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What Are Savannah Rogues, Rascals and Heroes?

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What Are Savannah Rogues, Rascals and Heroes?

Savannah is a beautifully historic city, steeped in the history and culture of the Deep South. It’s no surprise then that each of the city’s streets, landmarks, and stories have unique tales to tell. Savannah Rogues, Rascals and Heroes are no different. This type of urban exploration is an exciting way to learn about all that the Georgia city has to offer.

Savannah Rogues, Rascals and Heroes, also known as an historic cigar crawl, is a fun and interactive way of discovering the deep history of Savannah’s various stories and legends. Visitors to the city have the option of taking a tour which will take them through some of Savannah’s most historically significant sites. With guides telling vivid tales along the way, guests can deep dive into the culture and heritage of this impressive city.

The term “Rogues, Rascals and Heroes” is used to describe certain people throughout Savannah’s history who have heavily influenced the shape of modern Savannah. These individuals had incredibly diverse backgrounds and have acted either as wild rogues or as heroics rascals in the evolution of Savannah’s modern identity. Whether their actions led to an increase in crime within the city, or helped to boost the morale of the people of Savannah, each person on the tour positively or negatively contributed to the Savannah we know today.

The captivating tour and exploration into Savannah’s past is made even more enjoyable when experienced with a cigar in hand. The tour company, Savannah Rogues Cigar Crawl, provides each guest with a custom cigar made especially for their tour. Undeniably one of the best ways to get to know a city as richly steeped in culture as Savannah is to go on an engaging and interactive walking tour.

Walking Tour Overview

The main purpose of this tour is to transport visitors back to the time when these heroes and rogues shaped the development and culture of Savannah. From Johnny Mercer to Robert Lee, guests can find out why these individuals are so important to the creation of modern Savannah.

The tour itself lasts approximately two hours and covers approximately one mile of the beautiful city. During the day or night tour, guests will get to view some of the city’s iconic landmarks such as City Market, River Street, and Colonial Park Cemetery. On each leg of the journey, a knowledgeable guide will be on hand to detail the history and tell stories about each area and its infamous occupants.

At the conclusion of the tour guests will receive a commemorative cigar from the tour company’s limited line. These cigars are crafted with the intention of capturing the essence of each season in Savannah. Not just limited to cigars, participants will also find out about how other aspects from southern hospitality to maritime industries helped to influence Savannah’s mayor personalities.

What Can I Expect on the Tour?

The Rogues and Rascals Historic Cigar Crawl gives guests an opportunity to get up close with some of Savannah’s most revered personalities. During the experience, amenities such as historical sites, monuments, and souvenirs are provided along with a custom hand-crafted cigar.

Guests who opt for the Historic Cigar Crawl tour during the day will be able to explore some of Savannah’s most important historical landmarks at a leisurely pace while taking in some stories that may have been passed down over generations. On the night-time tour, a different kind of atmosphere can be expected, offering participants a more romantic setting complete with low-level lighting shining on exceptional architecture.

At each stage of both tours, guests will get to learn about the people who made an impact throughout Savannah’s formative years. They will get to find out how these individuals shaped how the city is perceived from all perspectives; from famous authors to militia members. Upon completing either tour, all participants will be gifted with a custom-made souvenir for them to keep for many years to come.

Who Can Go on the Tour?

The tour from GetYourGuide is suitable for all ages over 12 but all under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult that is 18 or above at all times. The tours are designed to be accessible for all while also giving an entertaining but educational experience. The tour company strongly encourages guests to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to departure time in order to allow for pre-departure preparations such as distribution of commemorative cigars and collection of complimentary items such as umbrellas (if necessary).


Savannah Rogues, Rascals and Heroes is an unforgettable experience which gives participants an insight into key personalities in Savannah’s history; those who have had a positive or negative effect on the development of this wonderful city and its culture. When opting for this amazing experience with Get Your Guide’s expert guides, participants gain access to exclusive monuments, historical sites and engaging stories from previous centuries which have helped turn coastal Georgia into one of America’s most visited destinations. With remarkable ambiance from both day and night tours coupled with interactive storytelling providing unique insights into Savannah’s past adventures and cultural legacies; this experience is perfect for anyone interested in learning about this great city’s incredible journey throughout time.

From those interested in gaining insight into Savannah’s past heroes and rogues to adventurers looking for something unique, join us on a journey through Savannah’s fascinating history with Get Your Guide’s Historic Cigar Crawl! Book now!

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