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Viti Levu: An Enchanting Destination For a Splendid Mud Pool, Temple, and Garden Visit

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Viti Levu: An Enchanting Destination For a Splendid Mud Pool, Temple, and Garden Visit

Viti Levu is an enchanting destination in Fijian Islands known for its volcanic landscape, serene beaches, fascinating coral reefs, lush green jungles and fascinating mud pools, temples, and gardens. On the western side of Viti Levu, tourists can explore Sleeping Giant Gardens and its natural wonders. The place is named after the mountain range of Nausori Highlands because the main peaks of the mountain range formed a silhouette of a sleeping giant. The site is considered one of the most preserved botanical gardens in the world and it is filled with exotic garden plants from different parts of the world.If you are looking to spend a wonderful time in the mud pools of Viti Levu, then you have come to the right place. This article has all the relevant information and tips you need to know to make the most of your trip. We will tell you all about the nearby attractions, what to expect in a pool and how to safely enjoy your mud bath in Viti Levu. Plus, you will get insights on where to find best deals and what activities you should do after bathing in the mud pool. So hold tight and let’s dive in.

What is a Mud Pool?

A mud pool is basically a pool filled with warm water and bolder clay-like minerals. It is believed that such pools have medicinal properties due to its natural compounds and minerals like silica and magnesium. These compounds makes it an ideal site for taking spa treatments and soaking up the warmth of the water. In Viti Levud, these pools are usually in or near hot springs or volcanoes which further enriches the water with minerals and makes it more therapeutic.

What to Expect in a Mud Bath at Viti Levu

Being knee-deep in warm mud can be quite an interesting experience. You can expect to soak up to your neck in the warm sediment while getting refreshed with drops of steamy water around you. It is a luxury experience as you can expect to receive treatments of the mud and hot water afterwards. After taking a bath, people often feel energized, relaxed and even relieved from their aches and pains. Not only that, but people have also found relief from various skin diseases like psoriasis after soaking in the warm water for some time. So it is suggested to enjoy this inside a mud bath in Viti Levu as part of your vacation package.

Look Out for Safety Measures when Visiting Viti Levu Mud Pools

The safety measures when visiting a mud pool, particularly those near volcanoes can be very sketchy, so here are a few things you should keep in mind before entering:

Check Credentials

Chances are high that you might end up in a scheme of unregistered operators who can be untrustworthy and unaware of safety protocols. So make sure to check out license and credentials before you enter a mud pool. You can also double-check reviews from travelers or contact local authorities if necessary.

Be Cautious with Time

Don’t spend too much time in one mud bath as it can encourage overheating and you may become dizzy due to extreme changes in temperature between warm water, sun exposure, open air and showers. This can cause dehydration so take breaks between multiple soapings.

Check if Natural

Make sure that there are no additives in the pool you will enter, even if they look pleasant or aromatic. Check if the mud is natural or not using simple methods like pressing it between your fingers or smelling it carefully or tasting it (we don’t recommend this one).

Know Where you’re Going

A great majority of visitors are completely unaware of the potential dangers lurking nearby mud pools so make sure that you’re going to an established beach, resort or health spa. Additionally, be aware of all warning signs by local authorities near any mud pool facility for your own safety.

Nearby Attractions at Viti Levu

Apart from traveling around numerous towns and lagoons scattered across Viti Levu’s beautiful landscape, tourists have many other activities to choose from–having said that, here are some of the recommended ones:

Sigatoka Sand Dunes

The Sigatoka Sand Dune National Park is an Archeological site that was designated by UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 2011. This site holds vast sand dunes with winds that are estimated to be over 6000 years old, plus numerous remnants of the past civilization of Fijian Islanders–so travellers must visit this side if they want to learn more about the indigenous population.

The Cloud-Nine Cruises

For those looking for a seemingly magical ride across the Viti Levu coastline, sailing on one of Cloud-Nine Cruises is highly suggested. The boat hosts many family-friendly activities such as deep-sea fishing and island hopping while providing stunning views on its course. Plus, you won’t believe what lays on this hidden paradise–a secret snorkeling location with crystal clear lagoons in which uou can explore hundreds of vibrant underwater creatures.

The Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple

Also referred as Nadi temple due to its close proximity to Nadi Town, This temple iss one of the largest Hindu temples in all of South Pacific Islands and it was constructed by Pandit Swami Pratap Gyanjee late 1800s nearby streaming creeks Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple that’s believed to be linked with Yavana prince Danavendran (Dwarapalaka) who brought Hinduism to Fiji Islands centuries ago–so what makes this temple an attractive spot for tourists is its beautiful scenery around combined with interesting origins of its constructors.

How Can I Find Deals To Visit These Attractions?

You can find different deals related to Viti Levu attractions in multiple websites such as Trip Advisor or Get Your Guide–an amazing website where you can find one-day trips along with unique activities like sunset cruises or Snorkeling experiences. Plus, Get Your Guide also offers special discounts for groups when booked through their website


Viti Levu is a wondrous destination that offers travelers a variety of activities to choose from–which also include exploring its natural wonders such as Mug Pool, Temple and Sleeping Giant Garden that are all enriched with its fascinating culture and great vibes by locals. If you plan on visiting these sites make sure to look into safety protocols related to visit mud pools while aware of nearby attractions like Sigatoka Sand Dunes or Cloud Nine Cruises–plus don’t forget to visit nearby Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple on your path back home! If you want unique experiences or simply need some discounts click here, where you can find amazing deals when booked through Get Your Guide website. So everything considered Viti Levu is a perfect destination for those who seek for an enriching vacation experience!

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Viti Levu: An Enchanting Destination For a Splendid Mud Pool, Temple, and Garden Visit

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