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Trek from Serra Malagueta to Rabelados Community in Praia, Santiago – An In-Depth Guide

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Trek from Serra Malagueta to Rabelados Community in Praia, Santiago – An In-Depth Guide

Are you looking for a great outdoor adventure in Santiago, the paradise of Portugal? Well, you’re in luck because trekking from Serra Malagueta to the Rabelados community in Praia is a popular strain for Nature lovers and outdoor adventurers.

Whether you are into an adrenaline rush, hiking challenges, or amazing views, this trek provides an unforgettable experience. In this guide, we will tell you all the necessary information to plan your trek, including itinerary, culture, and practical tips. Let’s dive in.


This arduous journey begins in Serra Malagueta and ends at Rabelados Community in Praia. The terrain will switch during the course of the trek from rough, dry terrain up- high to lush pastureland and finally on to the rolling hills at Rabelados.

The journey will take anywhere from four to eight hours depending on your pace and the stops that you make. The temperature during the day can reach upwards of 100°F (40°C) so it is highly advised to start early (before 8 am) to make the most out of your adventure.


The journey starts with a steep climb up Serra Malagueta with no shade provided. The trail is located between miles and meters. Although it is a challenging ascent, the views will offer an amazing reward. It provides hikes from soaring heights with expansive views of the valley below. The descent to Rabelados community gives you the soil that is packed with fresh dirt and local herbs.

Tired hiking legs will be taxed with a quick climb up Rabelados which is slightly inclined towards the top but manageable. Once you arrive, you will begin the exploration of its history and culture through meandering trails and informative tours. Its terraced landscape, breathtaking scenery, and interactive exhibits accumulate to create a magical atmosphere. You’ll be able to see up close the constructions of the village, roaming animals, and lovely folk from the Rabelados Community which will be sure to keep you entertained.

Adrenaline seekers may want to end their trek with a kayak ride in the crystal clear waters of Praia Island. All-in-all this trek provides diverse experiences paired with unique cultures and breathtaking views that exceed that of other outdoor activities in Santiago.

Trip Planning


As with any other outdoor activity it is essential to be well supplied with necessary equipment. Depending on where you depart from and the expected duration of your trek you should at least bring:

  • Hiking boots or good shoes
  • Adequately fitted backpacks
  • A hat
  • Large water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks
  • Suitable clothing according to the season
  • First aid kit
  • Compass or GPS device

If you plan to kayak, it is heavily advised to bring other supplies such as a lifejacket and suitable clothing such as swimsuits and shorts.


The average cost of a trek from Serra Malagueta to Rabelados Community in Praia is around €49 to €59. Prices can differ depending on individual preferences and package options.


It is important to begin the Trek early in the morning so that you can make the most out of your adventure. Frequently, the trek can take between 4 – 8 hours depending on your speed and stops taken. If you plan to kayak it is advisable to add 2o – 30 minutes to your expected duration.


Accommodations near Praia vary from budget friendly options such as guest houses or beach camping sites to luxury hotels like Jardim do Mar Eco Resort and Vila Boa Vista Resort & Spa. You can find different stay options at sites like Airbnb where you can look for villas, lodges, and bungalows for rent. Additionally, if you plan on kayaking you can spend the night in one of Praia’s rocky caves or small hotels near by.

Safety Measures

While universally trekking requires permission from local authorities, there are not any laws explicitly restricting access within Serra Malagueta and Praia Island, although permission should still be sought. It is advised to inform park rangers of your whereabouts before starting your trek which should not be done alone; hike in groups, preferably with locals that are familiar with the terrain and the local flora/fauna. Utilizing a GPS device is also recommended if entering unfamiliar areas as there may be no cell signal or landmarks indicating direction or location.

The Safari Association does not have a presence in Serra Malagueta but can provide logistical support for those attempting a trek, including arranging equipment/supplies and personnel on request. As always practicing Leave No Trace principles from stowing away trash/waste produced from your journey is highly encouraged.

Final Thoughts

The Trek from Serra Malegueta to Rabelados Community in Praia provides an amazing blend of diverse experiences paired with rich cultural heritage that showcase A beautiful region of Portugal in ways that few others may know or experience! It is heavily recommended that each individual person follows basic safety protocols while participating in this adventure but other than that no other additional permits are technically required as of now. This challenging yet rewarding trek offers something for everyone in its picturesque landscape, captivating culture, and adventurous trails; make sure to check it out when visiting Santiago! T

If you are now convinced to experience this unforgettable trek yourself, why not take the hassle out of planning your own adventure by booking a guided tour here. Enjoy!

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