The 2 Best Walking Tours in Nassau

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The 2 Best Walking Tours in Nassau

by | Mar 22, 2023 | Nassau

Welcome to Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, where the captivating blend of rich history and vibrant culture transports you to a world of endless fascination. While there are countless ways to explore this tropical paradise, nothing beats the experience of walking tours in Nassau. Immerse yourself in the island’s intriguing past and present as you stroll along the charming streets, soak up the stunning scenery, and discover fascinating details that you may have never noticed before. In this post, we’ve rounded up the 2 best walking tours in Nassau that offer a unique perspective of the city. Follow us as we take you on a journey through the heart of Nassau with these exciting tours.

The 2 Best Walking Tours in Nassau

  1. Nassau: Cultural Walking Tour of Downtown Nassau
  2. Nassau: Bahama Life Pedal Crawler Tour

The 2 Best Walking Tours in Nassau

1. Nassau: Cultural Walking Tour of Downtown Nassau

Begin your adventure in downtown Nassau with a cultural walking tour of the city’s historic landmarks and sites. Marvel at the centuries-old architecture as you walk up Elizabeth Avenue to the famous Queen’s Staircase, a major limestone staircase consisting of 66 steps. Learn about the history of this 18th-century staircase and how it was built by 600 slaves in honor of Queen Victoria’s assistance in abolishing slavery in the Bahamas.

Next, visit the historic Water Tower, the tallest structure in Nassau, which supplied water to the island of New Providence back in the early 20th century. Then, head up to the top of Bennet’s Hill to spend time at Fort Fincastle, a fort built in the late 18th century to protect Nassau from pirates. Take in a beautiful view of the city from the Fort.

During the tour, you will also have the opportunity to visit the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas and the Educulture Museum, where you can learn about the city’s colorful history from piracy and the colonial era to present day. You’ll stop at Graycliff Chocolatier for a snack and indulge in a sampling of these locally made delicious treats.

Next, you’ll travel to John Watling’s Distillery where you may sample rum and tour the facility. From here your next stop is Tasty Teas where you will learn about the Bahamian bush teas and traditional medicines.

The tour also makes a stop at the Nassau Straw Market for a brief history and shopping break. The last stop is at Rawson and Parliament Square where you can learn about the history of the buildings and statues from the colonial era up to present day.

This tour includes audio headsets, bottled water, museum entrance fees, and hotel pickup. It is not suitable for people with mobility impairments. The meeting point is at the intersection of Bay St. and East St. for cruise passengers, and the tour will take place rain or shine unless deemed unsafe and canceled by the tour guide. The National Art Gallery is closed on Mondays and national holidays and will be replaced with another cultural point of interest on these days.

2. Nassau: Bahama Life Pedal Crawler Tour

Experience the highlights of Nassau on the Bahama Life Pedal Crawler Tour. Begin by marveling at the Queen’s Staircase, a centuries-old landmark, before exploring Nassau’s most popular fort, Fort Charlotte. Savor the flavors of the Bahamas with a lunch served in a fresh pineapple bowl and sample fine chocolates paired with wine and appetizers from Graycliff Chocolatier. The tour also stops at Arawak Cay, where you can try authentic Bahamian cuisine and learn about the preparation of conch. The final stop is at Western Esplanade Beach, where you can enjoy the crystal-clear water or take in the beach views. The tour includes a souvenir photo, admission fees, a tour guide, driver, alcohol beverages, food and wine samples, water, treat bag, and hotel pickup and drop-off. Note that sandals or flip flops are not allowed and limited physical fitness is required due to some light pedaling. The meeting point is Rawsons Square Bay Street, opposite the House of Assembly, and the tour is not recommended for pregnant women, people with back problems, mobility impairments, or heart problems.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nassau

Nassau is the capital and largest city of the Bahamas, situated on New Providence Island. This popular destination attracts millions of tourists each year with its beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and exciting activities. If you’re planning a trip to Nassau, you might have some questions about what to expect. In this blog post, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Nassau.

1. What is the best time to visit Nassau?

The best time to visit Nassau is between December and May, which is when the weather is warm and dry. The average temperature during this time is around 80°F, making it the perfect time to enjoy the beautiful beaches and outdoor activities. However, keep in mind that this is also peak tourist season, so you can expect higher prices and more crowds.

2. How do I get to Nassau?

Nassau is easily accessible by plane, with Lynden Pindling International Airport located just 10 miles west of downtown Nassau. Many major airlines offer direct flights to Nassau from cities across the United States and Europe. Once you arrive at the airport, you can take a taxi or shuttle to your hotel.

3. What are the must-see attractions in Nassau?

There are plenty of must-see attractions in Nassau, including the following:

  • Paradise Island
  • Atlantis Resort and Casino
  • Blue Lagoon Island
  • Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Center
  • Fort Charlotte
  • Nassau Straw Market

4. What are the best beaches in Nassau?

Nassau is well-known for its stunning beaches, with crystal-clear waters and soft white sand. Some of the best beaches to visit in Nassau include:

  • Cable Beach
  • Cabbage Beach
  • Love Beach
  • Junkanoo Beach
  • Saunders Beach

5. Is Nassau safe to visit?

Like any city, Nassau has its share of crime, so it’s important to take precautions to stay safe. Avoid walking alone at night, especially in secluded areas. Stay in well-lit, public areas and always be aware of your surroundings. Also, be cautious when using ATMs and carrying valuables.

6. What is the currency used in Nassau?

The currency used in Nassau is the Bahamian dollar (BSD). US dollars are also widely accepted, but be sure to ask for the exchange rate before making a purchase. Credit cards are also accepted at most hotels and restaurants.

7. What is the food like in Nassau?

Nassau is known for its diverse and delicious cuisine, with influences from African, European, and Caribbean cultures. Some popular dishes include conch fritters, peas and rice, and johnnycakes. Seafood is also a staple in Nassau, with fresh fish and lobster readily available.

8. What activities are there to do in Nassau?

Nassau is full of exciting activities for all ages, including:

  • Snorkeling and scuba diving
  • Boat tours and charters
  • Water sports, such as jet skiing and parasailing
  • Golfing
  • Visiting museums and art galleries


Nassau is a beautiful destination that has something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in relaxing on the beach or exploring the local culture, there’s plenty to do in Nassau. By following these tips and suggestions, you’ll be sure to have a safe and enjoyable trip!

The 2 Best Walking Tours in Nassau

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