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What are the Best Coffee Shops and Nightlife in Amsterdam?

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What are the Best Coffee Shops and Nightlife in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is known for its vibrant energy and the unique atmosphere it offers. Whether you come from abroad or are a local, there are many great things to explore in Amsterdam. One of the most popular activities is to explore the city’s famous nightlife and coffee shops. For those who have not been to Amsterdam before, they may be unsure of what to expect.

In this guide, we will provide a detailed overview of the best coffee shops and nightlife in Amsterdam. We’ll discuss what makes each experience unique and provide tips for getting the most out of your nightlife and coffee shop adventures in Amsterdam. By the end, you’ll know where to go and what to do when planning a night out in Amsterdam!

What are Amsterdam’s Coffee Shops?

Coffee shops in Amsterdam are not the same as regular coffee shops – they are relaxed places where people legally purchase and consume cannabis and cannabis-based products. Cannabis is not the only thing sold in Amsterdam’s coffee shops; customers can also purchase other products such as snacks and drinks. Coffee shops in Amsterdam generally have a relaxed vibe, with indoor seating areas, outdoor patios, and occasional live music.

When visiting an Amsterdam coffee shop, it’s important to note that each coffee shop may have different rules. For example, they may only allow entry to visitors aged 18 or older, ask you to present your ID upon entry, or limit purchases to two grams of cannabis or less. Check signs outside of each coffee shop for specific rules, or ask a server for more information.

What Kinds of Nightlife Does Amsterdam Have?

Amsterdam’s nightlife scene is bustling with unique bars, clubs, and live music venues. From clubs that specialize in hip hop and R&B to hole-in-the-wall jazz clubs, there’s something for everyone. You can even find lively Irish pubs or cozy wine bars with outdoor seating.

Aside from bars and clubs, Amsterdam offers a plethora of live music venues and concerts. From outdoor festivals to symphony orchestra performances, there is something for every music fan. And if you’re looking for something a bit different, you can check out the vibrant cabaret scene, which often involves elaborate costumes and musical numbers.

Which Coffee Shops and Nightlife Experiences Should I Choose?

The best coffee shops and nightlife experiences in Amsterdam depend on your preferences. If you’re looking for a relaxed atmosphere and don’t mind the smell of burning cannabis, try visiting a traditional coffee shop. However, if you prefer a more upscale atmosphere with craft beers and plenty of different cocktails to choose from then head to a trendy bar or club instead.

If you want to experience a wide variety of events in one night, consider one of the many organized tours available in Amsterdam. There are tours that focus on coffee shop visits, barhopping experiences, or musical performances. These experiences provide an ideal way for first-time visitors to explore Amsterdam’s nightlife without getting lost.

And for those looking for something special, consider booking an Amsterdam VIP Tour of Amsterdam Center in Luxury with Get Your Guide. This luxurious tour provides visitors with exclusive access to the city’s best venues with transportation around Amsterdam in a private vehicle. Guests can expect fantastic local food with wine pairings, intimate conversations with hosts, and knowledgeable guides who will make sure you get VIP treatment at every destination. This amazing experience will create lasting memories of your trip to Amsterdam!

How Can I Enjoy the Best Coffee Shops and Nightlife Experiences Safely?

Before embarking on any adventure through Amsterdam’s coffee shops or nightlife scene, it’s important to remember safety first. You should always travel with friends who know how to stay safe in unfamiliar places, so that if anything unexpected happens you have back up support.

Avoid leaving your wallet or cellphone lying around in public places, avoid walking home alone late at night, and always be mindful of your belongings while at the bar or club. It’s also important to refrain from drinking too much alcohol so that you can stay safe and not become vulnerable to potential harm.


Amsterdam is a vibrant city with plenty to explore – from coffee shops to cultural events and musical performances, it’s easy to find something new every time you visit! If you’re looking to experience Amsterdam’s coffee shops and nightlife like a VIP then be sure to book an unforgettable experience from Get Your Guide. Just remember: safety first! Have fun, but always be mindful of your surroundings so you can have a great time in Amsterdam while staying safe at the same time.

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What are the Best Coffee Shops and Nightlife in Amsterdam?

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