also became an important center of Nazi propaganda and rallies during World War II. After the war, Munich was divided into four zones, but in 1949 was reunited by the Allied Forces. In 1972, Munich hosted the Olympic Games, making it one of the most famous cities in Europe. Today, Munich is one of Germany’s most vibrant cities and a popular tourist destination.

Famous Sights in Munich

Munich is home to some of Germany’s most famous sights. Here are some of the most popular attractions in the city:


Marienplatz is Munich’s main square and a major tourist attraction. Located at the heart of the old city center, Marienplatz is surrounded by stunning Neo-Gothic buildings, including the Rathaus (town hall) and the New Town Hall (Neues Rathaus). The square hosts many events throughout the year, including the annual Christmas market and Oktoberfest. Visitors can also take a guided tour of the New Town Hall or visit the nearby Glockenspiel carillon tower, which plays a traditional Bavarian tune every day at 11 am and 12 pm.

English Garden

The English Garden (Englischer Garten) is one of Europe’s largest city parks. Located just north of Marienplatz, the park covers an area of over 900 acres and is home to many attractions and activities. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll through the lush gardens or take a boat ride on the lake. There are also many beer gardens scattered throughout the park where visitors can enjoy a traditional Bavarian meal and a cold beer.

Nymphenburg Palace

Nymphenburg Palace (Schloss Nymphenburg) is a stunning Baroque palace located on the western edge of Munich. Built in 1664 as a summer residence for Bavarian royalty, the palace is now open to visitors who can explore its grandiose interior and wander through its lush gardens. The palace also houses a fascinating porcelain museum where visitors can view some of Europe’s finest porcelain pieces.

Deutsches Museum

The Deutsches Museum is one of Europe’s largest science museums and a must-see for anyone visiting Munich. Located on an island in the Isar river, the museum offers more than 50 exhibits on topics ranging from natural sciences to technology and engineering. Visitors can explore everything from ancient Egyptian artifacts to modern inventions such as cars and airplanes. The museum also features a hands-on workshop where visitors can make their own inventions from everyday materials.

Popular Activities in Munich

Munich has something for everyone – from culture lovers to nature enthusiasts to beer drinkers! Here are some of the most popular activities in Munich:


Biergartens are a Bavarian tradition and one of Munich’s top attractions. There are hundreds of biergartens scattered throughout the city where visitors can enjoy traditional Bavarian food and beer in a relaxed atmosphere. The most famous biergarten is Hofbräuhaus am Platzl where visitors can sample some of Germany’s finest beers while listening to live music or taking part in traditional Bavarian games.

Hiking & Cycling

Munich is surrounded by beautiful countryside and there are many trails for both hikers and cyclists to explore. Just outside of the city you will find stunning mountain peaks, rolling hills, lush forests, and crystal clear lakes. There are many bike rental shops throughout Munich where you can rent bicycles for exploring the countryside or tackling one of many mountain trails.

Skiing & Snowboarding

Munich is surrounded by some of Germany’s best skiing and snowboarding destinations. Just an hour away from the city you will find Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany’s largest ski resort with over 60 kilometers of slopes for all levels of skiers and boarders. There are also many other ski resorts in the area such as Oberstdorf and Füssen where you can enjoy some winter fun in the snow!

Beer Festivals

No trip to Munich would be complete without experiencing one of its famous beer festivals! The world-renowned Oktoberfest is held every year in Munich and attracts millions of visitors from all over the world who come to sample some of Germany’s finest beers. There are also many smaller beer festivals held throughout the year such as Starkbierfest in March and Frühlingsfest in April where visitors can enjoy traditional German ales in a festive atmosphere.

Tours in Munich

If you’re looking for an immersive experience in Munich then why not take one of these popular tours:

Munich Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour

The Hop-On Hop-Off bus tour is a great way to explore all that Munich has to offer in just one day! The tour takes you past all of Munich’s top attractions such as Marienplatz, Nymphenburg Palace, and Deutsches Museum with recorded commentary along the way. You can hop on or off whenever you like to explore each attraction at your own pace or simply sit back and enjoy the ride! Book a Munich Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour here.

Munich Walking Tour

If you’re looking for an intimate experience with Munich then take a guided walking tour through its picturesque streets! Led by an experienced guide you will be taken on a journey through Munich’s historic center past many famous sights such as Marienplatz, Frauenkirche Cathedral, Viktualienmarkt Square, and more! You will also get an insight into Munich’s culture and history as your guide tells you stories about the city’s past and present! Book a Munich Walking Tour here.

Munich Bike Tour

For an active adventure around town why not take a bike tour? This tour will take you around all of Munich’s top attractions while also giving you a chance to explore some lesser known spots on two wheels! The tour starts at Marienplatz before heading past sights such as Hofbräuhaus am Platzl, Nymphenburg Palace, Deutsches Museum, English Garden and more! You will also have time for a break at one of Munich’s famous beer gardens before finishing up at Viktualienmarkt Square! Book a Munich Bike Tour here.


Munich is one of Germany’s most vibrant cities with something for everyone! From its impressive architecture to its lively beer gardens there are endless things to see and do in this stunning city! Whether you’re looking for culture or adventure there’s something here for everyone – so why not come visit this amazing city today?

anthony delanoix CFi7 hCXecU unsplash

Things To See In Munich

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