How is the Weather in Corfu?

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How is the Weather in Corfu?

If you are planning to visit Corfu, it is important to know what kind of weather to expect during your trip. Located in the Ionian Sea, Corfu has a Mediterranean climate, meaning its weather is influenced by the sea.

Spring (March-May)

Spring is a great time to visit Corfu as the weather is mild and pleasant. The average high temperature during this time is around 20°C, while the low temperature can drop to 12°C. Rainfall is moderate during Spring, with occasional showers that tend to be short-lived.

Summer (June-August)

Summer is the peak tourist season in Corfu, thanks to its clear skies and warm temperatures, making it a great time to hit the beach. The average high temperature during this time is around 30°C, while the low temperature can drop to 18°C. You can expect more rainfall during August, with thunderstorms occurring occasionally and resulting in a cooling effect.

Fall (September-November)

If you prefer lower crowds and temperatures, Fall might be the perfect time to visit Corfu. The weather is still warm, with occasional rains. The average high temperature during this time is around 25°C, while the low temperature can drop to 15°C.

Winter (December-February)

Winter is the off-season time for tourism in Corfu, and with good reason. The temperatures can be quite chilly, with very few sunny days. The average high temperature during this time is around 14°C, while the low temperature can drop to 5°C. Rainfall is high and frequent, making it difficult to explore the island outdoors.


In conclusion, Corfu offers a Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers, while winters can be quite wet and chilly. The Spring and Fall seasons offer milder temperatures and fewer tourists, making them a great time to enjoy the island. Understanding the weather patterns in Corfu is a key factor in planning your trip to the island. Remember to pack according to the season, bring sunscreen, and choose activities that suit the weather conditions. If you are curious about activities that Corfu has to offer, you will find a list of current tours and attractions here.

An Insider’s Guide to Corfu, Greece: How’s the Weather?

Corfu is a Greek island situated in the Ionian Sea. It’s a popular destination among tourists, thanks to its stunning beaches, lush vegetation, rich history, and great weather. Corfu is blessed with a Mediterranean climate, which means that it’s warm and sunny for most of the year. In this guide, we’ll explore this beautiful island’s local attractions, dining, cultural experiences, local history, and off-the-beaten-path suggestions.

Local Attractions in Corfu

Corfu is a small island, but it’s packed with plenty of attractions that will keep you busy throughout your stay. One of the island’s most popular attractions is the Old Town of Corfu. This UNESCO World Heritage site dates back to the 16th century and is one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Europe. Here, you can wander through narrow alleys, admire the Venetian-inspired architecture, and visit the 14th-century Old Fortress.

If you’re a nature lover, you’ll enjoy exploring some of the island’s beautiful beaches like Paleokastritsa Beach, which is considered one of the most picturesque beaches in Greece. The beach is surrounded by cliffs, caves, and crystal-clear waters. Another popular beach is Glyfada Beach, which is known for its fine, golden sand and calm waters. There, you can try some water sports or rent a sunbed and relax under the sun.

Dining Spots in Corfu

Corfu is a gastronomic paradise. Here, you can indulge in fresh seafood, locally grown fruits and vegetables, and traditional Greek dishes. For a cozy, family-run spot, head to the village of Benitses. There, you’ll find Dionysos Taverna, which serves upscale versions of traditional Greek dishes like tzatziki, moussaka, and souvlaki. For a romantic dinner, visit Etrusco, a lovely Italian restaurant located in a 19th-century mansion in the heart of Corfu town.

Cultural Experiences in Corfu

Corfu has a rich cultural heritage that’s reflected in its museums, galleries, and festivals. The Asian Art Museum of Corfu houses an impressive collection of art from Asia. The museum showcases everything from Japanese woodblock prints to Buddhist sculptures. If you’re interested in ancient history, don’t miss the Archaeological Museum of Corfu, which features artifacts from the island’s ancient Greek, Roman, and Byzantine periods.

One of the island’s most important cultural festivals is the Carnival of Corfu. This event takes place in February and celebrates the island’s Venetian heritage. During the carnival, the streets of Corfu town are filled with colorful floats, traditional music, and masquerade parties.

Local History and Off-the-Beaten-Path Suggestions in Corfu

Corfu has a rich history that’s worth exploring. The island was ruled by several powers throughout the centuries, including the Byzantines, the Venetians, and the British. The Palace of St. Michael and St. George is a neoclassical building that was built during the British period and now houses the Museum of Asian Art.

If you’re looking for some off-the-beaten-path suggestions, head to the village of Agios Mattheos. This picturesque village is located in the southwestern part of the island and is known for its traditional architecture, whitewashed houses, and narrow alleyways. Another hidden gem is the island of Paxos, which is located just south of Corfu. This tiny island is known for its breathtaking scenery, crystal-clear waters, and excellent seafood restaurants.


In conclusion, Corfu is a beautiful Greek island that offers plenty of activities and experiences for its visitors. The island’s great weather, local attractions, dining spots, cultural events, local history, and off-the-beaten-path suggestions make it a great holiday destination for solo travelers, couples, and families alike. Plan your trip to Corfu, and you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience.


How is the Weather in Corfu?

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