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Tozeur: 2-Day Desert Overnight Stay in a Tent & Camel Trek in Tozeur – All You Need to Know

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Tozeur: 2-Day Desert Overnight Stay in a Tent & Camel Trek in Tozeur – All You Need to Know

Are you looking for an exciting holiday experience involving camping, trekking, and sightseeing in the Tunisian desert? Tozeur is the place to be. The city of Tazzeur, in the south-west of Tunisia, is home to the world’s oldest and most enchanting oasis. This enchanting oasis is a must-visit destination and offers a unique opportunity to explore the desert terrain while taking in the beauty of this unique setting and its colourful history.

With so much to explore, it’s essential to make the most of your time in Tozeur. One way to do this is to plan an overnight stay in the desert, camping in a tent and camel trekking—an experience that will have you longing to return for another visit. But before you can begin your journey, you must first understand what you’re in for.

Exploring the Wonders of Tozeur: 2-Day Overnight Desert Stay & Camel Trek

Tozeur is a great starting point for anyone looking to immerse themselves in some unique desert experiences. With over 2,000 years of culture, awe-inspiring architecture, and spectacularly beautiful landscape, it offers something for everyone, no matter where their interests lie.

A two-day overnight stay and camel trek in the lush oasis of Tozeur is the perfect way to explore its genuinely awe-inspiring desert vistas. With a night of camping in a tent and a day of camel trekking to explore the magnificent yet wild landscape, you will get to witness all of the area’s organic beauty and take part in the diverse cultural customs.

What To Expect On Your Overnight Desert Stay & Camel Trek

The two-day journey will begin with camping overnight in a cozy tent set up in a small oasis. The diverse terrain you’ll pass, underlined with captivating cliffs, will lend itself to many interesting discoveries during your adventure. Along your journey you’ll encounter ancient caves featuring 12th-century carvings and beautiful oases featuring pools with crystal clear water. Through interactive experiences at each of the points of interest and the knowledge of professional guides, you’ll gain valuable insight into the local culture and traditions from a helpful local guide who will accompany you along the way.

When you reach your campsite for the night, you’ll be offered traditional hospitality and delicious cuisine prepared by your guide. After relaxing for a bit and taking in the stunning panoramic views around you, you can use the opportunity to spend the night stargazing—observing some of the rarest celestial sights—or go for a moonlit walk to take full advantage of the area’s extraordinary beauty.

The second day of your adventure will begin early with a hearty breakfast before you embark on another adventure—exploring the surrounding region on camelback! With everyone saddled up and ready to go, your guide will lead you deep into the desert as you pass by spectacular sights and absorb the unique local history—all while safely enjoying an adventure unique to Tunisia.

By the end of your journey, you’ll have had an unconventional experience in one of North Africa’s most isolated regions—from camel rides and night stargazing to traditional meals freshly cooked by your guides!

What’s Included in the Tour?

A two-day Overnight Desert Stay & Camel Trek Adventure in Tozeur would typically include:

  • Transport from your hotel to/from the desert
  • Lunch on the first day
  • Traditional dinner on the first night at the camp
  • Traditional Tunisian breakfast on the second day
  • Visit of an old Berber cave with 12th century carvings
  • Visit to an oasis with crystal clear water
  • Camel trekking
  • Tent accommodation
  • An Arabic guide as your personal host throughout the trip
  • An additional Arabic guide – camel breeder

One thing that makes a two-day stay and camel trek enjoyable is that the expert guides leading it are focused on making sure that all of their customers are comfortable and safe while exploring this beautiful yet remote environment. They will provide knowledge about local customs and civilities as well as insights into wildlife that can be seen along your journey. Even better, you’ll have access to amenities like medical help if ever need it along with interesting conversation topics provided by your guide.

Tips For Booking Your 2-Day Overnight Desert Stay & Camel Trek Tour

  • Book your tour:

Your two-day camel trek in Tozeur starts at your hotel, which means you will need to book a tour from your current location or from nearby wherever you plan on staying during your trip. A great way to book your tour is through an online travel agency like GetYourGuide, which offers locally organised tours led by knowledgeable Arab guides who will get you to all of the major points of interest when booking a two-day stay and camel trek tour. Their website provides clear pricing details as well as plenty of photos and descriptions on what you can expect when booking your tour through them.

During your stay in Tozeur, make sure not to miss out on any local customs that come with spending time in this amazing destination. You’re likely to find a lot of interesting things when spending two days camping and camel trekking through Tozeur’s oldest oasis—from ancient Berber villages tucked away in hills that seem to have stood still in time to unique local artifacts that reflect Tunisian history. Be sure to take as much time as possible getting to know more about each one while you’re in the area!

  • What to pack:

Before embarking on your 2-day adventure, it’s essential that you have packed the right things for the adventure. We recommend packing items that are light yet sturdy like waterproof clothing (jacket or coat), sunscreen or hat for sun protection, comfortable walking shoes or sandals, sunglasses and insect repellant—all of which should be able to fit into a small bag or backpack. We also recommend bringing a camera or GoPro so that you can capture photos of all of your diverse experiences exploring Tozeur’s unique topography and ancient cultures! Be sure to also pack enough snacks and water for during your camel ride as well as snacks for while camping out overnight!

Experience The Tozeur Desert For Yourself!

From camping out overnight in cosy tents and taking part in unique cultural experiences, to exploring centuries old Berber carvings and admiring crystal clear desert oases, Tozeur is a place that won’t quickly be forgotten. Whether it’s discovering hidden attractions along the way or sampling authentic local dinner dishes with just under of stars guiding your way—you’re sure to have an unforgettable time when embarking on an overnight stay and camel trek through Tozeur’s sand dunes!
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stephen arnold xSTQzSLJA4c unsplash

Tozeur: 2-Day Desert Overnight Stay in a Tent & Camel Trek in Tozeur – All You Need to Know

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