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Ultimate Guide: From Ibiza Return Ferry Ticket to Formentera

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Ultimate Guide: From Ibiza Return Ferry Ticket to Formentera

If you are traveling to Ibiza, it is worth extending your trip to the neighboring island of Formentera, the last paradise of the Mediterranean. With its stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters, Formentera is a must-visit destination for beach-lovers. The easiest way to get to Formentera is to take the fast 30-minute ferry from Ibiza, and this guide will show you how to do it.


This tour offers a round-trip ferry ticket from Ibiza to Formentera that is valid for all scheduled departures. You can choose the time that best suits you and benefit from departures every 30 minutes during peak hours. Once you arrive at the ferry terminal, exchange your voucher for a ferry ticket and board one of the ferries with frequent daily scheduled departures.


The tour’s highlights are taking a fast 30-minute ferry journey from Ibiza to Formentera and staying overnight on the island and returning the next day of your choice. Here are some reasons why you should book this tour: 1. Stunning Beaches: Formentera has some of the best beaches in the world, with white sand and crystal-clear waters that attract beach-lovers from all over the world. You can rent a car, a motorbike, a bicycle, or use the tourist bus to explore the island and visit the different beaches. 2. Beautiful Nature Reserves: Formentera is home to several nature reserves, including Ses Salines Natural Park, which is famous for its salt mines, and Estany Pudent lagoon, which is a popular spot for bird-watching. 3. Tranquil Environment: Formentera is a small island with a relaxed atmosphere that is perfect for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of Ibiza. You can enjoy a peaceful environment with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea.

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The round-trip ferry ticket is valid for all scheduled departures from Ibiza to Formentera. The tour does not include pickup and drop-off services, so you will need to make your way to the ferry terminal. Once you arrive at the terminal, exchange your voucher for a ferry ticket and board one of the ferries that depart every 30 minutes during peak hours. On arrival in Formentera, you can rent a car, a motorbike, a bicycle, or use the tourist bus to explore the island. The island has excellent infrastructure, and the main beaches are easy to reach. You can visit famous beaches such as Ses Illetes, Playa de Migjorn, and Cala Saona, among others. The round-trip ferry ticket is valid for six months, which means you can stay overnight on the island and return on another day of your choice. There are several accommodation options on the island, ranging from budget-friendly hostels to luxury hotels. You can plan your trip according to your budget and preferences.

How to Book this Tour

Booking this tour is easy. Click on the following link to book the Formentera return ferry ticket: book here. You will receive a confirmation email with your voucher that you need to exchange for a ferry ticket at the ferry terminal.

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Taking a round-trip ferry from Ibiza to Formentera is an excellent way to see the last paradise of the Mediterranean. Formentera is a small island with stunning beaches, beautiful nature reserves, and a tranquil environment. This guide shows you how easy it is to plan your trip to Formentera and provides some of the best reasons to book this tour. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this beautiful island, book your tour now!

Formentera: FAQs for a Memorable Island Getaway

Formentera is an incredible sight to behold. Located in the mediterranean sea, and part of the Balearic Islands, Spain, the island of Formentera is the perfect holiday destination for those who want to relax and unwind. Its crystal-clear waters, sandy beaches, and lush greenery offer a serene environment to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Here are some commonly asked questions about Formentera to make sure you get the most out of your trip.

1. What is Formentera Known For?

Formentera is best known for its beaches. They are wide, unspoiled, and offer some of the most beautiful scenery you can think of. The island is also famous for its hippie market, which is held every Wednesday during the summer from late May to the end of September. There, you can find unique and hand-crafted items such as clothing, jewelry, and art pieces.

2. How Do I Get to Formentera?

The most common way to get to Formentera is by ferry from Ibiza. There are several companies that operate ferries between the two islands, and the journey takes approximately 30 minutes. It is also possible to reach the island by private boat or yacht.

3. What Are Some of the Best Beaches to Visit in Formentera?

Formentera is home to many breathtaking beaches. One of the most popular is Ses Illetes, a stunning beach with turquoise waters and soft white sand that stretches for over two kilometers. Other must-visit beaches include Cala Saona, Es Pujols, Playa Migjorn, and Caló des Mort.

4. What is the Weather Like in Formentera?

Formentera has a typical Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and mild winters. The best time to visit Formentera is from May to September when temperatures are warm, and rainfall is low. In August, the island can get crowded, but the weather is perfect for spending time at the beach.

5. Is Formentera a Family-Friendly Destination?

Yes, Formentera is a great destination for families. The island has many child-friendly beaches, such as Playa de Sa Roqueta and Platja de Llevant. The water is calm and safe for swimming, and there are various water sports activities that kids can participate in. The island also has several theme parks, such as the Aquamar water park, which is sure to delight children of all ages.

6. What Are Some of the Best Restaurants on Formentera?

Formentera’s cuisine is a mixture of Mediterranean and Balearic flavors. The island is known for its seafood dishes, such as lobster stew and grilled octopus. Some of the best restaurants on the island include Juan y Andrea, Es Molí de Sal, and Can Dani. Budget-friendly options such as Es Cupina are also available.

7. What Activities Can I Do in Formentera?

Formentera is not just about relaxing on the beach. The island has many water sports activities, including windsurfing, sailing, and swimming. You can also rent a bike and explore the island’s beautiful landscapes. Visit the La Mola lighthouse for a stunning view of the island. Moreover, take a boat trip to the mysterious and uninhabited island of S’Espalmador, just off the coast of Formentera, and bask in its natural beauty.

8. What are the Best Places to Stay in Formentera?

Formentera has several accommodations, from luxury hotels and villas to budget-friendly guesthouses. The top-rated hotels in Formentera include Gecko Beach Club, Insotel Club Maryland, and Hotel Es Mares. Staying near the beaches or towns like Es Pujols will give you an excellent location to explore the island.

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Formentera is an unspoiled island paradise that offers beautiful scenery, an abundance of water sports, great food, and beautiful accommodations. Whether you are traveling solo, with your family, or with friends, Formentera has something to offer for everyone. With this Formentera FAQ, you now have everything you need to know to plan your next memorable island getaway.

How to Spend Your Time as a Tourist in Formentera

Formentera is a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea, located just 6 kilometers south of Ibiza. It’s a perfect place to enjoy some time off, explore new places, and experience the Mediterranean lifestyle. In this guide, we will go over how to spend your time as a tourist in Formentera.

1. Explore the Beaches

Formentera is known for its crystal-clear waters and stunning beaches, so it’s a must-visit destination for beach lovers. Here are some of the top beaches to check out:

Ses Illetes

Ses Illetes is perhaps the most popular beach in Formentera, and it’s easy to see why. The turquoise waters and craggy rocks make for a stunning view.

Cala Saona

Cala Saona is a smaller and quieter beach with calm waters that make it perfect for swimming. You can also enjoy some shops and small restaurants in the surrounding area.

Playa de Migjorn

If you’re looking for a more secluded area, head over to Playa de Migjorn to enjoy a little more privacy. The long stretch of sandy beach surrounded by cliffs is a sight to see.

2. Visit the Lighthouses

Formentera has two lighthouses, and both are worth a visit for their breathtaking views.

La Mola Lighthouse

La Mola Lighthouse is located on the easternmost point on the island, and it’s the perfect spot to watch the sunrise or sunset. The views of the Mediterranean Sea and the cliffs are awe-inspiring.

Es Cap de Barbaria Lighthouse

The Es Cap de Barbaria Lighthouse is perched on a cliff, and it makes for another great spot to enjoy some sunset views. You can even climb the lighthouse to get a closer look at the surrounding area.

3. Rent a Bike

Renting a bike is a great way to explore the island while enjoying some outdoor exercise. You can rent bikes from various vendors around the island, and there are plenty of bike paths to keep you safe.

Bike Paths

The bike paths wind through the island’s countryside and let you take in the scenery at your own pace. There are also some paths that go along the coast, which offer stunning views of the sea.

4. Try the Local Cuisine

Formentera’s cuisine is based on traditional Mediterranean dishes, and it’s a must-try for any foodie.

Sofrit Pagès

Sofrit Pagès is a hearty stew made with several types of meat, potatoes, and other vegetables. It’s a traditional Balearic dish that’s often served at local celebrations.

Peix Sec

Peix Sec is a dried fish that’s often served with bread and olive oil. It’s a common dish in the Balearic Islands, and it’s a great snack to enjoy during a day at the beach.

5. Explore the Local Markets

Formentera has several local markets where you can find unique and handmade items.

La Mola Market

La Mola Market is held every Wednesday and Sunday and features handmade crafts, clothing, and local food products.

Sant Francesc Market

Sant Francesc Market is held every day except Sunday and features fresh produce, meats, and fish from local farmers and fishermen. In conclusion, Formentera has a lot to offer for tourists of all types. From stunning beaches to traditional cuisine to unique markets, there’s something for everyone. Use this guide to plan your trip and make the most of your time on this beautiful island.
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Ultimate Guide: From Ibiza Return Ferry Ticket to Formentera

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