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What Are the Best Pizza Places in Chicago?

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What Are the Best Pizza Places in Chicago?

Chicago is the home to some of the most delicious pizza in the world. Whether you’re a Wisconsinite looking for a taste of the city or a local looking for a slice, Chicago is the place to be. With tons of options from classic thin crust to deep dish staples, this city has something for everyone.To help you pick out the best pizza spots in Chicago, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best pizza spots in the city. Each of these places has a unique style of pizza that stands out among the thousands of pizzerias in Chicago. So read on and see what delicious temptations await you at our favorite pizzerias.

1. Bacci Pizzeria

Bacci Pizzeria is an old-school Italian-style pizzeria located in Bronzeville. The pizza here is light and thin, with a slightly crunchy crust and plenty of toppings. They offer both traditional and unique topping choices such as bratwursts and barbeque chicken. Whether you’re a fan of classic thin-crust pies or looking to try something new, Bacci Pizzeria is the perfect spot for pizza.

2. Pequod’s Pizzeria

Pequod’s Pizzeria is one of Chicago’s most famous deep dish spots. Their pizza is cheesy and heavy, with a perfectly caramelized crust. They also offer several different topping options like artichokes, green peppers, and even vegan options. Plus, they’re open late on weekends, so you can have your midnight snack without having to leave the city.

3. Spacca Napoli

Spacca Napoli is a pizzeria specializing in authentic Neapolitan pizzas. The pizzas here are cooked in a wood-fired oven and feature thin and crispy crusts that are slightly charred. The toppings are simple but flavorful, and the restaurant also offers a variety of other Italian dishes such as calzones and salads.

4. Lou Malnati’s

Lou Malnati’s has been serving up classic deep dish pizza for over 50 years now. Their signature pies come with a buttery, flaky crust and are topped with mozzarella and sausage or pepperoni. For a special treat, try their signature Lou Malnati’s Chicago Classic pizza. It features an extra-thick layer of melted mozzarella cheese on top of their delicious buttery crust.

5. Coalfire Pizza

Coalfire Pizza is an East Coast-style pizzeria serving up thin crust pies cooked in a traditional coal-fired oven. Their pizzas are charcoal-flavored and feature ingredients like homemade tomato sauce and different varieties of premium toppings. It’s the perfect spot for pizza lovers who enjoy lighter, char-baked pies.

6. Big G’s Pizza

Big G’s Pizza offers traditional thin-crust pizzas made from scratch using high-quality ingredients. The dough is prepared daily and topped with a variety of premium ingredients such as mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, and homemade tomato sauce. The pizzas here are light, crispy and full of flavor.

7. Giordano Monicals

Giordano Monicals is a local favorite when it comes to stuffed pizzas. They use a homemade dough that’s stuffed with cheese, Italian sausage, bell peppers, mushrooms, and more, then topped with sauce and cheese before being baked in their stone ovens. It’s the perfect spot to get a unique twist on classic deep dish pizza.

8. Piece Pizza & Brewery

Piece Pizza & Brewery is a local favorite due to their unique selection of craft beer and delicious gourmet pizzas. The pizzas here are made with fresh ingredients and baked in brick ovens, giving them that classic wood-fired flavor. Plus, you can enjoy your pie with one of their rotating selection of craft beers from local breweries such as Revolution Brewing and Half Acre Beer Company.

9. Cozzi Corner

Cozzi Corner serves pizza with an old-world Italian touch. Their thin-crust pies come topped with fresh ingredients like peppers, mushrooms, red onions, and homemade sauce and cheese. Plus, you can add Italian sausage or pepperoni for an extra kick of flavor.

10. Homeslice

Homeslice is one of the newest spots on our list; this food truck specializes in Neapolitan style pizzas made from scratch using only fresh ingredients and no preservatives or additives. The pizzas here have thin and crispy crusts topped with house made sauce and lots of flexibly toppings like mushrooms, salami, olives and more. For those of us who love pizza as much as we do, Chicago is definitely one of the best places to find delicious pies full of flavor. Whether you’re looking for a classic thin crust or something totally outside the box like vegan options or charcoal-flavored pizzas, Chicago’s got you covered! Be sure to check out the best pizza spots we listed above so that you can find your perfect pizza match. And if you are not in Chicago but still want to enjoy some delicious pizza, don’t worry: our friends at Tastes Of Chicago deliver made in Chicago specialty food products right to your door!

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What Are the Best Pizza Places in Chicago?

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