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What are The Best Ibiza Music Festivals?

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What are The Best Ibiza Music Festivals?

When it comes to Ibiza, the party and music scene around the island is one of the major attractions that bring travelers from around the globe. Ibiza is home to some of the most famous music festivals in the world – every summer season, thousands of revellers make the pilgrimage to Spain’s Balearic islands to take part in these legendary events. Ibiza has become known as the clubbing capital of the world, and it’s no surprise that many of the biggest names in electronic music play at these incredible festivals.

Whether you’re a fan of house music, techno, hip hop, or any other genre, you’re sure to find a festival to suit your taste. From established parties to new, up and coming festivals, here is an overview of some of the best music festivals in Ibiza for 2020 and 2021.

1. Resistance Ibiza

Resistance Ibiza is home to some of the world’s most prolific DJs and extremely high production values. Headliners have included Adam Beyer, Carl Cox, Joseph Capriati and Richie Hawtin and the music genres span from house and techno to trance and breakbeat. This festival takes place across four massive nights and is held at Privilege Ibiza, one of the largest clubs in the world.

2. BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend

Every May, BBC Radio 1 hosts a huge two-day event in Ibiza with an incredibly impressive lineup of DJs and electronic producers. Previous years have seen some huge names like Diplo, Fisher, Chase & Status and Kölsch behind the decks. This festival is always one of the most highly anticipated on the island, with tickets selling out far in advance.

3. Sonar Ibiza

For more than 10 years, Sonar Festival has been held every year in Barcelona and for the past two years it has also traveled to Ibiza for a one-day event. This festival always attracts a younger crowd and its lineup usually has a crossover between EDM bangers and experimental hip-hop acts. Look out for big names like Disclosure, DJ Snake or Anna Lunoe at this one of a kind event on June 21st 2020.

4. Creamfields Ibiza

Established in 1998, Creamfields is arguably one of the oldest and most successful music festivals in Europe. Its signature combination of spectacle and sound has become legendary over the years and expanded to different locations around the world. Since 2019, this festival takes place every two years in Ibiza, with artists like David Guetta, Martin Garrix and Armin van Buuren among the headliners.

5. Elrow Town 2020

With its unique costume themes, joyful vibes and immersive performances, elrow Town is quickly becoming one of the most colourful festivals in Europe. After launching its second edition in 2019, this festival is back once again this summer at Ushuaïa Beach Hotel for seven incredible days with DJs like Eric Prydz, Jamie Jones & Solomun…. Expand your wardrobe, bring your glow sticks and experience something out of this world!

6. IDEM Ibiza

The brand-new IDEM Ibiza promises to be an unforgettable event with its combination of stellar production design, world-class DJs and passionate crowds. Held at an old quarry located on Ibiza’s east coast, the festival will take place on the 14th & 15th August 2020 with some of electronic music’s biggest stars. Don’t miss out on witnessing some of the best DJs going track by track at one of 2020’s most highly anticipated events.

With so many great options to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one! However, no matter which music festival you choose to attend you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience. For further information about these festivals as well as ticket prices please refer to Festival Worldwide’s website. Here you’ll also find helpful tips for vacationing in Ibiza beyond just attending a music festival. Cheers!

An Insider’s Guide to Ibiza: Beyond the Music Festivals

When thinking of Ibiza, music festivals like the world-famous Ibiza Rocks and the techno haven that is Cocoon come to mind. However, there’s a lot more to Ibiza than just the music. The Spanish island is a stunning destination with gorgeous beaches, crystal-clear waters, lively nightlife, and a rich history and culture. Here are some hidden gems, unique experiences, and cultural insights to consider for an unforgettable Ibiza vacation.

Local Attractions: Unearthing the Hidden Gems

Beyond the usual tourist spots, Ibiza has several lesser-known places that captivate the visitors. Visit the charming 16th-century hilltop town, D’alt Vila, where you can stroll through the historic castle walls while immersing yourself in Ibiza’s incredible architecture. Go off-the-beaten-path, rent a kayak, and paddle over to Es Vedra, a mysterious uninhabited island where you can swim, snorkel, and explore the breathtaking cliffs. Head inland to discover the picturesque village of Santa Gertrudis, renowned for its local artisans, shops, and quaint cafes.

Dining Spots: Experiencing the Local Cuisine

Ibiza’s food scene is vibrant, and there are many tasty dishes that you’ll love to try. Ibiza is particularly famous for its seafood, so head over to Los Pasajeros, where you can enjoy freshly caught fish cooked to perfection. For something more rustic, try the traditional rustic-style paella dish, or fideuà, made with fresh seafood, vegetables, and the finest rice. Additionally, the island has a large number of organic farms, so make sure to visit one such farm for a farm-to-table meal experience.

Cultural Experiences: Art, Music and Festivals

Beyond the music festivals, Ibiza offers a wide range of cultural experiences to its visitors. Check out the Museu d’Art Contemporani d’Eivissa, which showcases numerous contemporary art pieces created by local artists. Take a break from the clubs and head to the outskirts of Ibiza Town to indulge in the island’s ancient Roman and Phoenician heritage. Additionally, visit the magical Es Canar Hippy Market, held every Wednesday, where you can take home some unique souvenirs.

Local History: Fascinating Tales from Ibiza’s Past

Apart from its beautiful beaches and party scene, Ibiza is peppered with stories from its past that are intriguing and fascinating. One such example is its involvement with the pirate Black Bart, who is said to have attached Ibiza in the 1600s. Another fascinating historical site is the Sa Caleta Phoenician settlement, which is home to an ancient fortified town dating back to 654 BC.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Suggestions: One-of-a-Kind Experiences

To truly experience the island of Ibiza, you must escape the normal tourist path. Consider taking a drive to the remote island of Formentera, where you can rent bikes and explore the island’s hidden coves. Alternatively, why not book a horse-riding experience on the beach, take a swim in the crystal-clear waters, and admire the gorgeous views of the island. Finally, you can even spend the night in a boat, anchored in a hidden cove or bay while stargazing under its beautiful night sky.

In conclusion, Ibiza’s vibrant culture, food scene, historical treasures and unique experiences beyond its music festivals make it an unmissable destination. Use this Insider’s Guide to get the most out of your adventure on this beautiful island.

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What are The Best Ibiza Music Festivals?

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