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The 2 BEST Venice Pub Crawls in 2023 [with Video]

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Are you looking for the best pub crawls in Venice? Venice is a beloved tourist destination due to its extraordinary canals, romantic atmosphere, and fascinating attractions. But don’t forget its bar crawls when making your to-do list – they’re not to be missed! Sample Venetian booze and explore the city with its local bar culture on a night out that’s set to be unforgettable. Here is a guide to the seven best pub crawls in Venice for you to enjoy!

Venice Nightlife Tour
If you want a real Venetian experience, let the Venice Nightlife Tour introduce you to the city’s exclusive night scene. Prepare to be mesmerized by what’s on offer as you hit 7 bars and clubs, discovering their unique music and drinks. Enjoy an hour of free cocktails and learn all sorts of insider tips from your knowledgable guide. And of course, meet the locals and make friends that you can party with until morning comes.

Venice Pub Crawl
What about a pub crawl for those feeling a little less adventurous? Venice Pub Crawl takes you through different neighborhoods, giving you a good idea of what each has to offer. With 3 bars and stops along the way, this tour is ideal if you don’t have time in your schedule to explore on your own. Expect free drinks, free shots, and great live music at each location.

Carnival Pub Crawl Venetian Style
The Carnival Pub Crawl Venetian Style is a great way to explore a few of Venice’s most unique bars while sampling delicious food, cocktails, sparkling wine, local beer, slush lemonade, and more. You will learn the history behind the most popular drinks in each spot and have the opportunity to dress up and act like a Venetian local for a night as you go to each stop.

Venice Beer Tour
If beer is your thing, then the Venice Beer Tour is a must-do activity when touring this beautiful city. Stop by four different bars and pubs to sample local brews and learn about their history from your friendly guide. You’ll also enjoy some traditional snacks which are served with each beer sample.

Sorenzo Taverns Of Venice
A tour of the Sorenzo taverns of Venice is a great way to explore this city’s historic nightlife in the middle of carnival season. This four-hour tour includes free beers and wines at each bar along with live music and snacks. Listen to tales of Sorenzo’s old neighborhoods while you sample traditional Italian drinks and mingle with locals.

Venetian Pub Crawl
The Venetian Pub Crawl is another great way to explore the best bars and pubs of Venice in one night. This tour will take you through 4 bars in the city where you’ll have the opportunity to drink local drinks, mix with locals, and enjoy live music along with free shots and drinks throughout the night.

Santa Croce Pub Crawl
Santa Croce Pub Crawl is an ever-so-popular tour with locals and tourists alike. Check out five amazing pubs as well as a fun bar crawl where delicious drinks will be available halfway through. Enjoy an hour of free drinks before hitting two more pubs, one of which has live music that will surely get everyone in the party mood. After this pub crawl, you’ll be sure to sleep like a king or queen!

So whether you’re looking for an exclusive nightlife experience, authentic pub crawl, or simply just want to try different types of beer, there is no shortage of options for the best pub crawls in Venice. All that’s left is to book your tickets and get ready for some real Venetian adventure! Check out GetYourGuide or Viator, where you can find tickets for each of these pub crawls. You wouldn’t want to miss out on Venice’s vibrant nightlife!

An Insider’s Guide to Venice: Hidden Gems, Local Cuisine, and Unique Experiences

If you’re planning a visit to Venice, you’re in for a treat. This charming city built on water is known for its romantic gondola rides, exquisite cuisine, and stunning architecture. But if you’re looking to explore beyond the well-trodden tourist path, you’ll need an insider’s guide. Here’s a rundown of the best-hidden gems, local cuisine, cultural experiences, and off-the-beaten-path suggestions.

Hidden Gems

Venice is full of hidden gems that only locals know about. One such gem is the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, situated opposite St. Mark’s Square. It is often missed by tourists, but an easy vaporetto ride away. Here you can find the Ca’ Giustinian, a stunning Palladian-style villa converted into a contemporary art museum. You’ll also get stunning views of Venice from the top of the Campanile.

Another hidden gem is the Scuola Grande di San Rocco, a 16th-century building filled with incredible works of art by Tintoretto. The detailed artwork adorning the walls and ceilings will leave you spellbound. For a unique experience, take a private guided tour and learn the incredible stories behind the works.

Local Cuisine

Venice’s cuisine is famous for its seafood and celebration of simplicity. You can’t leave Venice without trying the city’s signature dish, Sarde in Saor – fried sardines marinated in vinegar, onions, and raisins. Another must-try is Bigoli, thick spaghetti made from flour and water, usually served with a hearty meat sauce.

For a classic Venetian lunch, visit the Osteria Alla Frasca, a local restaurant in the Castello neighborhood that serves delicious fish soup and the best cicchetti (tapas-style snacks) in town. You can pair these with a glass of wine and marvel at the authentic Venetian atmosphere.

Cultural Experiences

When in Venice, it’s essential to soak up the city’s unique culture. Attend an opera at La Fenice, one of the most famous and historic opera houses in Italy. You’ll get to experience a unique blend of exquisite art, music, and performance.

If you’re visiting Venice in February, then be sure to catch the Carnevale di Venezia, one of the city’s most extravagant events. The carnival features stunning costumes, elaborate masks, and an eccentric parade through the streets.

Local History

Venice is rich in history, and there’s no better place to visit to learn about it than the Doge’s Palace. The palace was the seat of the Venetian Republic’s government and home to the Doge, the elected leader of Venice. You’ll be able to witness extraordinary architecture, art, and culture of Venice.

Off-the-beaten-path suggestions:

To escape the crowds of tourists, take a vaporetto to the Giudecca Island and stroll through the quieter streets. Visit the beautiful Chiesa del Santissimo Redentore church with an awe-inspiring Baroque interior.

For a unique Venetian experience, take a private oarboat tour of the city’s waterways. You’ll have the opportunity to see a different side of the city, and the tour guide can share fascinating insights into Venetian history and culture.

In conclusion, Venice is a unique and stunning city that has much to offer beyond the typical tourist attractions. Use this insider’s guide and venture off the beaten path to discover the true essence of the city.

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The 2 BEST Venice Pub Crawls in 2023 [with Video]

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