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Transfer from Mariscal Sucre Airport to Quito

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Transfer from Mariscal Sucre Airport to Quito

When traveling to Quito, Ecuador, one of the first places travelers usually arrive is the Mariscal Sucre International Airport (UIO). The airport is located in Tababela, in the province of Quito, only 11 miles east of the city center. Travelers need to plan for how to get from Mariscal Sucre Airport to the heart of Quito when arriving.

Travelers have the following options to choose from when transferring from Mariscal Sucre Airport to Quito’s city center:


Taxis operated by cooperatives are the most reliable and most used option to "Transfer from Mariscal Sucre Airport to Quito". All taxis at the airport are shared taxis, each of which can accommodate up to 4 passengers plus luggage. The fixed fare to travel from Mariscal Sucre Airport to Quito city center is $17.50. This price does not include tips for the driver.

In comparison to taxis available elsewhere in Ecuador, Quito taxis are quite expensive but very safe and reliable. You will find the taxi stand outside of the Arrivals Hall, and you should be aware that airport taxis do not accept credit cards. You will need to pay in cash in US Dollars or in local currency. It is also important to note that drivers may be unfamiliar with some destination addresses in Quito city center, so it would be wise to have your destination address written down in Spanish before departing.


The second possible option for "Transfer from Mariscal Sucre Airport to Quito" is bus transportation operated by Teld an Ecuador. This bus can be taken from outside the Arrivals Hall (ticket booth located near the departure hall). The bus currently operates four routes that cover different neighborhoods in Quito city center.

The tickets cost $3.50 (cash only), and they can be purchased with travelers inserting the coins into a machine at the booth. It is important to carry change in U.S. currency or in local coins because the machines don’t accept bills, and neither do the drivers if you decide to ride without purchasing a ticket ahead of time.

The limitations related to this form of public transportation are: 1) long lines can get formed during peak times i.e. Sunday 04:00 pm, Saturday night and Holidays; 2) the buses do not provide an AC inside them; 3) it may take longer for travelers to get to their final destination since the buses make several stops on their routes and; 4) the buses may not travel if there is an ect closure declared in Quito due to certain risk factors such as riots, strikes or bad weather conditions.

Shuttle Bus Services

The third option for "Transfer from Mariscal Sucre Airport to Quito" is shuttle bus services. Several companies offer shuttle services at pre-determined rates and times that are available 24/7. It is important to note that when booking these services, travelers should make sure they choose a company that operates with certified drivers and up-to-date vehicles that meet their safety needs and comfort expectations.

These services provide private transportation with flexible schedules for round trip and one-way transfers between the airport and any destination in Quito city center (hotels, villas, apartments, etc). Prices vary depending on how many people book the service together and how far you need to go, however travelers can expect to pay approximately $35 or more for a one-way transfer from Mariscal Sucre Airport to Quito city center.

Make sure to keep an eye out for any additional hidden fees that are not advertised initially and only revealed after booking. The best way to do this is by booking directly with a company and reading all their policies such as cancellation fees and other surcharges before finalizing the booking.

Ride Share Services

The fourth option for "Transfer from Mariscal Sucre Airport to Quito" is ride share services such as Uber, Cabify, and EasyTaxi. Ride share services provide private rides booked in advance through an app and transported by independent drivers approved by the company itself. Most ride share apps are available in Quito so travelers have many choices when looking for a reliable and affordable ride within the city. Prices vary depending on vehicle type and estimated time of arrival but they usually start at around $12-$15 depending on surge prices.

When using these apps, be aware that not all destinations are serviced equally by all companies as well as that prices can change dramatically during busy times (holidays, special events). Travelers should also compare prices between companies before booking as some service providers offer discounts for first time customers or other specials when using their app for travel purposes.

Transfer from Mariscal Sucre Airport to Quito: Summary

Travelers coming into Mariscal Sucre International Airport (UIO) have several options available when transferring from the airport to Quito’s city center in order to reach their destination. The five main options travelers can choose from are taxis, bus transportation, shuttle bus service, ride share services (Uber, Cabify, EasyTaxi), or pre-booking a Private Transfer service with companies like Get Your Guide.

All of these alternatives come with their own pros and cons related to reliability/safety/costs offering something for most travelers’ needs and budgets. Whichever option you choose, it is important to research ahead of time in order to find a suitable service provider and plan your journey accordingly before leaving the airport.
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