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Uncover the mysteries of Burj Khalifa with an entry ticket to levels 124 and 125 in Dubai

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Uncover the mysteries of Burj Khalifa with an entry ticket to levels 124 and 125 in Dubai

Traveling to Dubai is such an adventure and amazing experience each one of us should try at least once in our lives! You will be mesmerized not just by the stunning architecture they have, but also by the tasting of the unique culture that Dubaians have built over time.

One of the most astonishing sites you can explore in Dubai is Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. It is considered one of the most iconic landmarks in the city and a must-visit place while you are staying in Dubai.

With so many wonders and if you are looking for the best way to appreciate it, the answer is simple, visit the 124th Floor and 125th Floor for an awe-inspiring climbing experience. But, how and where can you find and buy an entry ticket to those two beautiful places?

The journey to the Burj Khalifa experience starts with insight and information about it. Once you start planning how to do it, you will gain some knowledge regarding it and you will be ready to take the step in getting an entry ticket. The rest is easy and straightforward, finding an authentic provider which offers entry tickets, buying it and then enjoying it.

Introduction to the Burj Khalifa experience

Burj Khalifa is one of the most popular modern man-made wonders in the whole world. This magnificent structure was built to bring awe and amazement to the spectators. It opened its door in January 2010 and since then it has been quite popular amongst tourists coming from all parts of the world.

The name Burj Khalifa comes from Dubai’s leader Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, which allowed its construction. It is a stunning tower standing at 828 meters, making it the tallest building in the world. It has 160 stories and more than 1000 apartments for residents and many more offices for tenants.

In this building can find many luxury things such as a 5-star hotel, evening entertainment places, exclusive restaurants, and fantastic libraries plus much more. Probably the most popular area is the 124th Floor which gives visitors a mind-blowing view from the highest point of the building.

Moreover, when we talk about Burj Khalifa we think about its 124th floor as well as its Sky Lounge restaurant, which is located on Level 125. This area is perfect to enjoy a nightcap along with an extensive list of creative cocktails while watching a beautiful panoramic view at night time.

How to get an entry ticket to Burj Khalifa 124th & 125th Floor

If you decide to move forward with your plans and purchase an entry ticket, you have four options in your hands as follows:

Option 1: Self-booking

When you plan to visit this beautiful building and gain access to Level 124 and 125, self-booking is the first option that comes into your mind. You can purchase your entry ticket at Burj Khalifa’s official website or at the lobby’s kiosks in At The Top, Burj Khalifa level 124 and 125.


  • You can get your ticket as soon as you buy it
  • You will have access shortly after making your payment


  • The prices can go up high when compared to other options due to extra charges
  • You need to comply with several steps before booking it

Option 2: Online booking through ticket providers

If you are looking for more affordable prices for entry tickets plus enough availability for the date that you choose, online booking through ticket providers is a fantastic way to buy your ticket. Actually, there are plenty of websites offering such services both in English and Arabic languages so you just need to pick yours with few clicks and you are all set.


  • Prices are much lower than self-booking option
  • Easy and flexible booking options; no extra charges
  • No need to wait in long queues to buy your ticket


  • Maybe some restrictions regarding availability due to high demand
  • Option 3: Buy through travel agents

    The third option for buying your entry ticket is purchasing it through any of the travel agents located around Dubai’s main areas: Al Barsha, Deira & Karama. Most of travel agents offer packages including trips to Burj Khalifa 124th & 125th Floor.


    • They offer great packages at discounted prices for those who want more than just visiting Burj Khalifa.
    • No long queues or extra charges.


    • Maybe they don’t offer availability on your desired dates since they have other packages they must focus on.

    Option 4: Go through booking platforms

    Finally we can’t forget about booking platforms like “GetYourGuide’ which helps travelers get unique experiences around the world. GetYourGuide offers hassle-free entry tickets for Burj Khalifa at very attractive prices. Additionally, Travelers can book exclusive experiences with GetYourGuide such as early access tickets for solitary visits or panoramic night visits both with easy payment options.


    • No worries about availability because bookings are only confirmed when customers receive a confirmation from GetYourGuide.
    • Instant online bookings should be taken into consideration.


    • It would be better if customers could get their tickets right away after paying for them.

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