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Ultimate Guide: Fox Glacier Scenic Helicopter Flight with Snow Landing

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Ultimate Guide: Fox Glacier Scenic Helicopter Flight with Snow Landing

Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure in one of the most beautiful parts of the world? Experience the stunning Fox Glacier from a unique perspective with a 20-minute scenic helicopter flight with a snow landing. This once-in-a-lifetime tour will take you on an adventure high above the Southern Alps, showcasing the incredible natural beauty of New Zealand’s South Island. Here’s everything you need to know about the Fox Glacier Scenic Helicopter Flight with Snow Landing.


– Experience a unique 20-minute scenic flight with a snow landing – Marvel at the incredible ice falls around the Fox Glacier – Enjoy commentary from your expert pilot-guide throughout your tour – Take in the magnificent panoramic views of the Southern Alps

What to Expect

Your adventure begins at the helicopter base in Fox Glacier Township, where you’ll meet your expert team. After a safety briefing, you’ll climb aboard your helicopter and take off on an exhilarating flight over the town and surrounding landscapes. As you head towards the Fox Glacier, be amazed by the breathtaking panoramic views of the Southern Alps. As you draw closer to the mountains, fly over dramatic ice falls and deep crevasses, and get ready for a snow landing like no other. Your pilot will expertly guide the helicopter down onto a beautiful snowfield, where you can take in the stunning alpine views and snap photos of this winter wonderland. While on the snowfield, enjoy the clean alpine air, relax and take in the serene scenery. Your pilot-guide will provide captivating commentary throughout your tour, sharing interesting facts and stories about the Fox Glacier and the surrounding area. After your snow landing experience, board your helicopter once again for a scenic return flight back to the Fox Glacier Township. This unforgettable 20-minute adventure concludes with memories that will last a lifetime.

Tips for an Unforgettable Experience

– Dress in warm, comfortable clothing and bring a camera to capture the stunning views – Don’t forget to bring sunscreen and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun’s glare and reflection on the snow – Listen carefully to the safety briefing and follow your pilot-guide’s instructions for a safe and enjoyable experience – Be prepared for a unique adventure that you will never forget!

Booking Information

To book the Fox Glacier Scenic Helicopter Flight with Snow Landing, head to This reputable tour operator provides easy online booking and a secure payment process. Book your tour here and prepare for an unforgettable adventure in the Southern Alps.

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The Fox Glacier Scenic Helicopter Flight with Snow Landing is an essential experience for anyone visiting New Zealand’s South Island. Take in the dramatic scenery and breathtaking views of the stunning Southern Alps from above. With expert commentary from your pilot-guide and a unique snow landing experience, this tour is an unforgettable adventure that should be on your bucket-list. Book your tour now, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

Frequently Asked Questions about Fox Glacier

Located on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island, Fox Glacier is a popular destination for tourists seeking a mesmerizing landscape, breathtaking glaciers and extraordinary outdoor experiences. That’s why we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions and have provided detailed answers to help guide you in planning your trip to the beautiful city of Fox Glacier.

1. What is Fox Glacier?

Fox Glacier is one of the West Coast’s two famous glaciers that is rapidly flowing and retreating. It is 13 kilometres long and terminates just below 300 meters above sea level, at the head of the Fox Valley. The glacier is particularly unique due to its location near the coast and the temperate rainforest that surrounds it, creating a breathtaking contrast.

2. How do I get to Fox Glacier?

Fox Glacier is conveniently located on the West Coast, situated 300 kilometers west of Christchurch, 200 kilometers south of Greymouth and 100 kilometers south of Hokitika. You can travel by private car, bus or a scenic flight.

3. What is the best time to visit Fox Glacier?

The best time to visit Fox Glacier is during the summer months, from October to March, as the weather is mild and the days are long. During winter, the town can be extremely cold with short daylight hours, but still worth a visit as the scenery changes dramatically with snow-capped peaks and valleys.

4. What are some outdoor activities that you can do in Fox Glacier?

Fox Glacier hosts a range of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed year-round. Some of the popular activities include:

a. Glacier Hiking

Experience the beauty of Fox Glacier by hiking on it. Tour guides provide comprehensive equipment and conduct a safety briefing before embarking on the hike.

b. Scenic helicopter flights

Some of the scenic routes include flying over the glacier and the Southern Alps, showcasing the beauty of the alpine areas draped in snow.

c. Visit Lake Matheson

Located 5 kilometers west of Fox Glacier, Lake Matheson offers one of the most picturesque views of New Zealand’s Southern Alps and is famed for its reflective clear waters that create a mirror image of the surrounding mountains.

d. Kayaking and Rafting

Nothing beats the thrill of exploring the wild waters of Fox River while kayaking or rafting, with a scenic view of mountains and rainforests.

5. What are some popular accommodations in Fox Glacier?

Fox Glacier offers a range of accommodation options to suit each visitor’s preferences and budget. There are apartments, lodges, hotels, motels, and camping sites. Popular accommodation options include the Distinction Fox Glacier, Heartland Hote Glacier Country and the Fox Glacier Top 10 Holiday Park.

6. Are there any precautions to consider when visiting Fox Glacier?

Yes, absolutely. Although it is breathtakingly beautiful, it is important to be aware of the potential hazards of visiting glaciers. To ensure everyone stays safe, it is recommended that visitors always use a guide, stay on designated tracks and carry the necessary or recommended equipment such as crampons and ice axes.

7. Are there any vegan or vegetarian food options in Fox Glacier?

Yes, there are several vegetarian and vegan options available in Fox Glacier. The Cook Saddle Cafe and Saloon and The White Pub both offer a range of vegetarian and vegan dishes with locally sourced ingredients.

8. What other nearby attractions can be visited around Fox Glacier?

Lake Matheson, Westland Tai Poutini National Park, Gillespies Beach, Monro Beach and the Franz Josef Glacier are among the many beautiful places you can drive to within an hour of Fox Glacier.

9. How long does it take to explore Fox Glacier?

The length of stay required in Fox Glacier depends on the time and the schedule of the traveler, as there are a variety of activities and attractions to visit. But generally, a minimum of two days is recommended to fully absorb the beauty of the area. In conclusion, Fox Glacier is a beautiful city that offers a range of outdoor activities, unique attractions and accommodations. By keeping these frequently asked questions and answers in mind, your trip to Fox Glacier should run smoothly and be memorable.

How to Spend Your Time as a Tourist in Fox Glacier

If you’re planning a trip to New Zealand’s South Island, Fox Glacier is one of the must-visit tourist destinations. This beautiful glacier has attracted visitors from all over the world, and for a good reason. Fox Glacier is 13km long and offers stunning views for tourists to enjoy. If you’re looking for things to do in Fox Glacier and are wondering how to spend your time there, you’re in luck. In this guide, we’ll cover all the must-see attractions and activities for tourists in Fox Glacier.

1. Glacier Heli-Hiking

The Fox Glacier is one of the most popular tourist destinations in New Zealand. And what better way to experience its beauty than with a Glacier Heli-Hiking tour? The Heli-Hike tour involves a scenic helicopter ride to the top of the glacier, after which visitors are taken on a guided hike through the pristine ice formations. There are several operators that offer this experience, each with its level of difficulty and duration, ensuring that everyone can find a tour that suits them.

2. Glacier Hot Pools

If you’re looking for something relaxing, the Glacier Hot Pools are a must-visit. These natural hot pools are located in a beautiful rainforest setting surrounded by native trees and the mountains. There are three main pools of varying temperatures to choose from, and they’re open until late at night, allowing visitors to enjoy the breathtaking views of the starlit sky.

3. Walks and Hikes

Fox Glacier is surrounded by stunning national parks and walking tracks, making it an ideal destination for hikers and walkers. One of the most popular walks here is the Copland Track, the 18-kilometer trek that passes through an ancient forest, waterfalls, and hot springs. Another popular walk is the Roberts Point Track, which offers stunning views of the glacier top and the valley below.

4. Helicopter Tours

Fox Glacier offers visitors the ultimate scenic experience with helicopter tours. From the sky, visitors can enjoy an aerial view of the glacier, its surroundings and take in the breathtaking beauty of the Southern Alps. There are several helicopter tour operators to choose from, ensuring that everyone can find a tour that meets their needs and budget.

5. Skydiving

For the adrenaline junkies, skydiving is an option not to be missed. Imagine jumping out of a plane and of free-falling from 12,000 feet above the glacier and seeing the ice formations from a different perspective. And even better, there are skydiving operators that offer video packages, meaning visitors can keep the memory of their skydive with them forever.

6. Quad Biking

If you want to explore the surrounding forests and tracks in a more adventurous way, quad biking is a great option. Several operators offer guided tours on ATV quad bikes, allowing visitors to explore the remote tracks, waterfalls, and streams unique to this region.

7. Lake Matheson

Lake Matheson is located just five minutes from Fox Glacier, and it’s no wonder that it’s listed as one of New Zealand’s eight most beautiful landscapes. The lake offers a reflective view of the country’s highest peaks, Mt Tasman and Mt Cook. A walk around the lake takes around 1.5 hours and offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore native bush, birdlife, and stunning views.

8. Kayaking

Fox Glacier offers visitors a great kayaking experience. Kayaking tours are available in the local area, and visitors get to explore the stunning glacier-fed Lake Mapourika. The calm waters of the lake provide a perfect environment for novice kayakers, and the tour offers visitors an opportunity to see the glacier from below.

9. West Coast Wildlife Centre

The West Coast Wildlife Centre offers you an opportunity to see New Zealand’s rarest bird, the Rowi Kiwi. The centre is dedicated to preserving the native bird species, and visitors can take a guided tour and see a kiwi egg incubation facility and hatchery.

10. Scenic Drives

Fox Glacier is surrounded by scenic drives that offer stunning views of the glacier and surrounding mountains. Visitors can take advantage of a wide range of rental car companies in the area and drive on their own terms. Some of the more popular scenic drives include the Haast Pass, which is one of the most scenic drives in New Zealand, as it goes through mountains, rivers, and forests.

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Fox Glacier is one of New Zealand’s top tourist destinations, and with good reason. Its natural beauty, adventures, and leisure activities are perfect for visitors of all ages and interests. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline-fueled adventure or a leisurely walk around a stunning lake, Fox Glacier has something for everyone. Plan your trip now, and you will not be disappointed.
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Ultimate Guide: Fox Glacier Scenic Helicopter Flight with Snow Landing

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